Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ambassador Reina, the Honduran Ambassador at the United Nations and his Visa

It came out recently that Ambassador Reina lacks a visa to be present in the US because it was revoked in the 80's for terrorism.  In fact, special considerations had to be acheived in order for him to serve as the UN ambassador that represents Honduras. 

Micheletti brought this information forward in a Fox News interview.  This information that Micheletti gave is absolutely true.  Several weeks ago I brought this information forward and people thought I was crazy until they started researching it and found out that I was absolutely telling the truth. 

Reina on the other hand categorically denies that he set off bombs in Honduras, yet he seems to have little explination for the US revocation of his visa for terrorism...his excuse he says he was fighting for democracy in the 80's in Honduras.  I find that interesting concidering that in 1982 the constitution was formed and his charges came AFTER the writing of the constitution and a democratic government was already established.  So exactly what democracy was he fighting for? He admits he and his brother went to jail for their activities in relation to the state which they claim was a freedom fight.  However, fighting against a state and committing terrorist acts against a state is still terrorism.

Under Carlos Roberto Reina's administration as president (they are brothers) crime  spiraled out of control.  By April of 1997 there were 7 kidnappings for ransom.  Among these kidnappings for ransom was the son of Ricardo Maduro who was killed by gunfire during the kidnapping and his body guard was seriously injured.  Ricardo Maduro would later become president of Honduras with the promise to declare war on gang members...a promise he kept.  In fact, some say that his administration called for the prison in San Pedro Sula to be set on fire in the area where gang members are held.  In that fire hundreds died.  However, no one could ever prove this was a fact.  Most people in Honduras do not care what is the truth or how he achieved the crime fighting..they only care that it was acheived during his administration.  The effects of his efforts lasted until Zelaya took office.  When Zelaya took office crime spiraled out of control worse than it had ever been.  While crime is still out of control it is being fought tooth and nail and will probably take more than a year of effort to bring things under control.  Since the fall of the Zelaya administration some notable arrests have been made:
1. Marcelo Chimirri, ex CEO of Hondutel and charged with bribery

2. Miguel Carrion, illegal possession of several firearms and illicit association(being around or participant in a gang)

3. Narcotics traffickers that were involved in using Honduras as a transit point to the US have now been captured while they were given a free pass during the Zelaya administration.
21 men and 3 women were arrested in Columbia.  They are accused of sending at least 8 tons of cocaine to the US using Honduras and Nicaragua as transit points.  (Obama are you paying attention now?)

4. The mayor of Omoa was suspended from his seat for abuse of authority

5. Several kidnapping and car theft rings have been captured.

I have to say that all of this is quite a feat for just 3 months of administration by Micheletti.  I am starting to regret the impending elections and wishing that Micheletti were in control just a little longer.  I realize that the elections have to occur for democracy to be intact...but we can only pray that the next administration will be as stubborn and insistent that corruption ends in Honduras and the willingness to stop crime and put people in jail is still there.  For the good of Honduras they really do not have a choice...the only other option will be a Civil war that we will all regret.


Anonymous said...

J. A. Reina was the UNAH Rector during the mid-1970's. Too smart to ever declare himself a communist, but has faithfully served them. I was there. His little joke U. S. visa was revoked in the present decade. He has lived off the public pay roll as much as he has been able. An opportunist and parasite of no principles.
It would serve Honduras well to expose him to the world, but unlikely to influence the communist chipanzee administration in the U. S.
As to his late (he blew his brains out, too weak to face a natural death with dignity) brother C. A. Reina, this was another public parasite and crypto-communist, whose only positive deed was to get forced recruitment of young men abolished.
The violent crime problem in Central America is traceable directly to policies of the piece of white trash "Bill" Clinton. Maybe some of your readers can put it together.

LaGringaSPS said...

Anon, I think that our violent crime problem has much to do with gangs and yes, gangs such as MS that are deported from the US without informing the countries they are deported to of their criminal past and gang affiliation. However, local policies have much to do with the control or lack of control of crime so we cannot blame all of this on the US.

Anonymous said...

I referred to the critical point of origin of the present crime wave. This affected mostly El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. As you know, Costa Rica has never had to export its poorest people. Nicaragua is a special country historically and has been affected differently in relation to the violent crime wave.
Please keep up your good work. I do not write commentary, but your reference to Reina moved me to write to you.

LaGringaSPS said...

No problem, all commentary is welcome even if you don't normally make it a habit...I welcome the thoughts.