Saturday, August 22, 2009

Teachers Are Violating International Law

Honduras is a signer to the UN charter on Children´s Rights. This charter calls for the guarantee of not only a free education but that education be protected at all costs.
Article 28 of this charter specifically says that education is a child´s human right. 
The charter in its entirety can be found on UNICEF´s page. 
It goes further to say that children´s political opinions should be protected and that they cannot be used as pawns in a conflict which is all happening here.
Children are our most vunerable and are the future of a country. Denying them basic human rights is WRONG. People who do this should be dealt with harsher than any police officer that uses his baton a little to hard on a violent protester.  While excessive force is wrong it is even more wrong to prey on a child who cannot defend themself.

I have sent an email to UNICEF making a complaint about the violation of the charter by the teacher´s of Honduras who are part of the government because they are government employees and required to obey international and local laws.

I am so outraged by the actions of teachers and the way they have taken out their anger on our children that I am inclined to just grab one of them and ask them ´what the hell is wrong with you?´
I am not a violent person, but I will fight like a lioness over my children and my patience has finished long ago. This time I will take it all the way and they won´t dare threaten me since I am an American citizen as well as Honduran and they know that the US government takes care of their own.

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