Sunday, September 20, 2009

Buy Honduran Products to Support Honduran Economy in Defiance of Communists

It seems one of my online acquaintances has come up with a very good idea to counter the effects of the economic sanctions against Honduras because they dared to remove a corrupt dictator.

So here we are asking not just people inside Honduras to buy Honduran products, but other people in the world also to put on their list to check and buy things made in Honduras.

I have decided to compile a list of products and will be checking with Fed Ex as well as DHL and Gigante Express to find out what they charge and what can be shipped from Honduras to the US.  I will be setting up an individual site for these purchases to be made through Pay pal for cost only.  I will not make a profit off of them, not one penny so what you will pay is what it would cost you in Honduras plus the shipping charge which I will try to negotiate to see what rate they will give me. For now I will get the list.


Cafe Oro
Cafe Maya
(these are the two brands we use but I will make notes the next time I go to the store for the others to add here or someone else can gladly help me in comments and things will be added to the list.)

(make sure it says produced in Honduras)
They ship things like bananas, pinneapples, oranges, cantelopes, and watermelons.  I will check to see if we export avocados but I do not think we do at this point.  That I am sure can be worked up in the future. You can also go to your local produce farmer's market as well and see if they get their stuff from Honduras and purchase there as well as of course supporting your local farmers with their produce.

Beer and Liquor products
Barhena(sort of like Corona but it is Honduran beer)
Salva Vida (bleck..but then I do not like beer)

Catrachito (a clear alcohol that is similar to Vodka in that it is not really very strong in juice, but it is very about 35 lempiras a bottle)

Ron Plata (rum either in gold or white colors)

Honduran condiments
Maggi(make sure it says made in Honduras) this is a boullion product that comes in a variety of flavors such as chicken, beef, onion and garlic, shrimp, etc.

Campo Fresco, tomato sauce, tomato paste, etc

Local cheese products.  Up to 5 lbs can be shipped without declaring it as customs taxed.

I will be contacting ANDI and the Central Bank to see what is needed further than this for me to export to the US and other countries as non profit for the crisis that is in front of the country.  I live in the neighborhood directly across from the Camara de Comercio so I am sure they will be glad to help me in this adventure.

Give me time to go to the store, things will be added.  Not in the too far distant future we will have our own cheese and creme products that will be available locally and internationally if we can...I will let everyone know.  We have cows that are still young and not yet producing milk, but some are meat cows and some are milk give us about six months so that they can start production and I will let everyone know what the prices will be.  Locally most cheese runs between 30-55 lempiras a pound and creme about the same price.  My husband travels about every three months so if you are in the local Atlanta area it will be easy for him to simply get it to you personally otherwise we will have to ship which will require the appropriate sanitation permits, etc.


PaoloBlog said...

Let me know if I can help, for example in database programming (SQL Server and Visual Studio).

I am looking forward to seeing the list of Honduran productrs that I can buy or ask for at my local supermarket.

LaGringaSPS said...

Thank you for your offer it is much appreciated. I will let you know as things come together. I have to do some checking as I stated as to the requirements etc...and then will put it together..and certainly I would need some help so all help is greatfully accepted.

Steve Smith said...

It's a great idea but you will find there is a ton of red tape in both countries, especially for produce and dairy products. I know because a friend started exporting gift boxes of 'comfort food', traditional Honduran foods for expat Hondurans. Last I heard he gave up.

K said...

I am also very interested in this subject, as I believe it is key if this situation is to continue for an extended amount of time. The one plus about Honduras being small is that if enough individuals in the US want to help, we can make a difference.
I had been considering a web site about this and had been doing my own research on this issue. While I've been short of time to do it,
please keep information coming.

One thing to buy in the US I'd like to note is t-shirts- It is fairly easy to find mens T-shirts sourced from Honduras. Basic white Ts- Jockey does some sourcing from Honduras - check the label. Also there are premium tees- Kenneth Cole had a line this past summer all sourced from Honduras, and Perry Ellis did too. I've bought over $150 in tees from Honduras the past 2 months, just with a little extra hunting. All are ones I need, wear and like.

K said...

The greatest impact I believe would be to create a market for big ticket items made in Honduras.
I would be interested if anybody in Honduras could get more information about this furniture company? Such as do they have any existing export arrangements into the US? Heck, maybe I'd create a company here if they don't have US partners.

Most furniture there is of highly renewable wicker and rattan. Some of the stuff is not styled for the US market, but there's some things on this site that look really nice. The all-weather Boca Lounge chairs really stood out to me.

And a sadly funny side note, the Chinese have so thoroughly spammed google that any search for Honduras imports just leads to hundreds of pages of Chinese links. You have to be really clever to beat the spammers with search terms.

K said...

One thing I'm excited about is Fresh Honduras Tilapia.

My local supermarket has it.
I've learned that the import of Fresh Honduras Tilapia is so common that odds are most people have at least one supermarket in their area selling it.

The farm-raised fish appears to be a great crop for Honduras to generate both rural jobs and very good profits.

I'm happy with how I cook it now and plan to buy a couple of fillets a week.

Its is a great way in the US to eat healthy and help keep Honduras economy strong.

If figure if I spend $200/year on Tilapia, maybe $100 goes back to Honduras. Imagine if another 50 million people joined in on that?

Tilapia farming appears to be about 3% or 4% of Honduras agriculture output, perhaps 0.6% of GDP, but it is also 5% of total Honduras exports is growing well over 20% a year. That's impressive.

If more US overall fish consuption moved toward Fresh Tilapia, it could have a tremendous benefit to Honduras, the top producer.

So to all, I ask: Take the "Fresh Honduras Tilapia" pledge!

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to find someone on the internet that sells the fruit liquor from Honduras 'Timoshenko'. Do you think this is something you might be able to purchase and ship? Can you email me back at Thanks

Anonymous said...

good luck Jess. guess me and Fireman Gregg and Jeffy will have 2 make the trip

Mayra Cardona said...

I am very interested in buying the rum and certain food like semitas, and coffee please let me if this is possible.

Rose murval said...

I have been trying to find "Timoshenko" coffee liqueur from copan ruinas on internet but no results yet please let me know if is something you can get for me.

Rose murval said...
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titomst2009 said...

I've been trying to find where to buy ron plata for 4 months can you tell me where to go.

titomst2009 said...

I've been trying to find where to buy ron plata for 4 months can you tell me where to go.

Garrett Kendle said...

I have 1 Timoshenko Coffee Liqueur left that I would be willing to letgo