Monday, August 17, 2009

CIHR in Honduras the Irony!

Ok here is who is leading the CIHR...VENEZUELA...them lecturing anyone on human rights violations is like Iran leading a commission on religious freedom...gad!
They are keeping their meeting locations secret from everyone in the public except the Frente Contra el Golpe...which means they aren´t interested in hearing anyone else file complaints against human rights violations except this terrorist group who tends to manufacture lies non stop...yet they are refusing to meet with people like
1...parents of students being denied an education by directors of labor.
2..students and parents and teachers who have been threatened with bodily harm by these same groups.
3. Refusing to meet with media such as El Heraldo and Channel 6 news to receive their complaint.
4. Refusing complaints from the public about being threatened, having stones thrown at them, being injured, people from this resistence..

However, they do claim they are going to meet with police and military as well..but I cannot trust anyone who is led by Venezuela when it has anything to do with human rights violations..their president after all wants to gas his protesters with the kind of gas that permenenetly puts you down..he has also shut down freedom of speech and freedom of press so they should be EXCLUDED from any analysis on human rights violations for these simple facts..Iwant to know why they aren´t in Venezuela investigating those human rights violations?


La Gringa said...

I could not believe that when I read that a Venezuelan was leading the group. Chavez kicked out the HR people and won't let them back in, right?

I'm sure that it is a witch hunt.

LaGringaSPS said...

That was my first thought as well...however if they give a favorable report about Honduras you can bet she will be recalled by Chavez from the OAS.
I translated an editorial from La Tribuna about attacks on media since this has started you should read it and use brings into perspective who has been attacking the media.