Monday, August 24, 2009

Why is Baltazar in Honduras?

I have to ask why the Spanaird Baltazar in Honduras? There are no Pinochet´s here.  No Spanish citizens have been murdered for political motive.  One Spanaird was killed in a kidnapping for ransom a few weeks ago. Angel Garcia Rubio was sent back to Spain on August 17.  His wife is Kenia Moreno. This murder though was a result of the many kidnappings for ransom that have occurred over the years in Honduras and not because of the political crisis. A security guard has been arrested and accused of his murder.

So again why is he here? We don´t need him to lecture us on human rights.  He clearly isn´t interested in the individual rights of both sides and has received someone who was already discredited by the OAS with his hundreds of political murders, genocide and disappearances.  None of which was hard as the OAS tried they could only even vaguely perhaps tie 4 to the situation.  They can´t even blame the authorities without a doubt. The best they could do is ´possible´.  They also only could find that two people were missing one was last seen in a protest but they don´t know where she is or who may have taken her. Another person was kidnapped from their home, but none have said by whom or if there is a ransom for this person.

We can look back at the murders of polititians over the past few years in Honduras as well as reporters...and there have been several. I think that the OAS and Baltazar as well as others in international communities need to take a closer look at previous history before they quickly point the finger at the government or military.

November 2008 I was shocked and saddened when our congressman and the vice president of Congress was murdered in Cabañas in a murder for hire. He was traveling to a medical brigade that was in town to assist and was robbed of his life at a very young age. Mario Hernandez murdered along with Marco Antonio Collier during the primary campaigns. He was in the campaign related to Roberto Micheletti. Which brings into question if he was murdered for his politics by Zelaya. He was just 42 years old and had a promising political career ahead of him.

Again in the same month another candidate to the mayor in Morazan, Yoro was also assasinated. Julio César Padilla.

Danilo Castro also candidate to vice mayor in Lima was assasinated during the month of November and Hector Arita who was traveling with him was hurt badly in the shooting.

The speaker for the DNIC was also assasinated Jesús Edgardo Gallegos was just 27 when he was murdered in September 2008. He was murdered on New Orleans Avenue in San Pedro Sula.

Bernardo Paz, reporter, remains were found in July 2009.  He had been kidnapped in March and was murdered evidently shortly after his kidnapping.

Andres Torres, reporter,  was kidnapped also in March and was released alive in June after his family paid the ransom.

These are clearly not the only murders that could have a political aspect during the period that Zelaya was in office, but they are some of the most recent in my memory. The disinformation and the lack of investigation is more than one can almost deal with. It makes you want to scream what the hell is wrong with you when you watch the television and realize that the people who are judging you are so out of touch with what goes on in Honduras that they do not even have any business or authority in determining what is or isn´t going on in Honduras.

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