Monday, August 31, 2009

Al Giordano lessons for you

First you need to learn a bit more about public figures in Honduras and our political parties before you call Silvia Ayala a normal citizen who just was brave enough to use her real name.  Her real name is used because she is a polititian...a Congress member..not just some mom.  Some mom who is just a normal citizen is me and several others who have spoken up against people like her.

You ask why we don´t address the woman who claims she was raped by four police officers.  Well first, she never placed a complaint with the Attorney General´s office.  Usually those with a valid complaint do that.  Second, why didn´t she go to the hospital if she was raped in such a violent fashion? If she was raped with that baton she would need medical attention.  I have enough of a medical education to know this and I was a victim of rape and detest people that make claims to make their agenda legitimate but never bother to follow the legal process and are clearly lying. The attorney general is not connected with the police so she would have nothing to fear.  Furthermore, why doesn´t she know their names? I would check something like that if I were being attacked in that come she can´t describe them? Would you forget the face of someone who did that to you? I didn´t and never will. The names of our officers are placed clearly where everyone can see them.  If she had a true complaint she wouldn´t be going to the OAS who can do nothing about the police officers she would have went to the hospital and then the AG would have been notified as well as the special office of Women´s rights. Yes, we have a special court for women and children´s rights to be didn´t bother to learn that before you complain about what we don´t address.  We usually try to make sure that our complaints are valid ones not baseless unprovable claims that can get us thrown in jail.. making a false claim against someone that can damage their reputation will get you jail time especially if it is malicious.
While you are at it make sure you have copyright permission to use anything else on our pages because they are protected and you can be sued for not having permission.

Also, your issue seems to be that the UN doesn´t recognize us and that should be of no surprise to anyone.  After all the person that is in charge of the UN is Miguel D´Escoto.  He is a Sandinista that has been part of Daniel Ortega´s crew since 1979.  Why should we care what a person who has an ax to grind with Honduras thinks?


Joche said...

I wouldn't worry about Al Giordano, if I were you. He's been wandering round with his head stuck up his ass for years trying to find causes to take on and then dumping then when they fail or the publicity wears off.

I've just written a reply on his blog but I doubt that it'll get published - the only replies that he publishes are the ones from his followers who have their heads up his ass too - not that there's much room!

Mind you, it's nice to see him and his followers writing so much rubbish - firstly, I find it gives me a laugh each day and secondly, if they spend some much time writing such absolute drivel, then at least they haven't got time to go out and cause any major trouble (anyone for defacing political posters, Al?).

Obviously LG'S blog has got up their nose so she must be doing something right - yeah?

LaGringaSPS said...

Yeah she is doing a lot right. The problem is his copyright infringement and posting her pictures of her home with the intention of it bringing her harm. He wasn´t fooling anyone there.
He ironically published my reply but it was probably so he could mouth off and claim that because his suit where he was being sued by Banamax was dismissed...but he forgot that you don´t get to commit copyright infringement and then scream 1st ammendment. I hope she complains and they shut him down.

Joche said...

If I were LG, I'd let him continue to mouth off. Nobody with any commensense takes him seriously here just as nobody in the US takes him seriously anymore.

He'll disappear off to some other poor cause sooner or later - pity them!

Anonymous said...

That guy is simply stupid, since now on i am on a quest to debunk him

LaGringaSPS said...

You and me both Gerardo. Look at the latest article I just posted in response to his Gallup poll and his claim that Honduras doesn´t have a middle class.