Monday, August 31, 2009

Remembering those Lost Since Prmaries last Year as Campaigns Begin

In the US campaigns are fairly safe even if verbal insults and attacks can sometimes be downright vicious.
However, their campaigns usually don´t end in assasinations.  During this season I find it especially important to remember those who have been killed including the police officers who have lost their lives due to assasinations which most recently is a police official who was employed with Tribunal of Elections and no one can convince me that this wasn´t some Zelayista who went off and murdered him because it was it is too convenient for it not to have been..but you probaby won´t see his murder included in any human rights report.  Human Rights Watch´s director resigned recently.  He was a Cuban political prisoner for more than twenty years and knows what is truly a coup and what is truly political oppression and his differences led to his resignation in disgust at the injust accusations flying about Honduras. I take my hat off to people like him who refuse to be used.

The campaign season has started today with the assasination of an employee of the Tribunal of Elections who is also a police official.  It is sad indeed that we start this way.  I believe that the UD and Zelaya are trying to threaten us into fear of not holding elections but they won´t get their way.  WE will have elections and they won´t suceed in stopping them.

Mauro Leonel Bustillo Banegas was kidnapped and murdered and his TSE badge was thrown where it was clear that this was the motive for his murder.

Oscar Heberto Mejia, March 7, 2009 Liberal Party candidate for Congress in San Pedro Sula.

Juan Ramon Dubon and Sara Elizabeth Galdamez, January 27,2009 murdered.  Juan was a Liberal Party candidate for Congress.

Marco Tulio Velasquez, February 11, 2009 Nationalist candidate to congress on the Mario Facusse ticket.

A Nationalist party candidate for Mayor in Comayagua was arrested for the kidnapping and brutal murder of a Spanish citizen living in Honduras.  Jorge Constatino Ypsilanty was candidate for mayor of Comayagua in his home a 12 gauge, 2 rifles, and a 25 revolver were detained for investigation.

Mario Fernando Herandez Liberal party Candidate and Marco Aurelio Collier November 24, 2008 murdered on their way to a meeting and were candidates on the Micheletti ticket in primary elections. Mario Fernando Hernandez was the vice president of Congress.

Danilo Castro, November 12, 2008, Nationalista party candidate for vice mayor of La Lima murdered after filing a formal complaint against the mayor of La Lima Dilcia Fernandez.

November 24, 2001 Miguel Angel Pacheco,Nationalista candidate for congress was murdered.

April 19, 2005 a UD candidate was assasinated by the name of Marco Tulio Rodriguez , 39.  He was a candidate for congress.

If you know of others please tell me in the commentary section and they will be added.  As I come across others I will add them as well.  This seems to me that the primary campaign season was particulary brutal and I hope that this latest murder is not a reflection of what is to come.

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