Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cholusat Sur Channel 36

This is the socialist channel and I don´t really much pay attention to it but I usually do flip past it and noticed yesterday they were off air all day and today as well. Every once in awhile I will turn down the volume and watch the videos and so forth and then flip to the channels I normally watch.  However, I haven´t seen anything in the news and on one communist site they said something about an attack against Cholusat Sur and Radio Globo. I have to find it rather convenient if true...and suspicious as to the timing...I think if there was an attack it should be investigated as to whether they attacked themselves for attention from OAS to claim they are being attacked..ect...because supposedly it came right after the information saying that most media attacks had been on part of the opposition and so forth.hmmm...Investigate this and find those responsible whomever they are and if it is the resistence give them long jail terms.

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