Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Response to Dept of State in US

The Department of State sent a communication that they are going to suspend all non emergency and non immigrant visas to the US from Honduras while they review their visa policies.
I guess since they want to take punitive action  against Honduras for refusing to break the laws of our constitution perhaps we can forget our fight against the trafficking of drugs to their country.  Suspend all police actions including drug trafficking that directly benefit the United States of America.  That might get their attention.  We don´t get financial support to fight their damned war on drugs so why are we wasting our time and finances on fighting a war that dosen´t affect us other than transport through our country?
Want to bet they change their tune really very quickly? I bet they do..and they can´t force us to fight the traffic of drugs when they don´t support that fight financially.

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