Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Initial Report From the CIDH

While I disagree with much of their report I have to admit that I was surprised that they conceded that educational rights against children had been violated and that there were attacks against media by Resistence members.  They admitted that the four questioned deaths...were under investigation still to determine who is at fault.
They admitted that there were at least 12 violent protests on part of the protesters of the resistence.

I will go into detail of the report later.  However, while I am in much disagreement with the initial findings I am very pleased they finally conceded and spoke to all sectors of society and accepted the complaints against teachers and protesters on behalf of the public, media, and parents.

More to come.

You can find their admission of the violation of children´s rights by teachers and teacher´s unions on page 5 of the report about half way down. It says

The institutional deterioration without a doubt has affected Honduran social life.

One example is the right to an edcuation for children.  The comission will evaluate all complaints received and inform of our conclusions.  This almost feels like a sweet victory of sorts since teachers thought it was their right to deny children an education because they don´t have to obey the government.  Well maybe they don´t but they do have to abide by INTERNATIONAL law. Oops...they forgot about that little number didn´t they? Let´s only hope that the Venezuelan in charge doesn´t get a call from the boss reeming her about that one.  However, I suspect there won´t be much she can do about it since there is other people involved including a US rep.

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