Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Is Hillary Clinton About to Resign?

It seems that Hillary Clinton may be about to resign as Secretary of State.  She has proven how incompetent she is as a SoS and has been a miserable failure at representing US interests in Honduras.  She also has shown how she can measure with an unfair measure against a country fighting to keep a democracy.  She has become very unpopular as a result and the latest report from the Library of Congress has not helped her.  This is a noose she needs to remove before the mire gets deep. 

How many bet that either Obama asks for her resignation or she resigns before next month ends?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Brazil is Violating International Law analysis of Vienna

I have spent this morning looking at what is and is not permitted of an embassy. 

First, it seems that a state at any time can REVOKE their right to be here, but they have to give reasonable notice before the removable of immunity.  Thus the ten days given by the government.  Brazil is wrong to ignore this because Honduras can legally enter the embassy after that time according to the Vienna Convention.

Article 43 speaks about the ending of rights of a diplomatic agent.

Article 45 speaks about the breaking of diplomatic relations which Brazil did when it removed the Honduran ambassador and closed the embassy.


Lula de Silva told Zelaya several days ago to not do anything to provoke a legitimation of invasion of the embassy by the soldiers. 

Since that time he has continually done provocative acts that have went unreprimanded. He has called for civil war, he has called for random acts of violence, he has made false accusations against a third state (Israel) claiming that they are trying to assasinate him.  All of these acts are provocative acts and embassies cannot be used to call for insurrection or to direct a civil war in a host country.  This violates the Vienna Convention.

Brazil's foreign minster said that any threat to Zelaya would be a violation of International law, but it would actually not be, because Zelaya is recognized as a citizen of Honduras, not Brazil and Brazil has not declared him as a guest or as a asylee and thus far is refusing to do either, claiming that they do not recognize the government...but they do recognize Honduras and they recognize that they have Zelaya in their embassy and that he is a citizen of Honduras wanted for crimes against the state.  So it is actually in their best interest to declare to the international community what Zelaya's status is.  This will protect them from being later accused of violating the soveriegnty of the host state of Honduras.  They broke relations with Honduras when they removed the Honduran embassy in Brazil so it is questionable as to what their diplomatic status is in Honduras.  I believe it is in the best interest of a neutral third party like Panama to determine what should happen there and for declarations to be made in regards to Zelaya.

The US has announced that it was provocative and irresponsible for Zelaya to return in that fashion and to involve Brazil in his little tirade.  What they aren't recognizing is their own involvement in it ...namely their ambassador, Hugo Llorens and his involvement in this mess.  The US ambassador seems to be trying to provoke a war in Honduras.  He by far has been the worst representative for the US that anyone could have hoped for.  We need to send Hugo Llorens packing and get a new representative.  Time for US citizens and Hondurans to protest in front of the US embassy and in Washington and demand his recall.

Why Closing Radio Globo and Cholusat Sur Was RIGHT!

I have been hearing some serious complaints about the closing of Radio Globo and Cholusatsur...and calling it a violation of freedom of press.  If they were not trying to instigate violence I would agree with you, but no radio or media outlet is allowed to create violence in a country whether it is the US or Honduras.

The FCC has revoked licenses of radio stations for things like deceptiveness and lack of candor, evasiveness, etc...here is a link to one of those stories.


This gospel station had their license revoked by the FCC in the US for violating public safety...sounds a bit like what Cholusatsur and Globo were doing


These are but two of the many that were available on Google.

So if these can have their license revoked for the things that are clearly much less serious than trying to cause a civil war...remember the fine for Janet Jackson showing her boob on television, then why can't Honduras revoke these licenses for more serious offenses.

Now on the prohibition of public assembly without a permit.

In the US the constitution guarantees the right to assemble peaceably ...the last word being key...it has to be peaceful.  In Honduras, the majority of the demonstrations have NOT been peaceful in any way, shape or form.  They have been quite violent.  So those types of demonstrations are not protected even in the US as a right.  Not only that the US requires a PERMIT in most municipalities to demonstrate even peacefully and that is regardless of the environment politically in the country.  So why should Honduras be held to a different standard? I think they are well within their rights to restrict violent demonstrations and require permits.

The curfew has been a need for public safety within reason.  Last night it was placed at 9pm to 5 am which is reasonable.  The government thus far has been very flexible with people who get caught out after curfew if there is a reason for it...

In the US I would like to point out that some municipalities have permenent curfews directed at teenagers.  For instance teens cannot congregate during certain hours at Arbor Place Mall in Douglasville, Georgia.  In another municipality there is a requirement that no teen be out after 10 pm on weeknights and no later than 12 am on weekends.  Is this a restriction on freedom? Clearly it is, but it is protected also due to the fact that it is reasonable.  So why cannot Honduras protect the safety of its population by establishing a curfew with limited exeptions?

Freedoms are freedoms as long as they do not impede other people's freedoms.  Throwing rocks and swinging sticks is not a permitted freedom because it endangers others.

As controversial as it might seem it is the right thing to prevent a civil war from breaking out because the general population is growing very tired of the violence by the Zelayaistas and the calls for violence from the embassy of Brazil by Zelaya....very recently individuals almost were able to reach the embassy and their intent was to remove Zelaya to bring him to Honduran soil to the authorities...and I am talking about the white shirted peaceful folks....

How smart does one have to be to understand this is reasonable?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

How Hard Is it To Define Status?

Brazil has now clarified broken relations with Honduras thus now the ten day period to clarify the status of Manuel Zelaya and their embassy in Tegucigalpa. 

Brazil's president responded in a rather childish manner that he doesn't have to define the status because he doesn't recognize Honduras.  If he doesn't recognize Honduras what the hell is his diplomats doing in a country that he does not recognize? 

I say after the ten days to hell with everyone, all bets off, invade the embassy, deport the diplomats from the country and arrest Zelaya. 

Now that might sound harsh but under arrest we are much more likely to find peace within.  In some prison in Moskitia he cannot call people to insurrection and make false claims of radiation torture and mind altering gas...all things shown to be lies and fantasy by witnesses in the embassy such as the Red Cross.

Most of us knew already that the claims were wild eyed delusional fantasy, but it helps when the Red Cross backs you up...

I was impressed when the government sent the OAS with their butting in where they do not belong diplomats back to where they came from...I wanted to stand up and shout horray....

Many think it was a mistake...I think they were right...This is a Honduras problem, not an International problem.  Zelaya is back in the country hiding like the coward he is in the embassy of Brazil. 

My understanding is that the OAS had no intention of coming to negotiate anyway...their motive for being here was to go and get Zelaya and transfer him to the US embassy...smart move.

Not to mention we kicked Hungary's butt today in the soccer.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


In the US if we see someone breaking in someone's house we call the police. It is simple as picking up the phone and dialing 9-1-1. 

In Honduras, we have the option of dialing 1-9-9 but frequently the police never come and this number does not work for all cell phones, just TIGO.  However, you can call this emergency line and you will never see the patrol show up.  Whether it is that they are not dispatched or preoccupied who knows...what I do know it is more frequent than not that they never arrive.  I called one night when a suspicious person was wandering around the neighborhood, no one ever showed.  A neighbor had their house broken into during the day, the police never showed. 

Then yesterday I read where a neighborhood was tired of having their houses violated by a ' ladron' and they hung him from a tree. Sounds like the old lynchings that occurred in the US except this isn't about race it is about crime.

Then today I wake up to read in the Herald that three more have been brought to vigilante justice by a neighborhood.  They were shot execution style.

Both of these instances of vigilantism occurred in Choloma a sector here close to San Pedro Sula that is known for high crime rates and the population has had enough and started to take things into their own hands.  Who can really blame them? What would anyone do?

What we need is a police force who has the adequate tools to protect the population so that this type of vigilante justice is not needed.  Until then no one can blame the neighbors for protecting each other.  In my neighborhood we are united as well and it keeps crime at a minimum.  I worry seriously for the resistence if they show up in our neighborhood today because the reaction will not be nice.  I can only hope that they are guided to find there way to a different area because the people here will protect each other and their property over all political agendas.

What can be done?

Well first world assistance in CIS would be good, DNA capabilities would be nice as well...ballistic technology that works, and a justice system that prevails most of the time would be really nice....our prisons are full of innocent people and on the outside we are full of criminals and gang members.  If the first world wants to help the third world advance into the first world they can start here.


One of the readers of the blog here said they were surprised that I support police brutality so I found the need to clarify what my position is on the treatment of protesters.

I think that what may be occurring or I in fact recognize as a difference is in the laws of two different countries.  In Honduras protesters do not go to jail for assaulting police officers or even just common criminals.  There is no code that prevents a police officer from being assaulted and resulting in prison time and any action on part of a police officer after being assaulted is concidered self defense...a right protected by the constitution of Honduras.  The difference between the states and Honduras is that a person who assaults a police officer in the US will find themself with a long jail sentence and a criminal record that will last them a lifetime for making the error of assaulting a police officer...even just spitting on them results in jail sentences that are quite lengthy.

In Honduras by contrast...the only defense a police officer has in reaction to being spit on, hit, or have their life endangered is taking the stick away from the protester and hitting them with the same stick they were threatening someone else with...

Now is the distinction clear? 

I believe that Honduras needs strong penalties for assaulting a police officer, but only time and education can lead to that.  Most of the population would find it harsh to lock someone up for twenty years for spitting on an officer of the law, but in the US we would shrug our shoulders and say they should have known better.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Resistence Las Brisas

Today the supposed resistence showed up in front of Expo centro and tried to kidnap several small children from a local small private elementary school known as Sinai to make them march for them.  In this they were causing severe chaos, but they were smart enough to not come down inside the neighborhood.  Evidently someone warned them that they would end up burying their resistence in the local cementery as we were waiting for them to show up in the streets here.  They just said they would be back...we will see if they try to show up again...we are waiting for them and we will defend our neighborhood from their vandalism and terrorism.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

US Library of Congress: Removal of Zelaya from Power LEGAL

It seems these days that Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama might need to do some serious backpeddling now that this independent organization seems to be at odds with their conclusions. 

The report stated emphatically that the removal of Zelaya from power was legal according to the Honduran Constitution. 

Aaron Shock, Congressman for Illinois stated that it is unconcionable that Hillary Clinton try to force a government to go against their own laws by cutting off aid to the country and visas.  He recommended that the US government change its stance, restore aid and visas immediately as well as send election observers to observe the elections in Honduras. 

They did state that it was illegal to remove Zelaya from the country according to the Honduran constitution.  This is something that most of the country agrees with to some extent except that it also includes a state of necessity that cannot be explained unless you have lived in Honduras and understand our prison systems...then you would know that keeping him in prison would not have worked therefore he was removed from the country for not only the safety of the country but his safety as well.

The report was written by Norma C. Gutierrez, a Senior Foreign Law Specialist in Central America. Among its conclusions is that: "The Supreme Court of Honduras has constitutional and statutory authority to hear cases against the President of the Republic and many other high officers of the State, to adjudicate and enforce judgments, and to request the assistance of the public forces to enforce its rulings."

Report can be read here

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Temporary Suspension of Curfew

For those of you who read my blog and live in Honduras there is a temporary suspension of the curfew from 10 am to 4 pm so that the population can go out and do the things that are absolutely necessary like buying groceries, going to the doctor, etc.

Later to come...El Salvador´s FMLN was behind bringing Zelaya into the country and destabilizing Honduras...I do now smell a war between the two countries and it won´t be pretty...last time the two went to war over a soccer game...and El Salvador didn´t win in fact in a week they were trounced...no wonder they sent him to a different country´s embassy...they were too scared to face the music of their actions.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Department of State requests to Translate Zelaya to US Embassy

I say if they do...all 15,000 of us US citizens ´invade´the US embassy and engage in citizens arrest as is protected by the Honduran constitution.  The US embassy cannot refuse entry to a US citizen and as residents and nationals of Honduras we can also arrest Zelaya and turn him over to authorities...

Curfew, Criminality, and the Law

As most of the world knows now...in some form or fashion Zelaya showed up at the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa yesterday. A lot is being made about how he arrived without detection.

In my neighborhood several are saying that Hillary and Obama are behind it...for their political future they better pray like hell that they weren’t behind it. Destabilizing an ally is not something they want on their resume...´specially Clinton who as SoS should be a diplomat and not an agitator.

Another theory is that he was flown in on a helicopter that belongs to Brazil and snuck in. maybe more likely.

Then yet another theory is that he dressed like a woman (yuck, bleck...gag...can you imagine that sight?)

What do you think? Were Clinton and Obama behind this and now trying to wash their hands of the certain disaster? How did he get into the country? Now that he is here it is logical that he should confront the charges that await him, but he is too chicken to face his charges like a real man...instead he hides and causes chaos. What he loves most?

A curfew has been called at the national level. Yesterday at 3:30 when the curfew was announced I could already feel it coming, but had headed to the grocery store thinking I had a few hours before it would happen...boy was I wrong. Things started to get out of hand with the few criminals around the embassy in Tegus...they called it for 4 pm...Me in the middle of the grocery store. I made a mad dash for the check out line grabbing a few things on the way to the register, jumped in my car at 5 minutes till and raced home. I wasn’t the only one either...traffic was worse than I have seen it in years, but I knew short cuts...shortly thereafter we saw things unfolding in Tegucigalpa and the curfew was extended through today. We are at about 27 hours since then. If you are in your private neighborhoods and not causing uproar you can pretty much move around freely. Right now half the neighborhoods is playing soccer in front of our house and not all that concerned about the curfew. Our neighborhood is pretty resistant to this stuff...even with the picked sides.

Today I watched some of the incidents from yesterday...one stood out for me. There was a man who looked to be late 30´s early 40´s and he had a stick in hand....the police arrested him, took the stick he was threatening and hitting with and popped him up side the head with the stick he had in his possession. And the police officer said...now you know what it feels like to be hit with this stick. We were at my cousin’s house down the road and everyone busted at the seams even though it was a pretty wiring experience because they did rough him up a bit. Not a beating by far but some pushing and wack...the one wack to the head. No one can say much about that he was smacked with his own stick...one he had used to beat people minutes before.

The criminal ´resistence´broke into houses and private businesses, busted car windows, threw rocks, hit people with sticks and threatened people to feed them with no charge or else...these are certainly criminals and should certainly be removed from the streets where they are harming private people, robbing businesses, and threatening people as well as breaking into homes.

In San Pedro Sula, the barrio known as Barrio Sunseri (yes after Rodolfo Padilla Sunseri) he owns the place...had a disturbance today where many of the residents were very put off by the ´resistence´criminals breaking things in their neighborhoods and causing chaos which of course provoked the police to respond and remove them from the streets...yes there were injuries...and rightly so.

If you are obeying the law, in your home, and doing what you are supposed to you have not a thing to worry about...nothing will happen to you or your family...but if you go in the street, throw rocks, carry sticks, and make calls to violence disobeying police orders you will of course be detained and put in jail and they will hurt you if you resist. This is true in any country.

This can be easily solved...Zelaya turns himself into the police...confronts his charges with his attorney, and does like everyone else. And goes before a judge for trial. If innocent he is cleared of charges and his reputation is reintact...if he is guilty he goes to jail for the next 20-30 years...

The embassy is be treated in a harsh fashion, but no plans are in place to invade the embassy and arrest Zelaya...he has to come out sooner or later...we have time and can wait...elections are November 29...time is on our side. Not his. His clock is ticking...tick ..tock...tick...tock...so he can stay till Nov 29 as far as we are concerned.

In the meantime if the government so chooses ...not a single bean or tortilla can go in the embassy and no one can go or come to the embassy and they can cut lights and water as well...they are already playing the national anthem into the embassy ...thanks US for ideas from Gitmo...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Buy Honduran Products to Support Honduran Economy in Defiance of Communists

It seems one of my online acquaintances has come up with a very good idea to counter the effects of the economic sanctions against Honduras because they dared to remove a corrupt dictator.

So here we are asking not just people inside Honduras to buy Honduran products, but other people in the world also to put on their list to check and buy things made in Honduras.

I have decided to compile a list of products and will be checking with Fed Ex as well as DHL and Gigante Express to find out what they charge and what can be shipped from Honduras to the US.  I will be setting up an individual site for these purchases to be made through Pay pal for cost only.  I will not make a profit off of them, not one penny so what you will pay is what it would cost you in Honduras plus the shipping charge which I will try to negotiate to see what rate they will give me. For now I will get the list.


Cafe Oro
Cafe Maya
(these are the two brands we use but I will make notes the next time I go to the store for the others to add here or someone else can gladly help me in comments and things will be added to the list.)

(make sure it says produced in Honduras)
They ship things like bananas, pinneapples, oranges, cantelopes, and watermelons.  I will check to see if we export avocados but I do not think we do at this point.  That I am sure can be worked up in the future. You can also go to your local produce farmer's market as well and see if they get their stuff from Honduras and purchase there as well as of course supporting your local farmers with their produce.

Beer and Liquor products
Barhena(sort of like Corona but it is Honduran beer)
Salva Vida (bleck..but then I do not like beer)

Catrachito (a clear alcohol that is similar to Vodka in that it is not really very strong in juice, but it is very cheap...here about 35 lempiras a bottle)

Ron Plata (rum either in gold or white colors)

Honduran condiments
Maggi(make sure it says made in Honduras) this is a boullion product that comes in a variety of flavors such as chicken, beef, onion and garlic, shrimp, etc.

Campo Fresco, tomato sauce, tomato paste, etc

Local cheese products.  Up to 5 lbs can be shipped without declaring it as customs taxed.

I will be contacting ANDI and the Central Bank to see what is needed further than this for me to export to the US and other countries as non profit for the crisis that is in front of the country.  I live in the neighborhood directly across from the Camara de Comercio so I am sure they will be glad to help me in this adventure.

Give me time to go to the store, things will be added.  Not in the too far distant future we will have our own cheese and creme products that will be available locally and internationally if we can...I will let everyone know.  We have cows that are still young and not yet producing milk, but some are meat cows and some are milk cows...so give us about six months so that they can start production and I will let everyone know what the prices will be.  Locally most cheese runs between 30-55 lempiras a pound and creme about the same price.  My husband travels about every three months so if you are in the local Atlanta area it will be easy for him to simply get it to you personally otherwise we will have to ship which will require the appropriate sanitation permits, etc.

Department of State Invades Honduran Consulate in Los Angeles

The Dept of State apparently ordered the invasion of a consulate of another nation.  According to international law that is the equivelent of the US carrying out an invasion of another country since each consul is concidered that independent nations soil.  I could compare it to the Los Angeles Police coming to San Pedro Sula and invading someone's private home to carry out a police raid.  Outrageous.

Hillary Clinton has carried out an illegal act and needs to pay the piper.  She perhaps realizes this now on hindsight because she is quickly denying it happened ala ACORN style.  I guess when you screw up big time you deny just like the Nixon white house did so many years ago.  The Congress and the US public needs to call for an investigation into these acts and if Hillary Clinton directly ordered the invasion and if she did she should immediately resign and face charges for the illegal activiites that is beyond her control.  She is in control of issuing visas not in ordering the invasion of independent nations.  The only body that can order an invasion is CONGRESS and the last time I checked Hillary Clinton left her Senate position from NY to go to be the Secretary of State. 

Hillary Clinton can disagree with what has occurred in Honduras but I am a little put off by a person who acted like they were allergic to Honduras in May coming in and trying to make decisions about how we run things here.  Yes, when she was here in May with the OAS before the removal of Zelaya she traveled straight from her hotel to the meetings and never bothered to get a look around the place.  Zelaya openly made nasty statements about the US in her direction.  She quickly forgets he was making those statements to her and it doesn't matter how leftist she is she cannot erase the fact that she is an American and that is what he hates about her.  I guess she thinks she can make enemies out of friends and friends of enemies, but she is sadly mistaken.  What will occur is that now everyone will truly hate the US including a good lot of Americans that live on the exterior of the United States.  Obama and Hillary have been very busy at trying to please Chavez and Iran by making an enemy of Hondurans. Honduras has been a friend and ally of the US for more than a hundred years.  My question is how deep is Hillary's hand in the payoffs of Zelaya and why hasn't an investigation been ordered yet?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back to Remodeling

As most of my followers know I am doing a massive remodel on the home that we bought several years ago.  So I am back at that task to keep myself occupied.

A leak popped in the kitchen and a tile cracked so I decided it was time that all of the ugly crap that I hated about the kitchen had to go and be updated.  So we gutted the kitchen about 3 days ago...and today all that is left is doing a small area of grout and I am beaming proud.  I cannot give you pictures today because the Blackberry was fried in the last power surge(that is what I get for not charging it on a surge protector). The hubby brought me a G1 and it is at Tigo being unblocked for use here in Honduras.

I went to Multiceramicas and bought the tile and stiletto border and a new stainless sink to match the LG refrigerator that my husband bought me two Christmas' ago. In my efforts the stove got chunked too...It was on its last leg so I will have to purchase another one and for the meantime I am using a 4 burner table top that I bought when we came for emergencies. This was an emergency since I refused to put that ugly stove back in my new and beautiful kitchen.  Almost 8 years ago my husband had a carpenter make me custom mahogany cabinets and doors for the house.  I am glad he picked that wood, because they are beautiful to this day and the cabinets really shine with the new tile in the kitchen. 

I promise to provide pictures soon...my kitchen is not huge, but it is quaint and since almost all of our children are grown we really do not need the huge kitchen anymore.  My youngest is now 13 and working really hard on making it to 14 without his mom strangling him(just kidding...but he is going through that stage of I know more than you do and you truly do want to ring their necks when they reach that moment in life).  My oldest is gone already at 19 he thinks he is a man and joined the military.  Boy do they grow up fast.

Now for what is left in the remodel.  We got a little behind schedule because last year a major storm hit and a tornado removed our tile roof making it a sudden need to replace it with aluminum..it finally was clear to me why everyone had metal roofs that are bolted down to metal frames. Hurricanes and tornadoes.

We still have to paint, but I am waiting on that for last. I can deal with the unpainted house while I work busily on the rest.  We bought this house in a foreclosure from BanPais and it was really only a shell when we got it.  The second story was incomplete and there were no windows, iron bars, garage door, gate, doors, no kitchen and no bathrooms.  Now we have two bathrooms.

My favorite thing in Honduras is tile so I have made it my duty to tile everything that can be tiled in the house. I still have to tile the upstairs as right now it still has the terrazo tiles except in the upstairs bathroom where I put what is known as azulejo in a dark marine blue that is gorgeous and a designed blue floor that looks something like the India tiles you see. I believe I have pictures of this on here somewhere.  I still want to move the ' pila' to the upstairs patio where it is outside.  I do not like it in the house even if it is next to the washing machine.  We are going to put new sidewalks outside and an entry to the garage that is tiled with the broken pieces in a mosaic fashion.  I still have to finish painting the iron guardrail on the stairs and redo the laundry room floor.  Our patio is in bad need of new ceramic.  We are going to paint the ceilings though probably before we do any other work because my husband and I just recently had the sheetrock put in on the ceilings to replace the damage caused by the tornado when it ripped of the roof and that looks kind of ugly unpainted.  We have to paint the entire house.  As we speak they are reupoulstering my living room furniture and I am thinking about asking for a permit so we can cut one of the mahogany trees on the property so that we can build bedroom furniture out of it for the master bedroom and our son's room.  We also have to replace five windows that are the old crank out style instead of the sliding glass windows like in the states.  I hate the burgler bars on the windows, but I am getting used to them now and do not feel so much like I am in jail anymore.  My house is certainly larger than many houses but there are tons of houses larger than it.  It is 240m2 and the average house in Honduras is from 80-100m2 which is pretty small. My house is closer to the average size of a house in the US.  What I really hate is we do not have a yard since we are in the city of San Pedro Sula the lots are really small and it is extremely rare to have any yard at all.

I could have opted for a newer house that already had everything done, but I am a rescuer by nature.  I was the kid that brought home all the strays.  I don't think it would have felt as much mine either as this house does.  This house belongs to me and has become part of who I am.  As you walk through it you can pretty much figure out who I am. 

Here are some pictures for those who have not been up to date on the activities.
(the kitchen pictures will come in a few days)

We are also going to put in a hot water heater one of these days.  I am terrified of electric wires in my shower while water is flowing.  My husband thinks it is funny that I am scared of the doucha shower heads and they really do not get hot like I like the showers, but I am getting used to the lukewarm showers and sometimes they feel good with the heat around here.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Who is Rafael Alegria, Juan Barahona, and other protest leaders?

It came to my attention that the same names keep coming up in the protests that are small groups causing tremendous chaos in cities with the amount of vandalism that surges from the protests.  So I decided to look into the names of these leaders and who they are.

Rafael Alegria is the founder of La Via Campesina.  He is a professional protester and has been protesting anything and everything that he is paid for since he was 17 years old. 

In 1999 he and 50,000 people he organized marched against a group for world business known as Cumbre de la Organizacion Mundial.  (OMC) This occurred in Seattle, Washington between the 30th of November and the 3rd of December. He believes that an alliance against the economic system and imperialism is key.
Most Americans remember that these protests were anything but pacific, in fact, they were quite violent.

Apart from his paid for manifestations in Honduras he is now interested in marching against the climate change meetings in the United Nations.  Complaining that these environmental preventions hurt poor people.
He believes that the government should sieze landowners property and redistribute it to people who have not purchased their own land.  He doesn't tell you that land costs less than 2,000 lempiras a manzana(about 3 acres) in rural areas of Honduras and that there is plenty of available land without taking other people's land that they have worked hard to purchase.  For those who do not know the exchange rate that is a little more than $100 for three acres of land.  Yes, it can be done and people purchase their own land all of the time...other people's land that they have worked for should not be taken from them and given to someone who has not purchased that land.

In 2006 he organized a violent protest in Columbia against free trade that was broken up and then he complained about ' violent repression and extrajudicial executions as well as missing people'.  Why does this seem to be a catch phrase for this person?

In 2006, he announced that he wanted FMI(Fundo Monetario Internacional) and the World Bank out of Honduras and Latin America(how convenient to use the present crisis to try to obtain his wishes).  This man instigates invasion of private land and tells people to defend that invasion of private land that does not belong to them with guns and he has gotten rich off of being a public scandal since the age of 17 doing little else in life.

Juan Barahona is the coordinator of the Bloque Popular.  A group that is communist in nature.  They were involved in the promoting of ALBA and have been active in their insults against the United States.  In fact, he is a member of the Socialist Party of Central America. The nasty truth is he doesn't believe in Democracy at all...he believes in Cuba style communism. He also is a member of the Communist workers party. How can this person with a straight face claim to be for Democracy when they are members of such organizations?

More to come...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ambassador Reina, the Honduran Ambassador at the United Nations and his Visa

It came out recently that Ambassador Reina lacks a visa to be present in the US because it was revoked in the 80's for terrorism.  In fact, special considerations had to be acheived in order for him to serve as the UN ambassador that represents Honduras. 

Micheletti brought this information forward in a Fox News interview.  This information that Micheletti gave is absolutely true.  Several weeks ago I brought this information forward and people thought I was crazy until they started researching it and found out that I was absolutely telling the truth. 

Reina on the other hand categorically denies that he set off bombs in Honduras, yet he seems to have little explination for the US revocation of his visa for terrorism...his excuse he says he was fighting for democracy in the 80's in Honduras.  I find that interesting concidering that in 1982 the constitution was formed and his charges came AFTER the writing of the constitution and a democratic government was already established.  So exactly what democracy was he fighting for? He admits he and his brother went to jail for their activities in relation to the state which they claim was a freedom fight.  However, fighting against a state and committing terrorist acts against a state is still terrorism.

Under Carlos Roberto Reina's administration as president (they are brothers) crime  spiraled out of control.  By April of 1997 there were 7 kidnappings for ransom.  Among these kidnappings for ransom was the son of Ricardo Maduro who was killed by gunfire during the kidnapping and his body guard was seriously injured.  Ricardo Maduro would later become president of Honduras with the promise to declare war on gang members...a promise he kept.  In fact, some say that his administration called for the prison in San Pedro Sula to be set on fire in the area where gang members are held.  In that fire hundreds died.  However, no one could ever prove this was a fact.  Most people in Honduras do not care what is the truth or how he achieved the crime fighting..they only care that it was acheived during his administration.  The effects of his efforts lasted until Zelaya took office.  When Zelaya took office crime spiraled out of control worse than it had ever been.  While crime is still out of control it is being fought tooth and nail and will probably take more than a year of effort to bring things under control.  Since the fall of the Zelaya administration some notable arrests have been made:
1. Marcelo Chimirri, ex CEO of Hondutel and charged with bribery

2. Miguel Carrion, illegal possession of several firearms and illicit association(being around or participant in a gang)

3. Narcotics traffickers that were involved in using Honduras as a transit point to the US have now been captured while they were given a free pass during the Zelaya administration.
21 men and 3 women were arrested in Columbia.  They are accused of sending at least 8 tons of cocaine to the US using Honduras and Nicaragua as transit points.  (Obama are you paying attention now?)

4. The mayor of Omoa was suspended from his seat for abuse of authority

5. Several kidnapping and car theft rings have been captured.

I have to say that all of this is quite a feat for just 3 months of administration by Micheletti.  I am starting to regret the impending elections and wishing that Micheletti were in control just a little longer.  I realize that the elections have to occur for democracy to be intact...but we can only pray that the next administration will be as stubborn and insistent that corruption ends in Honduras and the willingness to stop crime and put people in jail is still there.  For the good of Honduras they really do not have a choice...the only other option will be a Civil war that we will all regret.

Micheletti an Honest Man or a Corrupt Polititian

Micheletti has been a career polititian since the 60´s and a businessman of conciderable success. 

I have frequently heard accusations that Micheletti is corrupt because he has been a polititan for so long.  That just does not make sense to me.  How can a person be condemned a certainly corrupt because of the amount of time that they have been a polititan?

Venezuela´s government blog classifies him as a businessman who has been able to get reelected over and over again for more than 30 years in Congress.  Is this an indictment?Certainly not.  In Chavez´accusations of Micheletti he calls him one of the old guards of the Liberal party...my immediate reaction is, so what...this doesn´t make him corrupt. He certainly does not try to hide that he was one of the civil guards of President Ramon Villeda Morales before the coup that took Villeda out of power.  In fact, it makes it clear that he understands what is and is not a coup.

Chavez goes on to accuse Micheletti in being responsible for the attempt against one of the judges Luis Javier Santos on Sept 1, 2008.  I ask him where is the evidence.  If there were evidence against him it would have surely not been something we would forget.

He accuses him of paying off officials to remove Santos from the ballot.  That is interesting concidering he had no need to pay anyone off to remove Santos from the ballot.  Santos was vice president and resigned, if his resignation had not been accepted he would not have been allowed on the ballot because someone who has been vice president cannot obtain the office of the presidency while he is in the executive office.  That is not saying he could not run, but he had to resign first and that resignation had to be accepted.  It was accepted and that put an end to the conflict.  His resignation was about more than running for president.  Santos and Zelaya had been having conflict after conflict over corruption of Zelaya during the past year.  I don´t recall Santos ever accusing Micheletti of paying off judges or claiming to have evidence of this.  If he does he better bring it forward now.

Another radio station who calls itself part of the revolutionary government of Nicaragua takes it a step further, not only do they concider Micheletti the prime executor of the ´coup´but they concider Montealegre a thief.  In all of their accusations they do not present why they think this except that it is an intent to stop the revolutionary governments of Latin America.  That is not corruption it is trying to put a stop to the abuses of ALBA governments that have clear alliances with our enemies such as Iran.  Iran is not our friend, they hate the west and that includes Venezuela.  What is next? Is Chavez going to remove Catholicism from his midst and announce Sharia law?

Let´s take a look at who Montealegre is.  Eduardo Montealegre is from Nicaragua so he has no political power in Honduras.  So his mention of an alliance with Micheletti in corruption is hillarious to say the least. He is known as Napolean in the private sector.  He has a fortune of 5 million Euros.  He worked in the World Bank sector and is a massive success financially.  This does not make him corrupt.  It sounds to me that there is some class envy going on .

I am still waiting for this proof of corruption, but for the meantime it seems we have false accusations that cannot be proven against a man who seems to be of integrity to say the least.  He has done more to put corrupt individuals in jail than the last ten presidents have done collectively.  Among those in his list were Miguel Carrion and Marcelo Chimirri.  I think he is showing to be of a valuable reputation that this country has long needed.  Personally had I known ahead of time as with others Micheletti instead of Santos would have been on the presidential ballot and Santos would be sitting where Micheletti is now...not because Santos is corrupt, he has done his own projects against corruption, but for the meantime..this individual is very proud of what the Liberal Roberto Micheletti Baín has done for Honduras.

$31.5 million spent on Fourth Ballot Project While Children Were Starving

600 million lempiras or what is the equivelent of $31.5 million was spent on an illegal project while teachers, municipal workers, and nurses did not get paid for months nor did they receive the promised raise in their salaries. 

In November of last year major strikes by teachers siezed Honduras and the education system was paralized as it has been so many times before.  Many times parents such as myself have supported teachers in their demands to be paid, but this time they are all alone..parents do not support their strike for political motives.

What I have to reflect on now that all of this money was spent is where the money went and how it was spent and how it could have been used more effectively instead of spending it on a project that was declared illegal several times before it was implemented. All the while 20% of the population languishes in misery and hunger. That represents 1.4 million people or approximately 350,000 families of 4. All of these families could have received assistence with the money that was spent on the fourth ballot project.

We know that the money included multimillions of lempiras in payoffs (kickbacks) to reporters in exchange for support of the illegal project.  One reporter received 22 million lempiras and another received 32 million lempiras to support the illegal project.  This amounts to a total of nearly $3 million.  The amount of money spent could have finished paving every neighborhood in innercity San Pedro Sula.  It also could have fed 36,000 families for a week and that is just a fraction of what was spent.

The leftover amount could have been used for many things instead of this illegal project. I believe that those involved in the waste of public funds in such a fashion should have their property and bank accounts seized for their illegal actions and those who can be implicated should face jail terms for the kickbacks and payoffs that have occurred in massive amounts. 

What is real shameful is that 600 million lempiras could feed 400,000 families for a week.  This money could have been spent on reinforcement of development projects such as upgrades to the health system.  Implimentation of a food for the hungry project so that at the very least the most vunerable could recieve basic supplies such as beans and rice to eat during the months of June and July when production is at a standstill and food is scarce.  600 million could have been used to help rebuild after the massive earthquake that struck in May and left many still scrambling to repair the damage including myself.  I have cracks in my walls that are traveling like cracked glass.  The person we have hired to do our repairs has found a windfall in our neighbors and we have to regulate ourselves to allow him to work with us one day and someone else the next because people you can trust in your home are few and far between and I have used him for many projects that he has completed beautifully.  For him this is great, but what about the people who do not have the money to complete the repairs? I remember not days after the earthquake stole our well being(yes people still think the earth moves beneath them and we fear sleep because most of us think another one is going to strike that will bring the walls down on top of us).  The days immediately after the earthquake revealed serious damage, houses collapsed, people were killed, and our courthouse to this day lays in ruins with no sign of it being repaired in the near future.  It would take about 32 million or so to repair the courthouse to standard and probably about another 5 million to persue those who did such horrid work that caused it to buckle in the tremble in the first place. 
Most buildings that are well built in Honduras are fairly resistent to quakes but are technically built to resist hurricanes not quakes.  Wood is only used close to the coast and in the poorest neighborhoods.  Wood is not a practical material in Honduras because of termites and carpenter ants.  Our home is completely wood free except furniture and cabinets. 

Can you imagine the social change that 600 million lempiras could initiate? Think about it..how can a person profess to love the poor and spend so much money in something that people cannot eat or live in? What about the project of the houses that still stands empty to this day considered uninhabitable by the environmentalists because of modifications that are needed to protect the river below from environmental harm...couldn´t this money have been used to fix this neighborhood and occupy the homes by those who need them the most? What a horrible waste of money, not just a sin, but a crime against the poor of Honduras.  What will it take to have a president who will really initiate social change?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Zelaya Cannot Behave Even in Nicaragua: New Corruption Scandal

Nicaragua had opened its doors to Zelaya for amnesty and he has stayed there in Nicaragua basically keeping our embassy under siege for his own purposes.

This is not the issue though.  What is at issue is a new accusation against him by Nicaraguan officials that he is printing their national ID cards and providing them to Hondurans to vote in the 2010 elections in NICARAGUA....fake citizenship per se.  Document fraud is how it is best known in order to throw the election Ortega´s way.
I somehow do not expect Daniel Ortega to take action against it but if it is brought out enough by those who have discovered this fraud perhaps he will be ejected from Nicaragua and brought to justice at the hands of the authorities in Honduras and then prosecuted in Nicaragua for document fraud.  Zelaya is a common citizen so he does not get diplomatic immunity protections that diplomats could expect to receive.

My problem with this is whenever a president or dictator has been ejected or left a country they always seem to find themselves on their best behavior in their host country.  Why can´t Zelaya seem to behave himself in a foreign country? If he acts this way in Nicaragua you can only imagine what we were putting up with here in Honduras. I know of no other president of any country who has ever raised this much sand about his predicament.  He readily admits he won with fraud in Honduras and says that an election must be won with fraud. So how is it that he continues to claim he was the ´elected´president if he won with fraud? He wasn´t elected he stole his way into the presidency. 

I cannot wait until elections are over and January 27 is here.  That isn´t because of Micheletti either...for my part he could stay if it were legal.  I like Micheletti just fine.  I just want Zelaya not to have any reason to continue screeching how he is the legitimate president because after January 27 no one will listen to that nonsense any longer except Fidel and Hugo.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tomorrow marks 8 years since 9-11.

I do not often talk about the United States or the politics going on in the United States on my blog because it is about life in Honduras.  Still I was born in the United States and this is one issue that I will talk about and relate it to Honduras at the same time.

It has been eight long years since perhaps the saddest day in US recent history.  Most of those who lived in the US still remember where they were at the time. I know I was in Houston driving from George Bush International on I 59 when the first plane struck.  They first reported it as a helicopter hitting the World Trade Center.  I remember thinking how in the hell can you NOT see the World Trade Center and why would a helicopter be there? I ignored it for a minute but was confused as to how that could happen....then the next one struck and they said it looked like a passenger jet.  I started to wonder if something went screwy with the towers and signals...I became a little more worried.  Then the word got out there was a hijacked plane headed to the Pentagon.  I stopped this time on the side of the road frightened.  They announced that there were at least four hijacked jets and that three had came down.  Later we would know the fourth went down in PA in a field.  I still wonder to this day if that plane was headed to the White House and assume it was with the intention of killing the president and as many others as possible. 
What is important to me now is looking back and learning from the experience.  No not bowing to the enemy but understanding why someone could hate the US so much.  I don´t think I understood until the present crisis.  It is called being uninformed and making tactical decisions that hurt others regardless of what the truth is.
So many people died that day that were innocent.  Many were from other countries. I decided to look and see how many were from Honduras.

I found this information 247 of those killed on 9-11 were Latino.
25 were from the Dominican Republic
18 from Columbia
13 from Ecuador
6 from Cuba
4 from Argentina
1 from Chile
15 from Mexico
Honduras is listed but it is not clear if the victims numbered 15 or if they just didn´t calculate the number but included them with the victims of Mexico.
I will spend this evening looking for the victims and see who was or wasn´t Honduran so I can list them here. If anyone knows this information please email it to me or list it in comments and I will add them here for remembering tomorrow.

ACK!!! Critters

Ok, I am originally from Texas so I have seen critters and not much scares me.  I have seen rattlers, cottonmouths, black widows, recluse spiders, and even danged scary jumping tarantulas....but I was certainly not prepared for what came to visit me today.

I had an up close visit with the largest spider I have ever seen in my life and he was not a nice spider. A Banana Spider...or what some call a Walking spider.  They are poisonous as all get out and aggressive. I learned first hand how aggressive they are.  I was scared of him, but he was NOT scared of me.  I grabbed a can of Raid and sprayed..he hissed and jumped my way I ran the other direction.  I came back a second or two later to spray him from a far distance away and ran again. When he collapsed I commenced finishing the can of Raid on him because he got back up again...dang he was hard to kill.  What is serious is that I did not have a clue what he was till later when I motioned a neighbor to come look and became quite the spectacle for a few minutes.  Most assume he must have came out of one of the horse drawn fruit and veggie carts that travel around selling bananas, potatoes, etc.  One thing I know for sure I never want to come into contact with that again.....I am not afraid of much, but that I have determined I am terrified of. I have never in my life been chased by a critter...and prefer that it never happens again.

Response to an Opinion Printed in El Heraldo

This response is sent also to the email of the following opinion in Spanish.  His opinion and my responses are as follows(translated to English) My responses in Blue his in Black.

In disagreement with Dr. Vallecillo

Dr. Vallecio:

With all respect, I have read your article that was published on Tuesday in El Heraldo,and you have written things that are not true.
Actually Mr. Santana it seems that you have also spoken things that are not true.

There was not a succesion sir.  What happened was an upsurping of power, because Zelaya was not judged, not condemned.  There is not a single resolution of any organization that has removed him, jailed him, for thief, narcotrafficking, violating laws, etc.
There actually was a succession of power.  What did not happen is an ursurping of power, because Zelaya removed himself. He did not have to be judged and he was condemned, he condemned himself per the constitution.

What happened was a group of killers dressed as military(5:00 am, violating article 99 of the Constitution). There was no warrant from any judge(violating article 84 of the constitution). They stuck him on a plane (violating his right to defense in articles 85 and 89 of the Constitution) and they sent him into exile (violation of article 102 of the constitution) and someone violated article 277.
With your first statement here you invalidate any argument you might have had.  They didn´t kill Zelaya so where is it that you can legally claim they are killers dressed as military? Who did they kill? You witnessed these individuals execute Zelaya? Really? The last I checked you are violating the penal code and the constitution yourself.  Each person in Honduras has the right to dignity and respect according to the constitution and you should not lance false accusations against people without facing the law yourself.
Article 84 says the following:
No one can be arrested without a warrant. A delinquent can be detained by any person and turned over to the authorities. The person arrested should be informed why they are being detained and what the charges are. In addition, authority should allow the person to communicate their detention to family or person of their choice.

Zelaya had an arrest warrant issued against him on June 25, 2009 and it was signed by compentent authority, the chief of the Supreme court.  The original complaint was made by the Attorney General on the 25th of June, 2009.  I have that document and the arrest warrant in my possession.  So if you would like to see it I can email it to you.
Sticking him on a plane did not violate his right to a defense, in fact he has retained an attorney to defend himself. It seems you are confusing political charges with criminal ones.  He has not been condemned for criminal charges yet and those charges are awaiting for him to return to Honduras at the time of his choice to face them. The political charges do not require criminal process, only political, just like in the US.  He was processed and deterimined to be in violation of the political charges by the Supreme Court and the Congress who are compentent authorities to process polititians for said violations which does not result in prison but removal.
You mention 277 as if to imply that the military has to obey even illegal orders of the president.  The military is not obligated to obey an illegal order. This is true in any country and under international law.  In your desire to point out article 277 you jumped completely over article 272 that says:
The Armed Forces of Honduras are a Honduran institution of permenent character, essentially professional, apolitical, obedient, and not argumentative.

They are constituted with defending national integrity, the sovereignty of the Republic, keep the peace, public order, and the Constitution, the principals of the right to vote and the alternability of the presidency of the Republic. 

They should read well the Constitution of the Republic, to later express their opinions so that they do not look ridiculous.  It appears they think one is stupid, non fit and foolish.
It appears you might want to gather your evidence before telling others to read the constitution and make sure that you are not leaving out facts that are important to the case, like saying there was not an arrest warrant when indeed there was one.  There was also an initial complaint before that.
Meanwhile those that govern de facto are not sincere adn do not accept that they committed a judicial error and correct that error before the public, Constitution, and world.  Until then this country will not go forward or have peace.
The only possible error was removing him from Honduras, but even that can be questioned under what is internationally recognized as a law of necessity.
Tell me who is it that violated the constitution by sending Manuel Zelaya into exile?
Read article 42 of the constitution.  Did they violate the constitution or where they correct? That seems to be something that should be interpreted by the Supreme Court and not people who are not professionals in law.

Do they not understand that by this act that they are violating the constitution every day?
Actually no they aren´t.  If there is a violation in his removal, which remains to be seen if it falls under the Law of Necessity then it ended when he was told formally over television that he could return at any time and face the law.  He has the right to return and turn himself into authorities at any time he wants to...so no one is violating the law except Zelaya by refusing to submit to the law.
Do they have him detained already?
You can ask Zelaya why he isn´t detained.  Why he doesn´t return to face his date in court and prove his accusers wrong.  The problem is that the evidence doesn´t vindicate him it convicts him. You know that as well as I do.  An error does not negate the fact that a crime was committed by the offender. So removing him from Honduras doesn´t in essence give him the right to insist we forget his crimes.

They committed a crime today we have to pay with sanctions and world rejection.  Do not blame others, take responsibility for your acts with valor and honesty.

The world is not Honduras.  Here the world does not count, only Honduras and Honduran laws do.  This is an internal problem not a world problem. I think long ago we should have learned to stand on our own and we do not need help that comes with strings attached.
Citizens how much foolishness do they speak in your name?
You mean like the foolishness of Zelaya and Tamayo telling us to kill one another in a civil war? Like El Salvador? You know where over 100,000 are dead and can never be brought back to life.  What price? Is 100,000 enough? maybe you can offer your family up first? Me, no thank you...I will in exchange vote on November 29 and my protest will be in the ballot box not with the point of a machete or a gun.

In your eagerness to complain about the Micheletti admnistration violating the constitution you have left out a very important fact.  The violation of the rights of the children to an education.  I know you claim that no person owes obedience because you claim the government isn´t one you think is legitimate.  The problem is you don´t have a court in Honduras that has said the government is not legitimate.  You need a court order...where is it.. Furthermore, the children still are entitled to their rights and teachers aren´t obeying the government but the Constitution.  At no point does it say that the teachers do not owe obedience to the laws or constitution, just not the government.  In other words, do not pay your taxes if you don´t recognize the government.  You don´t get to beat up old men in Choluteca.  You don´t get to terrorize children from Abundant life Church.  You don´t get to attack a worker in Burger King nearly severing his arm and burning a private business ´Popeyes`.  You don´t get to attack private vehicles and burn them or threaten someone´s family with death because they disagree with you.  The supporters of Zelaya have done all of these things.
While you are lecturing others on the constitution I would like you to take a second look at that constitution and read all of it and not just the parts you want to read.
Read article 151-154 of the Constitution and tell me if it does not say that education is the responsibility of all Hondurans and is a children´s right.
Maybe I am missing it somewhere but where does it say in the Constitution that the President has the right to call a Constitutional Assembly? I believe that any Constitutional reform is the duty of CONGRESS and not the President which means he violated the law.


Wilfredo Santana Rodríguez


cartas, lector, opinion

Update on Prisoners in Choluteca Protest

The people arrested for violently attacking an elderly man and others that were on their way to see Elvin Santos were remitted to prison WITHOUT bail at the hearing today.
It seems we will need to take all further prisoners to this judge in Choluteca.

Their defense attorney seemed to think that pacific marches include attacking elderly men...I am glad the judge disagreed.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Honduras V Mexico: Aztecaso?

Honduras will be playing against Mexico in Mexico´s stadium.  Mexico has not ever lost in this stadium and Honduras has been incredible in the last two games...beating Costa Rica 4-0 in a game that sent them home not only defeated but their newspapers qualified them as simply ´embarassing´and then last week we beat Trinidad Tobago 4-1.
In the Costa Rica game we would have had another goal but the Mexican referee eliminated the goal causing an uproar and now the present growling between the two teams.
We need six more points to find ourselves in the World Cup in South Africa and it seems to be something the entire country is pushing for...the mouse that roared? I like it and it fits perfectly.

David Suazo and the two Carlos we are counting on you this time to bring the win home..4 points....just remember 4 points.
Either Honduras will be unbelievably drunk on delirium if we win or unbelievably sad if we lose...either way we are proud of Bi color.

80 Days Till Elections in Honduras

Here we are just 80 days till elections in Honduras are to take place. November 29 is now just around the corner.  Most Hondurans and even Ex pats wish that November would hurry up and get here.

There have been goverments like the US that has said specifically that they are not going to recognize the results of the election.  However, I somehow do not believe that they can legitimately refuse to recognize an election that happens with transparency.  The election is scheduled per the Honduran constitution so technically the primaries were held last year in which election season began under Zelaya.  The results of the primaries were recognized by all governments and the candidates are the same as they were during the primaries. 

I will be surprised if anyone after the elections continues to call for the reinstatement of Zelaya to the presidency.  If the US does indeed call for the reinstatement of Zelaya after that date it will be clear that democracy is not in their agenda for other nations.  I do not think that Obama can afford to call for non recognition of the elections and get away with it in the US scene without losing serious face on the issue.  It will appear that he is trying to install a dictatorship in Honduras. I believe to some point that is his ultimate goal.  I would have never dreamed that the US could support someone as corrupt as Zelaya and that they would recognize our right to change our minds.

In California the people voted for Gray Davis.  They changed their minds after the election and asked for elections to be recalled and they were. Gray Davis had been elected by the people in 1999 and was removed in 2003.  He was the second governor in California history to be removed.

Another recent incident I can think about where someone democratically elected was removed is Blago in Illinois.  Can anyone argue that he wasn´t democratically elected? (yes Gringa in Ceiba I loved the comparison). He was still impeached for being corrupt.  He was as hard headed as Zelaya and refused to step down all the way to the bloody end.

I have a better one though.  Judge Humphreys, in 1862 was impeached

Here were the charges brought against him by the Senate

Article 1: On December 29, 1860 in Nashville, Tennessee, and contrary Humphreys endeavored by public speech to incite revolt and rebellion against the Constitution and government of the United States.

Article 2: In 1861, "with the intent to abuse the high trust reposed in him as a judge," Humphreys openly and unlawfully supported and advocated the secession of the State of Tennessee.

Article 3: In 1861 and 1862, Humphreys organized arm rebellion against the United States and levied war against them.

Article 4: With Jefferson Davis and others, Humphreys conspired to oppose by force the authority of the government of the United States.

Article 5: With intent to prevent the due administration of the laws of the United States, Humphreys neglected and refused to hold court, as by law he was required to do.

Article 6: With intent to subvert the authority of the government of the United States, Humphreys unlawfully acted as judge of an illegally constituted tribunal within Tennessee. In connection with this, Humphreys: (1) caused the arrest of one Perez Dickinson, and required him to swear allegiance to the Confederacy, and when Perez refused, Humphreys ordered Dickinson to leave the State; (2) ordered the confiscation of property of citizens of the United States, especially the property of one Andrew Johnson; and (3) caused the arrest and imprisonment of citizens of the United States because of their fidelity to their obligations as citizens and their resistance to the Confederacy.

Article 7: Humphreys, as a judge of the Confederate States of America and with the intent to injure one William G. Brownlow, ordered his unlawful arrest and imprisonment.

Do these charges not sound very similar to those brought against Zelaya?

Furthermore, President Nixon was actually impeached, but his impeachment was voided with his resignation and he retired with a full pension as a result.  He was impeached for obstruction of justice. So if the US can impeach an elected president why can´t Honduras?

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Tamayo Loses his Church and Naturalization

Father Tamayo last week was removed as the priest of the church in Salamá, Olancho and this week it has been announced that his Honduran citizenship has been revoked.  He was born in El Salvador so he can be deprived of his citizenship for provoking insurrection.
Tamayo has long been known as a Liberation theology priest and he was tolerated for his Environmental Movement in Olancho because this was not illegal.  Provoking insurrection (civil war) is illegal though and rightly he was deprived of his citizenship. 
He is now complaining that the church has prohibited him from participating in politics and he is refusing so I will not be surprised if he is suspended once again from his priesthood...this time probably it will be permenent. I am just waiting to see him deported to El Salvador.

What Actually Happened Yesterday in Las Brisas

Ok now that I have La Prensa in hand, along with Tiempo and neighborhood witnesses as to what occurred yesterday at 11:30 am when bullets pierced the air.

Our neighborhood has long been known for one that will not put up with thieves or gang members for very long. Someone gets rid of them always. The last one was a garifuna who had an affliction for stealing cell phones..he tried to rob a Pepsi truck and ended up being shot three times in the head. That ended his spill. I had dared him once to rob me but he knew evidently that I am always armed so he didn´t even come close even though I had a very expensive cell in hand. For those who live here I had a Blackberry 3120. I wasn´t worried about him getting it because it has GPS and I knew where he lived already. Others had tempted him as well but he had never taken bait he had a knack for knowing when he was being set up.

Anyhow, back to what happened yesterday.  Four individuals in a champagne colored Toyota Camry decided they were going to rob a business here in the neighborhood.  Evidently these four individuals belong to the ´resistence for Zelaya´from what I understand.  Well they were chased down by two motorcycles and shot several times. One ran into our neighborhood elementary school for refuge and one of the motorcycles went into the school after him. My understanding is one died a few hours later in the hospital and another (the one who ran through the neighborhood and no one would rescue) also died later at the hospital.  The other two I understand are also very critical.  My bets are if they survive they won´t be coming to Las Brisas to rob anyone anymore.

Americans who don´t live in Honduras would be shocked or offended by these actions, but this isn´t the US and we don´t have 9-1-1.  In Honduras we have to take care of things for ourselves because the police are sure not going to protect us.  They might arrest them, but then the perpetrators get out later and come back after you for reporting them so people take the law in their own hands because the law just doesn´t protect you.  We refuse to be taken over by gangs and theives and probably are one of the only neighborhoods in San Pedro Sula where it is safe to leave your car out of the garage and on the street at night.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Pathetic and Inexcusable: Pro Zelaya attack an Elderly man and other citizens

How can anyone excuse such an act? This elderly man was attacked with rocks and a machete.  Not only was he attacked but several people were attacked.  These weren´t protesters the pro Zelaya were attacking ..they are private residents and ´campesinos´ who were headed to meet with Elvin Santos.  Anyone who does something like this has no right to complain about how they are treated as a result.  The people responsible for this deserve long prison sentences and to be subjected to long lectures on respecting your elders. Shame on you...this man is clearly not wealthy and he is clearly ELDERLY. How can anyone excuse something like this?

121 Cases of Corruption....

The anti Corruption arm of the government is investigating 121 cases of corruption against Manuel Zelaya and his cabinet.  These cases are being investigated and are completely seperate from the 4th ballot box investigation.
I am wondering in the US is the president allowed to use government money to repair his private vehicles? purchase luxury items for his private horse? purchase excessive amounts of wine and cigars? What about pay for a contract that was never authorized and where the work that was done is unclear...a contract to the tune of 77 million lempiras...to someone the government is not sure even exists...self enrichment? fake contract to pay himself? evidently...77 million lempiras isn´t the kind of thing that you pay a plumber or such..it is enough to construct roads in the five surrounding neighborhoods and mine that are paved...yet we don´t have paved roads..so it wasn´t for that...yeah that is right we have dirt roads in middle class neighborhoods in what is inner city San Pedro Sula..and we PAID for them to pave them almost 8 years ago..yet we are still waiting....and waiting...and waiting...supposedly Sunseri is coming back soon so maybe he can give us an answer as to why we still haven´t gotten paved roads in Colonia Las Brisas 8 entire years after they were paid for by the residents of the community? Maybe he can tell us when they are going to install drainage systems here so that half the houses do not flood on the lower plain of the community...(I am one of the lucky ones...my house never floods), maybe he can tell us when they will authorize the replacement of our sewer system that has collapsed no less than fifteen times this year?...we pay and pay..but never any results.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Can´t Stop Catrachos...That´s How It´s Done!!!

Last time it was the embarrassing ´petateada´of 5-0 against Costa Rica and tonight the incredible 4-1 against Trinidad...oh yeah! South Africa World Cup here we come..
We might be having a lot of turmoil on the outside but the one thing we keep getting right is soccer...argullo Catracho all the way...

Friday, September 04, 2009

Honduras Protest Against Chavez 500,000 Lift their Voices

In Honduras the largest NoMasChavez rallies came out to have their voices heard. Honduras had the largest gathering in the world.  This should be a clue to Hillary and Obama who we want in charge. Chavez speaking from Syria...yeah the terrorist country of Syria...qualified the marches as stupid and a failure.  I don´t call this a failure, but a huge success. Sounds like Chavez is in denial.
Here are some pictures.  Comments and Thoughts are welcome.

Evidence of the Corruption in Zelaya Presidency

During the Zelaya presidency there was more corruption than at almost any other time in Honduran history.  The removal was not only warranted it was an absolute must.  Zelaya had not provided the Congress with a budget to be approved for the year 2009 and we were already more than six months into the year when he was removed.  As a result Honduras was living on last year´s budget.  Many asked why he was doing this and why he had not made the budget.  The common question...what was he hiding?

Well audits by the Tribunal Superior of Accounting has some of the results that were released today.  It is absolutely embarrassing the abuse of power that Zelaya bent to.  It seems all along he thought that he would remain in power so there was no need to worry about audits.  If a person were to steal like this from a company they head they would go to jail for embezzlement.

In one month Zelaya spent more than 123 million lempiras for personal use.  In dollars that is over 6.5 million in one month.  Remind yourself we are speaking about the president of a country that is developing still and is far away from meeting first world expectations.  We still have people starve to death every day.  This is criminal and should merit human rights abuses. I have to question why no one is asking for us to give international courts evidence of these excesses to investigate for themselves? Just to see if we are telling the truth. 

Here are some examples of things he spent excessive funds on in one month:

Robert Meyering 77 million, no information was ever provided on what services he gave.

30,289.50 lempiras  was spent on clothing for the president

50,255 lempiras in cigars

40,000 lempiras for unauthorized sculptures

228,330 for oil paints

20,515.57 for repair of a Harley Davidson that is a personal vehicle of Mel.

869,203,062 lempiras for 40 hours of plane rental

2,316,253.43 for contracting of helicopters

100,000 lempiras for wine

2 million lempiras for assesories for Cafe his 100,000 dollar horse

1 million lempiras worth of jewelry for that horse.

None of these expenses were pre approved and none of these expenses were related to the investigation of the 4th ballot box but are different unauthorized expenses that he took on without prior approval.

I wonder is the president of the United States allowed to spend what would be 78 million dollars in a year for his personal expenses without prior authorization? Would he be allowed to repair his private vehicles at the expense of the tax payor? I doubt it in fact I know that would not be allowed and he would certainly be impeached and put in jail if he did do so.

Strings Attached

Today Hillary Clinton announced that the US was going to suspend the Millennium Account that is provided to Honduras for development because of the refusal to adhere to the San Jose Accord.

When I was younger I was always taught by my parents and teachers that if you are going to give something to someone that you give it freely from your heart and do not attach strings to it, because that takes away from the idea of giving it in the first place.

Will we get through this? Will this break the will of the Honduran people and government? It is not likely. This shows how little the Department of State understands Hondurans and Honduran culture. Now it is pride and resolve to not be pushed around at any cost.

There are 86 days left till Election Day and little can be done to stop that short of an invasion. However, it would require Congress in the United States to get that done and I do not see them going along with any invasion of Honduras to stop the elections from occurring.

Once elections are done there will be little left that can occur other than recognizing or not recognizing the elections. If the elections are fair and transparent then it would be wrong to not recognize the right to vote and elect your leader. I would certainly hope that Hillary Clinton is not going to continue insisting on the return of Manuel Zelaya after the 29th of November when the new president is elected. It would be obvious as to her agenda after that point.

I have noticed that many things that actually occur in Honduras during this present situation are left out of the US news. That makes me question who it is that has their news censored? Is it the United States who elects to put what they want into the news and leave out the things that are of an important nature if it is negative for their policies? Or is it Honduras who has all of their channels in tact except for Channel 36 who was attacked by an apparently adept person who took out their system. I do not agree with any attacks on media, but Channel 36 had 24 hour reporting that was mostly propaganda and apparently someone had their fill of the propaganda and decided to take things into their own hands. This is quite common in Honduras since Zelaya took office over 3 years ago it has become more common.

I have to question the motives of Clinton and the Department of State. I look at their press briefings and they do not seem to be very informed on the situation in Honduras. They certainly are not informed enough to be taking the steps that they are taking. Hillary herself admitted that the situation is complicated and the events that led up to the removal of Zelaya are quite complicated. That indicates that she is not being completely honest with the American people about the events that led to his removal.

Why would the Department of State attack Honduras you ask? Well, if you look at Hillary’s past she has a bit of a revenge fest going on at anything she deems to be right wing. However, I beg to differ that there is right wing anything here. The same party that Zelaya belongs to is who removed him from office and is who remains in power. So this isn’t a vast right wing conspiracy as she labelled the impeachment of her husband. This certainly is not the impeachment of her husband it is far more serious than that. I do not even believe it is the revenge of that situation that she has in mind. I believe it goes far deeper.

A year ago Russian and Norwegian explorers found oil off of Tela and Moskitia coasts in an area of about 150,000 square kilometres. They have determined that the oil is commercial in quantity. In fact, rumor has it that we have more oil than either Texas or Venezuela.

Obama announced recently that they would not permit exploration in Alaska. They also announced that they would induce exploration at a foreign level. That tells me they have deals in the works with Zelaya for the oil in Honduras. The present Honduran constitution prohibits the exploitation of natural resources of Honduras by foreign states. A different president also will not allow for the Us to come in and violate the constitution and there is no desire by other leaders to initiate the rewrite of the constitution to their benefit. The US often injects foreign policy to their financial interests even if it is to the detriment of democracy in another country. They have supported dictatorships as long as it was convenient for the dictatorship to be there. Obama had promised to change that type of policy in Washington, but I see he has continued the actions himself except that he has slanted it to prefer left wing dictators instead of right wing dictators.

As the US announced the new sanctions against Honduras they also announced that they were removing some of the sanctions against Cuba. I find it ironic that they are punishing Honduras for being a democracy and for making their leaders obey the law, yet they are allowing Cuban dictators to trample on the law and not require anything of them in exchange for the release of certain embargos. Why? They want to influx telecommunications interests by the US into Cuba. They want to also inject the US dollar into the Cuban economy. As I stated earlier it seems to me that Obama only changed the type of dictator that is supported and has unequally applied justice making the decisions of the US be superfluous.

How serious can a country be taken if their decisions are made based on their financial interests in the name of democracy? You cannot claim to be supporting democracy if you are insisting on installing a dictator that was breaking the law in his country and is wanted on criminal charges.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Out today

Guys don´t worry about me..I will be out most of the day while they remove power to install the air and replace electric wires and do masive cleaning....

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

An American Clearly Very Clueless About Honduras Claims we Don´t Have a Middle Class

Al Giordano the clueless has shown once more how he has not the slightest inkling about Honduras or the way the people here do or don´t live.
None of us have ever denied there are very poor people. Of course the US has West Virginia, Mississippi, New Orleans, East Los Angeles, the backwoods of Georgia and several other impoverished areas themselves...but yet he has never graced our shores and wants to tell us what we do or don´t have here. Well I invite you Al to take a peek at what we actually do have here as a middle class...first of all horrendous traffic is a sign of pretty healthy middle class. The truly poor here cannot afford cars, only the middle class and wealthy can. Middle class still often prefer to take public transportation like ´colectivos´when they go downtown. I have provided a pictoral view of Honduras on here many times..but clealry I need to do it again.
I invite Al to first look at the picture of San Pedro Sula in the headline of my blog and explain how the city looks so middle class if it isn´t? Hmm..sounds like it is time for Al to buy himself a plane ticket and come to Honduras to figure out the bull he has been fed his entire life by the US government about how 90% of us live in cardboard shacks and palm leaf huts...lmao. Sort of like thinking everyone in Texas lives on a ranch.

He then calls Channel 10 a golpista television station..I find that hillarious since Channel 10 is the EDUCATIONAL channel in Honduras.  Clearly he didn´t know that.

I also am interested in how he turns the US to the South as to show his disdain for the country where he lives and takes advantage of all of the situations that are provided for him there.  I invite him to go to Venezuela and see if he feels the same about the US that he hates so much yet lives there...yeah easy to gripe about the US while living in the US..move and then let´s talk.  I will even pay for your one way ticket to Venezuela or Cuba your choice...but you turn in your US passport on the way.  You complain about the US tactics when it comes to Venezuela or Cuba yet you then want to insist they use these same tactics you claim to detest against Honduras.  Ok that makes you a hypocrite. Since you want to claim that Gallup shows that Micheletti is so unpopular yet Gallup doesn´t show any such poll on thier site....I have included also some of the picutres of the situation right after and up to recently when Union Civica Democratica and Democracia Cristiana and others hosted protests to show support for the removal of Zelaya.  Pictures do tell a thousand words moer than any poll does.
This is one of the poorest areas in Honduras. Choluteca. Not convinced yet? I have more.

This is Juticalpa the town where my husband grew up.  It is in the district of Olancho where Zelaya is also from.

That is my answer to your imaginary Gallup poll.

Now for the middle class that doesn´t exist.

The above are pictures of the city of Tegucigalpa I can provide others but you can get a good idea from this.
I realize that my pictures of the protest don´t fit in what you want to hear so you will surely ignore them and try to pretend they don´t exist.  So once again I will remind you of who has the majority and who is pacific and who is not.  The evidence is in the pictures and videos that exist and we will not stand by silently while you lie about us.
Or this...who is the majority? Which one is violent and which one is passive? It doesn´t take a real bright person to know