Tuesday, August 25, 2009

OAS Meeting with Micheletti

The Organization of American States met with Micheletti today. Of course supposedly they didn´t recognize the government so I don´t really know what to make of this present meeting. I am holding my breath for the moment in hopes and prayers that it is a positive move forward. I think with 97 days till elections they have come also to assure how elections will be conducted since clearly they went to meet with the TSE(the elections tribunal) I was encouraged by that.  I was also encouraged by the fact that Micheletti and Insulza seem to be mending fences in some of the comments. I do not know what this will mean for the future or if the realization by the OAS that there is not a blood bath in Honduras and that there are not thousands of political prisoners and that the largest violations are on behalf of the protesters who have burned buildings, denied children educational rights, ect.

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