Wednesday, September 09, 2009

80 Days Till Elections in Honduras

Here we are just 80 days till elections in Honduras are to take place. November 29 is now just around the corner.  Most Hondurans and even Ex pats wish that November would hurry up and get here.

There have been goverments like the US that has said specifically that they are not going to recognize the results of the election.  However, I somehow do not believe that they can legitimately refuse to recognize an election that happens with transparency.  The election is scheduled per the Honduran constitution so technically the primaries were held last year in which election season began under Zelaya.  The results of the primaries were recognized by all governments and the candidates are the same as they were during the primaries. 

I will be surprised if anyone after the elections continues to call for the reinstatement of Zelaya to the presidency.  If the US does indeed call for the reinstatement of Zelaya after that date it will be clear that democracy is not in their agenda for other nations.  I do not think that Obama can afford to call for non recognition of the elections and get away with it in the US scene without losing serious face on the issue.  It will appear that he is trying to install a dictatorship in Honduras. I believe to some point that is his ultimate goal.  I would have never dreamed that the US could support someone as corrupt as Zelaya and that they would recognize our right to change our minds.

In California the people voted for Gray Davis.  They changed their minds after the election and asked for elections to be recalled and they were. Gray Davis had been elected by the people in 1999 and was removed in 2003.  He was the second governor in California history to be removed.

Another recent incident I can think about where someone democratically elected was removed is Blago in Illinois.  Can anyone argue that he wasn´t democratically elected? (yes Gringa in Ceiba I loved the comparison). He was still impeached for being corrupt.  He was as hard headed as Zelaya and refused to step down all the way to the bloody end.

I have a better one though.  Judge Humphreys, in 1862 was impeached

Here were the charges brought against him by the Senate

Article 1: On December 29, 1860 in Nashville, Tennessee, and contrary Humphreys endeavored by public speech to incite revolt and rebellion against the Constitution and government of the United States.

Article 2: In 1861, "with the intent to abuse the high trust reposed in him as a judge," Humphreys openly and unlawfully supported and advocated the secession of the State of Tennessee.

Article 3: In 1861 and 1862, Humphreys organized arm rebellion against the United States and levied war against them.

Article 4: With Jefferson Davis and others, Humphreys conspired to oppose by force the authority of the government of the United States.

Article 5: With intent to prevent the due administration of the laws of the United States, Humphreys neglected and refused to hold court, as by law he was required to do.

Article 6: With intent to subvert the authority of the government of the United States, Humphreys unlawfully acted as judge of an illegally constituted tribunal within Tennessee. In connection with this, Humphreys: (1) caused the arrest of one Perez Dickinson, and required him to swear allegiance to the Confederacy, and when Perez refused, Humphreys ordered Dickinson to leave the State; (2) ordered the confiscation of property of citizens of the United States, especially the property of one Andrew Johnson; and (3) caused the arrest and imprisonment of citizens of the United States because of their fidelity to their obligations as citizens and their resistance to the Confederacy.

Article 7: Humphreys, as a judge of the Confederate States of America and with the intent to injure one William G. Brownlow, ordered his unlawful arrest and imprisonment.

Do these charges not sound very similar to those brought against Zelaya?

Furthermore, President Nixon was actually impeached, but his impeachment was voided with his resignation and he retired with a full pension as a result.  He was impeached for obstruction of justice. So if the US can impeach an elected president why can´t Honduras?


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