Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Guatemala An Unexpected Ally in the Storm

After the events of June 28, 2009 had you told me that the one positive light and support in Honduras would be Guatemala I would have probably laughed in your face.

Here we are though with the visit of Guatemala being outshadowed by the visit of Baltazar nobody and the OAS and Insulza. Guatemala has offered not only observers but logistical support for our elections in November.  They also had a group of business leaders from Guatemala visit us in support of the new government and the upcoming elections.  Guatemala surprised me even more when they called off trade negotiations with the European Union until Honduras can be included in the talks and negotiations. I was pleased when I heard the talks were delayed because Guatemala would not discuss until Honduras was a part of the discussions. I couldn´t help but feel like that was a tiny victory. Then today their visit to Honduras outshined all of the darkness that was surrounding us. Thank you Guatemala. I guess it takes a country who has suffered from real civil war.  A country that has been ripped apart by corruption, maltreatment internationally, and poverty to really understand what we are going through. Guatemala isn´t perfect and their president is not my idea of honest and noncorrupted, but I give him a thumbs up on this move and thank him from the bottom of my heart.

I watched the discussion and meeting with the OAS and Micheletti on the cadena nacional tonight and was impressed that you could note Micheletti´s anger about the way Insulza had treated Honduras in the face of the events after June 28 and before and his lack of understanding.  I really appreciated him pointing out that he was part of the honor guard for Villeda Morales where there were deaths in the first and second coup against him. I appreciated that he pointed out to them that he had went to prison for standing up for democracy so many years ago. It brings to light many things that perhaps they did not know; of that I am sure. I watched their expressions and the attention they paid to the different subjects that he discussed and this was one where they paid particular attention.  I also appreciated that he apologized in a fashion to Insulza. I watched intently the expression of Insulza and it softened somewhat after that point.  Before the apology they both looked like two bristled alley cats about ready to go for round four on the tin roof. (Hondurans and ex pats know all about alley cats going at it on the tin roofs...Americans who don´t live here won´t get it)

What shocked me was on El Heraldo minute by minute I noticed that the chancellors for the OAS were told to refrain from pronouncing on anything except the accord of San Jose and their support.  I don´t think that is right.  I think that each chancellor should be able to pronounce their opinions and feelings on the matter.

What still leaves me shaking my head in disgust, shame, and downright incomprehension is the US position in this mess. I can only wonder how McCain would have reacted.  I guess we will never know, but I sure wish he would show up and give us an opinion on this matter so we know how bad we truly messed up by not picking him.

I shot off emails to Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss both of the senators from Georgia where I hold legal residency in the states even though I live in Honduras. They have been very supportive of Honduras and our democracy in this situation and I hope they will pronounce on this latest issue of the visas and the state department. 

I watched channel 10 and Wong said something about the Washington Post and a writer by the name of Guillermo and an article that he wrote on July 31 of this year about how Obama was using Honduras as a lab experiment for the coup against Chavez. If anyone has a link to this article I would greatly appreciate it because my husband begged me to find it and read it so that we could see if it made any sense whatsoever, because we sure do not understand how the US could sell out their best friend Honduras to a communist like Chavez.


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