Sunday, August 23, 2009

US Suspends Educatodos (educate everyone) Funds

The US embassy confirmed yesterday that they have suspended Educatodo funds. This decision affects people who are very marginal and poor in Honduras. This is a literacy program and according to the UN charter on Children´s rights the wealthier countries are OBLIGATED to assist in assuring the ability to educate the population in third world countries.  This obligation does not say anything about it can be suspended if you don´t agree with the person in control of the government.  Come on folks this is a literacy program it isn´t money given to the government it is controled through USAID and the funds are handled by them.
This program is solely about literacy, education, and assuring basic educational needs of not only have the teachers of Honduras abandoned Honduran children and their rights..the US has also.  However, the US is one of only two countries that has not signed onto the UN charter for educational rights of children.  Both the wealthiest country and the poorest country in the world have failed to sign this agreement.  The wealthiest is the US ..sad to say...and the poorest is Sudan...which doesn´t surprise me.
The US Dept of State office had made a promise to the Honduran poor that any actions they took would not be against the most marginal in society yet this action has certainly only affected the poorest and most vunerable in Honduran society.  I call upon the reflection of the Department of State and ask them to make a decision as to who they are trying to punish? the poor or the government? They agreed that the sanctions on Cuba affected the poor to the point that it made it torture against the poor yet now they want to apply these measures against the poor in Honduras.


Anonymous said...

If the money is going solely to the public sector of education I would support this sanction until the teachers union decides to go back to educating their students and stop using the schools as a revolutionary platform for Mel. Nice blog btw

Ron S.
La Ceiba

LaGringaSPS said...

Yes, it is going solely to education and if it were done under those pretexts I would agree with you but it was done to have a punative value against Micheletti not against the teachers.
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