Saturday, August 01, 2009

Refugee Status and statements by the UN

Hondurans who have arrived in Nicaragua claiming refugee status have found themselves in political limbo and for good reason. (no one is oppressing them..they can go about their lives with NO danger ...but if they attack people and place themselves in the middle of strikes that are illegal due to the fact they block free flow of traffic yes they find themselves in danger..otherwise...nope they aren´t in danger...not even if they were in Nicaragua.

A mission visited the border on the 29th and 30th of July. They state that there is no doubt that their presence there is to carry out political plans.
The United Nations cannot support any political movements and the mandate of agencies is strictly humanitarian. Due to this the population claiming refugee status that needs international protection in reality must move away from the border to inner Nicaragua to assure that public order is kept and to avoid involving themselves in political movements that would remove their protected status.

So basically they are illegal immigrants trying to create a war with Honduras and the UN recognized that was true and told them they cannot help them till they get far away from the border.

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