Friday, August 28, 2009

Clinton´s History with Screwing up Foreign Policy

When Clinton was elected to the presidency he promised to restore Aristides to power in Haiti.  The US played politics there because they were receiving favorable status on phone tarriffs(sound familiar anyone?)

While Arisitides was a democratically elected president he was removed and a military government was installed...the difference in Honduras is we do not have a military government installed here.

Bill Clinton the husband of Hillary Clinton then president of the US forced Aristides back upon the Haitian people and it turned out to be the largest diplomatic failure in recent history.  Let´s take a look at what awaits us if we were to let Zelaya return to power.

Aristides was not just thrown out of power once, but twice.

In 1991 Aristides proposed a huge raise in the minimum wage in Haiti. It was so large that even USAID opposed the idea.  USAID said it would cause a distortion in the cost of labor versus other costs. Almost all industries also came to this conclusion.

Aristides was removed from power and remained in exile for three years. He was returned to power with the mediation by the United Nations in October of 1994.  Aristide received Haiti in a severe economic situation, large amounts of illiteracy, high unemployment and a health crisis.  In 1996, he was substituted by Rene Preval in 2000 Aristide was elected again to the presidency(these people never learn). In December 2001 an armed group stormed his residency, but the military fought off the incursion.  Five people died in this action.

By January 2004 protests and violence was growing in Haiti and finished in an armed civil conflict. By the end of February 2004 Aristide had abandoned Haiti. In November the provisional government that was installed after the exile of Aristide announced an arrest warrant against Aristide who was exiled at the time in South Africa. In 2006 an ally won the elections and Aristide announced that he would return to Haiti when conditions permitted his return. However, after his ally took his post as president he reminded Aristide that he could return to Haiti but that he had charges pending against him.

Haiti is one of the most corrupt countries in the world and instead of taking it upon themselves to correct the corruption the US forced a corrupt governor back upon them to have him cause the breakout of a civil war and still be exiled.

When the US gets involved things fall apart because the US looks at things with US eyes not from the eyes of the people in the countries they get involved a famous person once said...there are no friends in politics, just interests. The US should learn to just stay out of the internal conflicts of other countries it would serve their interests much better.

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