Saturday, September 26, 2009


One of the readers of the blog here said they were surprised that I support police brutality so I found the need to clarify what my position is on the treatment of protesters.

I think that what may be occurring or I in fact recognize as a difference is in the laws of two different countries.  In Honduras protesters do not go to jail for assaulting police officers or even just common criminals.  There is no code that prevents a police officer from being assaulted and resulting in prison time and any action on part of a police officer after being assaulted is concidered self defense...a right protected by the constitution of Honduras.  The difference between the states and Honduras is that a person who assaults a police officer in the US will find themself with a long jail sentence and a criminal record that will last them a lifetime for making the error of assaulting a police officer...even just spitting on them results in jail sentences that are quite lengthy.

In Honduras by contrast...the only defense a police officer has in reaction to being spit on, hit, or have their life endangered is taking the stick away from the protester and hitting them with the same stick they were threatening someone else with...

Now is the distinction clear? 

I believe that Honduras needs strong penalties for assaulting a police officer, but only time and education can lead to that.  Most of the population would find it harsh to lock someone up for twenty years for spitting on an officer of the law, but in the US we would shrug our shoulders and say they should have known better.

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