Monday, August 24, 2009

The OAS has Arrived in Honduras

The Organization of American States has arrived.  I do not believe they will be able to help us resolve this crisis.  However, I was pleased that Panama was included in the group of OAS members that are coming to listen to Honduras and different sectors of society. 
The OAS was met with several taxi drivers that had lined up to say ´thank you for coming to listen to us´
They are coming to meet with several factions of society including church leaders from both Catholic and Evangelical churches. They are going to listen to many different people and the government.  I only wish this had been their posture two months ago and I feel like there would have been a resolution long ago. 
The only thing disappointing is they also have included members from ALBA and this is not an impartial group.
However, CODEH had complained of more than 100 deaths and thousands of political prisoners and when the human rights delegation came they found that was just not true so perhaps a different attitude will be carried by OAS today.

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