Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hugo Llorens Knew About the Destitution of Zelaya

Hugo Llorens had private meetings with different powers of the state including Zelaya and Micheletti before he was removed from power. He had promised to try to convince Zelaya to not continue on the path that he was on. Something that he was clearly unable to do since Zelaya was determined to do and is still determined to do now.
Llorens warned that the action of removing Zelaya in any form would be rejected as a coup by the US.
The question is so the US rejects any removal as a coup? Sorry but even in the US it isn´t a coup if a president is removed for breaking the law and trying to overturn the present form of government is certainly something a president should be removed for.
The US wanted to force Honduras to accept a dictator and why is still unclear. However, I have to ask the US why and not only that if they are going to stick to the same principal if a president breaks the law over and over again. Are they going to just sit idly by while he breaks the law and wait until dooms day or are they going to remove this delinquent president?
Or perhaps it is because he is a leftist and they were just fine with a leftist is apparently rightest dictators that Hillary opposes since her husband recently visited a dictator and treated him as if he were a pal. Dictators should not be treated as old friends but as hard core enemies of the US. Dictatorships and the US are not compatible. Democracy is clearly not compatible with communism or socialist ideas either.
I think that Barack Obama better wake up because being a leftist in the United States is not the same as being a leftist outside the US. Leftists in the US do not eliminate media that speaks out against them they just counter them. In countries like Cuba or Venezuela media is imprisoned for opposition views.

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