Monday, August 24, 2009

Blood Baths and Real Problems

In the past two months much attention has been on Honduras and the ´crisis´we are living.  Yes, it is a political crisis.  However, the police and military have acted remarkably restrained for what is normal in Honduras. It is difficult to explain to people who live in countries where violence is not a common part of life what I mean by this.  The use of excessive force as one analyst said is subjective to the eye of the beholder and different for people who were present and those who saw it after the fact.
There is a blood bath daily in Honduras, just not at the hands of military or police. The blood bath is from the violence that siezes this country each and every day. When the delegation observed that there were not sufficient judicial resources I was surprised she didn´t also note that there are not sufficient investigative police in Honduras either to resolve cases with efficiency without mention of the tremendous corruption that has for many decades held this country hostage.  We are trying desperately to come out of this and instead of a hand we are getting a slap in the face.
During  the past 24 hours the following murders happened that were not related to the police.

Puerto Cortés: Father and son were murdered in an ambush by unknown individuals that murdered them shooting them over 30 times. Evidence of the use of AK 47 and 9 mm were in the crime scene. The father is a rancher in the area and the son was a law student at UNAH-vs. Porfirio Jesús Gutiérrez Mendoza, 59, and Erick Omar Gutiérrez, 38

In the past month 6 people have been murdered over soccer. Bryan Nuñez Quiroz, 17 became number 6 this weekend.

Security Guard, Juan Ramon Rivas, 30 is shot 20 times he had been fired by his employer earlier and accused of theft. He was on his way home after being fired when he was shot and killed.

Jorge Alberto Avila Gomez, 43 was shot and killed as he came out of a pool hall at 6:30 pm. He argued for a short time with his killers and they shot and killed him

Carlos Samuel Nuñez 40, commercial transportation owner and liberal activist was murdered the murder was determined to not be related to politics for the moment. This strikes particulary close to me since we are allso commercial transportation owners and there has been 4 murders this year in this profession as well as one kidnapping for ransom of two children of a friend of ours of Transportes Hispanos.

Candido Garcia Mendoza 34, was shot and killed by unknown individuals.

Rigoberto Lopez Rodriguez 21, security guard was murdered by unknown individuals and became one of many murders of security guards in recent months at a national level.

Sergio Daniel Alvarado Pacheco 21 was shot in the head when he travelled to the supermarket to buy his weekly groceries.

José René Peraza Melgar 41, taxi driver was shot and killed while working.

An unknown individual of about 30-35 years of age was stabbed to death.

So this is what they probably should be concentrating on.  Especially since Zelaya promised to release his thugs to murder civilians for no reason whatsoever.

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