Saturday, August 29, 2009

Monday Campaign Season Begins

Monday, August 31, 2009 is a very important day for Hondurans. It marks the beginning of a campaign season we almost never saw. I think Hondurans and the rest of the world will be very attentive to this campaign season and will demand not only words but actions that are real from these candidates.  They truly have their plates full.

The candidates are Liberal Party candidate(the same party as Zelaya) is Elvin Santos. Elvin Santos is young and charismatic and attractive.  He is outwardly very professional.  I have very little negative to say about Santos except that I am a little conflicted about how he made his way to the presidential ticket via resignation as vice president.  The Supreme Court accepted it as legal though so I am not conflicted since they are clear that it is legal. After all who understands the constitution and can interpret the constitution in finality is the court.  I will better spend my time focusing on his issues and statements.

Marlon Lara is the director of the campaign of Elvin Santos and he recently stated this
´ We recognize that the party is divided.  We are working to unite not only the party but the Honduran community.´
Good start Marlon Lara now let´s see what else you have.

´In the last weeks we have seen a marked enthusiasm on part of the citizenship in general and especially in our party with the visit of our candidate, Elvin Santos, to the different departments. ´ said Eliseo Castro, Liberal Candidate for mayor of Tegucigalpa.

´There is an environment in the citizenship that we have been able to detect.  The people are not willing to just listen to lyrical arguments from polititians, they want answers and results.´ Eliseo Castro.

´Hondurans have the capacity to solve Honduras´problems without foreign intervention.´

Ok now let´s look at the Nationalista party.

The Nationalista candidate is the same candidate that faced Manuel Zelaya.  He is Porfirio Lobo...everyone affectionatly calls him ´Pepe´. He is from Olancho just like Zelaya but is from Barrio La Hoya, Juticalpa...the same area that my husband grew up in...they are neighbors in of course I will admit my bias in this ahead of time...but truly I like the appearance of both of these candidates so I will be satisfied whomever wins since it will mean no more Zelaya.

´The winner of the presidency is a contract of confidence that the community is giving to whomever is elected´said Maria Bogran the director of the campaign of Pepe Lobo.

The Nationalista party promises a government that is united.

´We have to be united to guarantee peace for this nation,´said Pepe Lobo.

´Our campaign will be close to the public, it will be realistic and things that can be actually done.´´That is because the community awaits real tangent things and not empty promises´

I have to give Pepe credit even though he has been relatively quiet through this thing. His family was threatened with harm when Zelaya was still in office and clearly he is worried about their safety which is ahead of everything. He in fact came close to withdrawing himself from the ticket.  I was hoping that would not occur and it didn´t.  His campaign ticket contains a female for vice president. He has extensive political experience and he would have won last election if it were not for the fraudulent tactics of Zelaya in buying votes.  However, that is past and he is the clear forerunner in this campaign and a favorite.  He believes that this election season, recongized by the international community or not, will be record breaking.  I think if it is it will be hard for the international community to not recognize the elections and it would be wrong for them to continue insisting on the return of Zelaya at any rate so they really do not have much choice other than to send observers and either declare it legal and transparent or not.

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