Sunday, August 16, 2009

Zelaya Terrorists Attack Two Media Outlets in Attempt to stop Free press

In an attempt to stop the freedoms we enjoy of freedom of the press because evidently they don´t like them reporting the violence and crimes these groups of terrorists commit..I say that we should attack back with more pictures and evidence and video live if possible of their criminal actions.

All who commit crimes against others, harm private property, public property, or try to violate rights of others should be tried in the most harshest of fashion as terrorists.

The attacks happened against El Heraldo and a driver that delivered a paper for La Tribuna in Olancho. They threatened to kill him and were armed. They burned his truck which doesn´t belong to the belongs to this young man who probably still owed money for it and was just doing a job. Now he has no job and is not wealthy nor are these thugs harming the paper but the harm they committed was to basically leave a poor person jobless and without transportation when he has to feed his children..shame on them. They burned his vehicle and the papers..and the Zelaya terrorists leaders were in denial mode all day...except Zelaya was calling for terrorist attacks against the elections..I don´t guess he realizes that everyone in the world thinks that stopping elections is counterproductive.

The attack on El Heraldo also happened in the early morning hours and terrorists threw moltov cocktails into the installations but were not able to burn it down.

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