Saturday, August 01, 2009

Ortega will be responsible for violence says Civic Organization

A Nicaraguan Civic Organization says that President Daniel Ortega will be responsible for any act of violence or loss of human life on the border where Manuel Zelaya is organizing a resistence.
They apply responsibility to him by stating that he is violating norms and laws of national and international nature.
They also apply responsibility to him for numerous financial losses in the entirety of Central America due to the presence of Zelaya in Las Manos.
The Movement for Nicaragua exerts that Ortega should stop allowing national territory to incite violence in Honduras and preserve the option of peace the same as was decided by Nicaraguans 20 years ago.
At the same time they insisted that the International community respect the rights of each country to make their own determination and abide by the presendence of not involving themselves in internal matters of a state.

Over the past few days I have been reading the Nicaraguan La Prensa and this particular article was found in the Honduran paper Proceso Digital.
Things are red hot politically right now in Nicaragua due to this issue. I feel dismayed that a Honduran president has sent them into a crisis due to his unwillingness to turn himself in and face justice.

I am close to betting that within a month that Nicaragua will be the new center of international attention because they also sent their leader to Costa Rica in his pajamas.

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