Thursday, September 10, 2009

ACK!!! Critters

Ok, I am originally from Texas so I have seen critters and not much scares me.  I have seen rattlers, cottonmouths, black widows, recluse spiders, and even danged scary jumping tarantulas....but I was certainly not prepared for what came to visit me today.

I had an up close visit with the largest spider I have ever seen in my life and he was not a nice spider. A Banana Spider...or what some call a Walking spider.  They are poisonous as all get out and aggressive. I learned first hand how aggressive they are.  I was scared of him, but he was NOT scared of me.  I grabbed a can of Raid and sprayed..he hissed and jumped my way I ran the other direction.  I came back a second or two later to spray him from a far distance away and ran again. When he collapsed I commenced finishing the can of Raid on him because he got back up again...dang he was hard to kill.  What is serious is that I did not have a clue what he was till later when I motioned a neighbor to come look and became quite the spectacle for a few minutes.  Most assume he must have came out of one of the horse drawn fruit and veggie carts that travel around selling bananas, potatoes, etc.  One thing I know for sure I never want to come into contact with that again.....I am not afraid of much, but that I have determined I am terrified of. I have never in my life been chased by a critter...and prefer that it never happens again.

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