Monday, August 31, 2009

Narcosphere Defaming People They Do NOT Know! Al Giordano Here is your answer dweeb!

It is time to either make a formal complaint about these communist clowns or do something about their defamation of individual citizens in Honduras.  They want to gripe and complain about violent protesters going to jail but when a person uses their freedom of speech on the net they want to silence them by showing pictures of their house and making false complaints about how no one in Honduras can afford a house like that.  It shows me how stupid they are and how they clearly have NEVER graced the shores of Honduras...and certainly not in La Ceiba where the house that La Gringa owns is a house that is concidered middle to upper middle class and not wealthy by any means.  Wealthy homes are quite frequent in Honduras and they look like the picture I have included...for measure.

And why should it matter if she did live in a upper end home that no one can afford as you put it? That really isn´t any of your business.  Your insinuation seems to be that if a person isn´t dirt poor they don´t have the right to have a political voice or view. You clearly need to stick to politics in your own country.  Do I own a bigger home than most in my neighborhood and a nicer one? You damn right I do.  My husband busted his ass for 17 years working 100 hour weeks so we could own it.  Do I own more land than a lot of people in Honduras? You betcha we own 500 manzanas of land...and if you don´t know what a manzana of land is you aren´t Honduran or do not live here so butt out.  Again, he worked 17 years and 100 hour weeks that he still is working to pay for that land so we can retire one day.  He also grew up dirt poor in Olancho.  He lived in a one room house with a dirt floor and went without eating more than tortillas and salt for two months out of the what do you fools have to say about your FALSE accusations about Americans here? I am not the La Gringa in La Ceiba but I am the La Gringa in San Pedro Sula.   I won´t sit by quietly while you try to belittle the sacrifices they no doubt have made. You trying to demonize someone because they are either upper or middle class is not going to work here.  So take it somewhere else with your judgements of people you have never met. 

Now let´s talk about who you are Mr Al Giordano.  I will say your name makes you sound like a Narcotics pusher to begin with...or some mafia wannabe. Is that even your real name?

Al Giordano has been arrested more than 27 times which means he is a criminal and certainly not an upstanding citizen. He also falsely accused Bamex of trafficking drugs...I wonder why he isn´t screaming at the top of his lungs about the drug trafficking of Manuel Zelaya, Evo Morales, Rafael Correa, and Hugo Chavez...with his it makes you strong crap?  Oh that is right...they are lefty communists so it is ok for them to do.

I find it amusing that Girodano thinks that most folks in Honduras live in palm thatched huts or cardboard boxes...I think maybe Giordano should visit Mitch things changed a bit...and one of his fellow thugs once said something about no one being able to afford malls in Honduras like I can...lmao.  Really? So that is why there are five mega malls in San Pedro Sula...if no one can afford them why so many? Sounds to me like it is a profitable business to have a mall and clearly quite a efw can afford them or they wouldn´t be here.

Giordano can keep living in his fantasy world in the United States where his house cost more than any of ours and complain about our houses..keep going to prison and complain about how life is so unfair yet I don´t see him coming and living in that is beneath him.  I think he might want to stick to New Yawk  politics and leave us ex pats to deal with the real life stuff.

Are there very poor here?  Well certainly they are.  Most of us try to help out the truly needy.  I tend to walk past the ´resistoleros´but I do try to help those around me who are trying and just can´t seem to get a break.

This is an upscale home and there are others that are more upscale than this one but this happens to be a home I particularly like to look at when I drive through Jardines del Valle in San Pedro Sula.


Patty said...

Thank you for saying it better than I could. Hopefully I will soon be the Gringa in Trujillo, living on property my husband bought 40 years ago, in a house we have both worked our butts off over the last 25 years to build. LG has worked to get where she is and nobody has a right to say anything about how she lives except to applaud her for working to achieve her lifestyle; or to make fun of her political views, especially since she is one of the few writing the truth about what is happening in Honduras; or put her in danger by publishing her pictures on the internet for any crazy person to see.

Maybe it is time to make Giordano and those of his ilk responsible for what they write.


LaGringaSPS said...

Exactly the way I feel. It makes me very angry when some judgemental idiot comes along and tries to make accusations about who or what someone is or does.
I look forward to another gringa in Honduras. Trujillo is a great place to live.

Anonymous said...

He obviously doesnt know what it takes to make a decent living up here