Tuesday, September 01, 2009

An American Clearly Very Clueless About Honduras Claims we Don´t Have a Middle Class

Al Giordano the clueless has shown once more how he has not the slightest inkling about Honduras or the way the people here do or don´t live.
None of us have ever denied there are very poor people. Of course the US has West Virginia, Mississippi, New Orleans, East Los Angeles, the backwoods of Georgia and several other impoverished areas themselves...but yet he has never graced our shores and wants to tell us what we do or don´t have here. Well I invite you Al to take a peek at what we actually do have here as a middle class...first of all horrendous traffic is a sign of pretty healthy middle class. The truly poor here cannot afford cars, only the middle class and wealthy can. Middle class still often prefer to take public transportation like ´colectivos´when they go downtown. I have provided a pictoral view of Honduras on here many times..but clealry I need to do it again.
I invite Al to first look at the picture of San Pedro Sula in the headline of my blog and explain how the city looks so middle class if it isn´t? Hmm..sounds like it is time for Al to buy himself a plane ticket and come to Honduras to figure out the bull he has been fed his entire life by the US government about how 90% of us live in cardboard shacks and palm leaf huts...lmao. Sort of like thinking everyone in Texas lives on a ranch.

He then calls Channel 10 a golpista television station..I find that hillarious since Channel 10 is the EDUCATIONAL channel in Honduras.  Clearly he didn´t know that.

I also am interested in how he turns the US to the South as to show his disdain for the country where he lives and takes advantage of all of the situations that are provided for him there.  I invite him to go to Venezuela and see if he feels the same about the US that he hates so much yet lives there...yeah easy to gripe about the US while living in the US..move and then let´s talk.  I will even pay for your one way ticket to Venezuela or Cuba your choice...but you turn in your US passport on the way.  You complain about the US tactics when it comes to Venezuela or Cuba yet you then want to insist they use these same tactics you claim to detest against Honduras.  Ok that makes you a hypocrite. Since you want to claim that Gallup shows that Micheletti is so unpopular yet Gallup doesn´t show any such poll on thier site....I have included also some of the picutres of the situation right after and up to recently when Union Civica Democratica and Democracia Cristiana and others hosted protests to show support for the removal of Zelaya.  Pictures do tell a thousand words moer than any poll does.
This is one of the poorest areas in Honduras. Choluteca. Not convinced yet? I have more.

This is Juticalpa the town where my husband grew up.  It is in the district of Olancho where Zelaya is also from.

That is my answer to your imaginary Gallup poll.

Now for the middle class that doesn´t exist.

The above are pictures of the city of Tegucigalpa I can provide others but you can get a good idea from this.
I realize that my pictures of the protest don´t fit in what you want to hear so you will surely ignore them and try to pretend they don´t exist.  So once again I will remind you of who has the majority and who is pacific and who is not.  The evidence is in the pictures and videos that exist and we will not stand by silently while you lie about us.
Or this...who is the majority? Which one is violent and which one is passive? It doesn´t take a real bright person to know

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Gilbert said...

Hola La Gringa SPS,

I follow your blog for a while.
That's why I remember that you wrote about El Giordiano.

I just discovered a link with more backgroundinformation about him.

Al Giordano is an investigative journalist based in Chiapas, Mexico. He is originally from the Bronx, New York. Since 2000 he has been the publisher of Narco News, which reports mainly on the US War on Drugs effects on the people of Mexico and Central America. He is also the founder of the School for Authentic Journalism and writes a blog called The Field which focuses on US politics.


Maybe you can meet him in Santa Rosa de Copán .....