Monday, September 07, 2009

121 Cases of Corruption....

The anti Corruption arm of the government is investigating 121 cases of corruption against Manuel Zelaya and his cabinet.  These cases are being investigated and are completely seperate from the 4th ballot box investigation.
I am wondering in the US is the president allowed to use government money to repair his private vehicles? purchase luxury items for his private horse? purchase excessive amounts of wine and cigars? What about pay for a contract that was never authorized and where the work that was done is unclear...a contract to the tune of 77 million someone the government is not sure even exists...self enrichment? fake contract to pay himself? evidently...77 million lempiras isn´t the kind of thing that you pay a plumber or is enough to construct roads in the five surrounding neighborhoods and mine that are paved...yet we don´t have paved it wasn´t for that...yeah that is right we have dirt roads in middle class neighborhoods in what is inner city San Pedro Sula..and we PAID for them to pave them almost 8 years ago..yet we are still waiting....and waiting...and waiting...supposedly Sunseri is coming back soon so maybe he can give us an answer as to why we still haven´t gotten paved roads in Colonia Las Brisas 8 entire years after they were paid for by the residents of the community? Maybe he can tell us when they are going to install drainage systems here so that half the houses do not flood on the lower plain of the community...(I am one of the lucky house never floods), maybe he can tell us when they will authorize the replacement of our sewer system that has collapsed no less than fifteen times this year?...we pay and pay..but never any results.

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