Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Party Over for Taxi Drivers

A small group of taxi drivers that are supporters of Zelaya had planned on blocking key points in the city obstaculating the free travel of traffic.  There weren´t enough of them to cause more than a slight problem that was easily fixed.

Anyhow, the police launched an inspection against each of these taxis and over 60 units were detained for irregularities that included, serious mechanical problems, expired licenses, failure to pay registration, pirated numbers, and more.

They had wreckers waiting to remove anyone who blocked traffic. They didn´t dare.  Anyhow, the Transit police said this is just the beginning.  The other taxi group which is registered and supports the interim government has been asking for years that Transit police crack down on ´ghost´taxis that run using duplicate numbers of legal taxis and do not use the proper equipment or operate with poor running units. Their wish has been granted.
Some might complain that this is repression, but if they are limiting it to units that are violating laws, it isn´t repression.  You don´t have a right to a driver´s license, it is a priveledge.  You certainly don´t have a right to a taxi license it is a priveledge that is granted by the government.  You block traffic you betcha they can sieze your unit and your license...the state makes those laws..so cry foul and violation all you want...you don´t have the right to run a foul unit that spreads polution, is not registered, not using a legitimate number.and drive without the proper license. Quite frankly I am glad...too many taxis in this city.

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