Saturday, August 01, 2009

Telesur has dropped to New Lows

La prensa provided a video that was analized by professionals that Telesur had uploaded to You Tube about supposed military supression in El Paraiso. Several people who live in the area and in Honduras questioned the authentic nature of the video and had it was completely fabricated. The whole thing..and one of the pro Zelaya peaceful folks..had an automatic weapon in his possesion.


La Gringa said...

Do you have a link?

Summermoondancer said...

I sure do

La Gringa said...

Great. I'm going to look at it now. You can imbed it on your blog by using the imbed link (the second one on the left side under the video title). Thanks!

La Gringa said...

Oh, I see now that was the same one I posted about.

I'm glad that you are posting about the false "human rights" violations. Do you have any idea how those false charges can be effectively combated? I see that as a serious problem right now.

Summermoondancer said...

Well I do know that it is illegal to make false accusations against people in Honduras...a crime in fact for things as simple as spreading rumors that a person is acting immoraly or so forth so I assume this to be illegal to. I would say that a complaint has to be filed at the Ministerio Publico against specific groups. Whether journalists are exempt or not I don´t know..but I would assume they aren´t exempt since it is very important they tell the truth.
I was wondering about Zelaya and calling for generalized violence if that isn´t not only a crime here, but in Nicaragua as well as in International courts as crimes against peace and crimes against humanity. What are your thoughts?

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