Monday, August 31, 2009

Why The UN and OAS Are Against Honduras

To understand fully why the UN and the OAS are against Honduras and why that should not mean anything one has to look at who is at the head of both organizations.

First I will pick on the UN.  The President of the UN is Miguel D´Escoto.  Perhaps you are thinking so...who is he and why does that matter. First Miguel D´Escoto was born in Los Angeles.  He became a priest at Maryknoll.  He then was the founder of a press that is known for printing controversial subjects in Liberation Theology.  In fact, he preaches and believes in Liberation Theology. He also was suspended as a priest in the 1980´s by Pope John Paul II because of his involvement in the Sandinista revolution.  He secretly became a Sandanista and a member of the Nicaraguan government under Daniel Ortega in 1979.  He is virulently Anti American, Anti Democracy, and he basically calls it anti imperialist.  So truly no one can trust him to be honest about Honduras since most Sandanistas have an old ax to grind and a chip on their shoulder when it comes to Honduras.  He certainly isn´t who we should be listening to when we want to know truth about Honduras.

Now we will take a look at who is at the helm of OAS.  Jose Miguel Insulza.  Jose Miguel Insulza is a polititian from Chile. Insulza lived in Mexico in exile from 1981 to 1988.  He is an avid leftist and Anti American to the hilt.  He sides almost unilaterly with the leftist and communist nations especially those affiliated with ALBA even though he has bucked horns a few times with Chavez. He also cannot be trusted. 

So Honduras is on their own to fight this one out because the US has decided that they will follow in the shadow of whatever the UN and OAS say.  I wonder what their reaction will be when they are told that they must dismantle their government...and have to withdraw troops worldwide...will they obediently comply? What about when they decide to tell the US their constitution just will not be acceptable anymore and must be rewritten...will they comply obediently?

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