Sunday, August 16, 2009

Connie Mack´s Report on Visit to Honduras
Report published August 12,2009
Visit took place July 25-26,2009

During Connie Mack´s visit to Honduras he made several observations about how normal things seemed to be. He speaks extensively about the conversations that took place with everyone he met with and notes that he received 150 letters from American business owners in Honduras.

Reading his report puts a perspective on it much different than the one that the ambassador Llorens has given.

Hugo Llorens has been called to Washington for consultations. Since this report was published on Aug 12 and it seems that the commission for Micheletti that represents Honduras went to the US as well to meet with Congress, Dept of State and others it seems clear that now there are serious questions that Llorens is going to have to answer. Whether he will be removed as ambassador or not is to be seen...but I would like to wake up Monday to find he had been replaced with someone like Negroponte or Ford.

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