Monday, August 31, 2009

Al Giordano lessons for you

First you need to learn a bit more about public figures in Honduras and our political parties before you call Silvia Ayala a normal citizen who just was brave enough to use her real name.  Her real name is used because she is a polititian...a Congress member..not just some mom.  Some mom who is just a normal citizen is me and several others who have spoken up against people like her.

You ask why we don´t address the woman who claims she was raped by four police officers.  Well first, she never placed a complaint with the Attorney General´s office.  Usually those with a valid complaint do that.  Second, why didn´t she go to the hospital if she was raped in such a violent fashion? If she was raped with that baton she would need medical attention.  I have enough of a medical education to know this and I was a victim of rape and detest people that make claims to make their agenda legitimate but never bother to follow the legal process and are clearly lying. The attorney general is not connected with the police so she would have nothing to fear.  Furthermore, why doesn´t she know their names? I would check something like that if I were being attacked in that come she can´t describe them? Would you forget the face of someone who did that to you? I didn´t and never will. The names of our officers are placed clearly where everyone can see them.  If she had a true complaint she wouldn´t be going to the OAS who can do nothing about the police officers she would have went to the hospital and then the AG would have been notified as well as the special office of Women´s rights. Yes, we have a special court for women and children´s rights to be didn´t bother to learn that before you complain about what we don´t address.  We usually try to make sure that our complaints are valid ones not baseless unprovable claims that can get us thrown in jail.. making a false claim against someone that can damage their reputation will get you jail time especially if it is malicious.
While you are at it make sure you have copyright permission to use anything else on our pages because they are protected and you can be sued for not having permission.

Also, your issue seems to be that the UN doesn´t recognize us and that should be of no surprise to anyone.  After all the person that is in charge of the UN is Miguel D´Escoto.  He is a Sandinista that has been part of Daniel Ortega´s crew since 1979.  Why should we care what a person who has an ax to grind with Honduras thinks?

Narcosphere Defaming People They Do NOT Know! Al Giordano Here is your answer dweeb!

It is time to either make a formal complaint about these communist clowns or do something about their defamation of individual citizens in Honduras.  They want to gripe and complain about violent protesters going to jail but when a person uses their freedom of speech on the net they want to silence them by showing pictures of their house and making false complaints about how no one in Honduras can afford a house like that.  It shows me how stupid they are and how they clearly have NEVER graced the shores of Honduras...and certainly not in La Ceiba where the house that La Gringa owns is a house that is concidered middle to upper middle class and not wealthy by any means.  Wealthy homes are quite frequent in Honduras and they look like the picture I have included...for measure.

And why should it matter if she did live in a upper end home that no one can afford as you put it? That really isn´t any of your business.  Your insinuation seems to be that if a person isn´t dirt poor they don´t have the right to have a political voice or view. You clearly need to stick to politics in your own country.  Do I own a bigger home than most in my neighborhood and a nicer one? You damn right I do.  My husband busted his ass for 17 years working 100 hour weeks so we could own it.  Do I own more land than a lot of people in Honduras? You betcha we own 500 manzanas of land...and if you don´t know what a manzana of land is you aren´t Honduran or do not live here so butt out.  Again, he worked 17 years and 100 hour weeks that he still is working to pay for that land so we can retire one day.  He also grew up dirt poor in Olancho.  He lived in a one room house with a dirt floor and went without eating more than tortillas and salt for two months out of the what do you fools have to say about your FALSE accusations about Americans here? I am not the La Gringa in La Ceiba but I am the La Gringa in San Pedro Sula.   I won´t sit by quietly while you try to belittle the sacrifices they no doubt have made. You trying to demonize someone because they are either upper or middle class is not going to work here.  So take it somewhere else with your judgements of people you have never met. 

Now let´s talk about who you are Mr Al Giordano.  I will say your name makes you sound like a Narcotics pusher to begin with...or some mafia wannabe. Is that even your real name?

Al Giordano has been arrested more than 27 times which means he is a criminal and certainly not an upstanding citizen. He also falsely accused Bamex of trafficking drugs...I wonder why he isn´t screaming at the top of his lungs about the drug trafficking of Manuel Zelaya, Evo Morales, Rafael Correa, and Hugo Chavez...with his it makes you strong crap?  Oh that is right...they are lefty communists so it is ok for them to do.

I find it amusing that Girodano thinks that most folks in Honduras live in palm thatched huts or cardboard boxes...I think maybe Giordano should visit Mitch things changed a bit...and one of his fellow thugs once said something about no one being able to afford malls in Honduras like I can...lmao.  Really? So that is why there are five mega malls in San Pedro Sula...if no one can afford them why so many? Sounds to me like it is a profitable business to have a mall and clearly quite a efw can afford them or they wouldn´t be here.

Giordano can keep living in his fantasy world in the United States where his house cost more than any of ours and complain about our houses..keep going to prison and complain about how life is so unfair yet I don´t see him coming and living in that is beneath him.  I think he might want to stick to New Yawk  politics and leave us ex pats to deal with the real life stuff.

Are there very poor here?  Well certainly they are.  Most of us try to help out the truly needy.  I tend to walk past the ´resistoleros´but I do try to help those around me who are trying and just can´t seem to get a break.

This is an upscale home and there are others that are more upscale than this one but this happens to be a home I particularly like to look at when I drive through Jardines del Valle in San Pedro Sula.

Remembering those Lost Since Prmaries last Year as Campaigns Begin

In the US campaigns are fairly safe even if verbal insults and attacks can sometimes be downright vicious.
However, their campaigns usually don´t end in assasinations.  During this season I find it especially important to remember those who have been killed including the police officers who have lost their lives due to assasinations which most recently is a police official who was employed with Tribunal of Elections and no one can convince me that this wasn´t some Zelayista who went off and murdered him because it was it is too convenient for it not to have been..but you probaby won´t see his murder included in any human rights report.  Human Rights Watch´s director resigned recently.  He was a Cuban political prisoner for more than twenty years and knows what is truly a coup and what is truly political oppression and his differences led to his resignation in disgust at the injust accusations flying about Honduras. I take my hat off to people like him who refuse to be used.

The campaign season has started today with the assasination of an employee of the Tribunal of Elections who is also a police official.  It is sad indeed that we start this way.  I believe that the UD and Zelaya are trying to threaten us into fear of not holding elections but they won´t get their way.  WE will have elections and they won´t suceed in stopping them.

Mauro Leonel Bustillo Banegas was kidnapped and murdered and his TSE badge was thrown where it was clear that this was the motive for his murder.

Oscar Heberto Mejia, March 7, 2009 Liberal Party candidate for Congress in San Pedro Sula.

Juan Ramon Dubon and Sara Elizabeth Galdamez, January 27,2009 murdered.  Juan was a Liberal Party candidate for Congress.

Marco Tulio Velasquez, February 11, 2009 Nationalist candidate to congress on the Mario Facusse ticket.

A Nationalist party candidate for Mayor in Comayagua was arrested for the kidnapping and brutal murder of a Spanish citizen living in Honduras.  Jorge Constatino Ypsilanty was candidate for mayor of Comayagua in his home a 12 gauge, 2 rifles, and a 25 revolver were detained for investigation.

Mario Fernando Herandez Liberal party Candidate and Marco Aurelio Collier November 24, 2008 murdered on their way to a meeting and were candidates on the Micheletti ticket in primary elections. Mario Fernando Hernandez was the vice president of Congress.

Danilo Castro, November 12, 2008, Nationalista party candidate for vice mayor of La Lima murdered after filing a formal complaint against the mayor of La Lima Dilcia Fernandez.

November 24, 2001 Miguel Angel Pacheco,Nationalista candidate for congress was murdered.

April 19, 2005 a UD candidate was assasinated by the name of Marco Tulio Rodriguez , 39.  He was a candidate for congress.

If you know of others please tell me in the commentary section and they will be added.  As I come across others I will add them as well.  This seems to me that the primary campaign season was particulary brutal and I hope that this latest murder is not a reflection of what is to come.

Why The UN and OAS Are Against Honduras

To understand fully why the UN and the OAS are against Honduras and why that should not mean anything one has to look at who is at the head of both organizations.

First I will pick on the UN.  The President of the UN is Miguel D´Escoto.  Perhaps you are thinking so...who is he and why does that matter. First Miguel D´Escoto was born in Los Angeles.  He became a priest at Maryknoll.  He then was the founder of a press that is known for printing controversial subjects in Liberation Theology.  In fact, he preaches and believes in Liberation Theology. He also was suspended as a priest in the 1980´s by Pope John Paul II because of his involvement in the Sandinista revolution.  He secretly became a Sandanista and a member of the Nicaraguan government under Daniel Ortega in 1979.  He is virulently Anti American, Anti Democracy, and he basically calls it anti imperialist.  So truly no one can trust him to be honest about Honduras since most Sandanistas have an old ax to grind and a chip on their shoulder when it comes to Honduras.  He certainly isn´t who we should be listening to when we want to know truth about Honduras.

Now we will take a look at who is at the helm of OAS.  Jose Miguel Insulza.  Jose Miguel Insulza is a polititian from Chile. Insulza lived in Mexico in exile from 1981 to 1988.  He is an avid leftist and Anti American to the hilt.  He sides almost unilaterly with the leftist and communist nations especially those affiliated with ALBA even though he has bucked horns a few times with Chavez. He also cannot be trusted. 

So Honduras is on their own to fight this one out because the US has decided that they will follow in the shadow of whatever the UN and OAS say.  I wonder what their reaction will be when they are told that they must dismantle their government...and have to withdraw troops worldwide...will they obediently comply? What about when they decide to tell the US their constitution just will not be acceptable anymore and must be rewritten...will they comply obediently?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Monday Campaign Season Begins

Monday, August 31, 2009 is a very important day for Hondurans. It marks the beginning of a campaign season we almost never saw. I think Hondurans and the rest of the world will be very attentive to this campaign season and will demand not only words but actions that are real from these candidates.  They truly have their plates full.

The candidates are Liberal Party candidate(the same party as Zelaya) is Elvin Santos. Elvin Santos is young and charismatic and attractive.  He is outwardly very professional.  I have very little negative to say about Santos except that I am a little conflicted about how he made his way to the presidential ticket via resignation as vice president.  The Supreme Court accepted it as legal though so I am not conflicted since they are clear that it is legal. After all who understands the constitution and can interpret the constitution in finality is the court.  I will better spend my time focusing on his issues and statements.

Marlon Lara is the director of the campaign of Elvin Santos and he recently stated this
´ We recognize that the party is divided.  We are working to unite not only the party but the Honduran community.´
Good start Marlon Lara now let´s see what else you have.

´In the last weeks we have seen a marked enthusiasm on part of the citizenship in general and especially in our party with the visit of our candidate, Elvin Santos, to the different departments. ´ said Eliseo Castro, Liberal Candidate for mayor of Tegucigalpa.

´There is an environment in the citizenship that we have been able to detect.  The people are not willing to just listen to lyrical arguments from polititians, they want answers and results.´ Eliseo Castro.

´Hondurans have the capacity to solve Honduras´problems without foreign intervention.´

Ok now let´s look at the Nationalista party.

The Nationalista candidate is the same candidate that faced Manuel Zelaya.  He is Porfirio Lobo...everyone affectionatly calls him ´Pepe´. He is from Olancho just like Zelaya but is from Barrio La Hoya, Juticalpa...the same area that my husband grew up in...they are neighbors in of course I will admit my bias in this ahead of time...but truly I like the appearance of both of these candidates so I will be satisfied whomever wins since it will mean no more Zelaya.

´The winner of the presidency is a contract of confidence that the community is giving to whomever is elected´said Maria Bogran the director of the campaign of Pepe Lobo.

The Nationalista party promises a government that is united.

´We have to be united to guarantee peace for this nation,´said Pepe Lobo.

´Our campaign will be close to the public, it will be realistic and things that can be actually done.´´That is because the community awaits real tangent things and not empty promises´

I have to give Pepe credit even though he has been relatively quiet through this thing. His family was threatened with harm when Zelaya was still in office and clearly he is worried about their safety which is ahead of everything. He in fact came close to withdrawing himself from the ticket.  I was hoping that would not occur and it didn´t.  His campaign ticket contains a female for vice president. He has extensive political experience and he would have won last election if it were not for the fraudulent tactics of Zelaya in buying votes.  However, that is past and he is the clear forerunner in this campaign and a favorite.  He believes that this election season, recongized by the international community or not, will be record breaking.  I think if it is it will be hard for the international community to not recognize the elections and it would be wrong for them to continue insisting on the return of Zelaya at any rate so they really do not have much choice other than to send observers and either declare it legal and transparent or not.

My Letter to Congress members Asking for Sanctions Against Honduras

There are several congressmembers asking for sanctions such as Jessie Jackson Jr, Shiela Jackson, among a few other radicals in Congress.  I responded this morning to their requests on the site where you can leave open letters to Congress.  I directed it at Obama in hopes that he will direct it back to them as well.

Here is that letter. I encourage others to go to and leave their letters to Congress and Obama about Honduras as well.  Regardless of your position all opinions to him and the importance of the effect on the poor should not occur.  He cannot take a non intervention stance and a release of embargos against Cuba and turn around and ask for embargos against Honduras that would have essentially the same effect...harm the poor.  I also encourage people to write Congress, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch(their chairman recently resigned because of the groups position on Honduras and his opposition to their opinions), SOA, and other groups as well as the OAS and all members of the OAS expressing your concerns for not only the situation in Honduras but the violation of Children´s rights which is a chartered law in International charters of the United Nations of which Honduras is a party to.

August 29, 2009

San Pedro Sula, Cortes, Honduras

Dear Congressman:

I wanted to write you about your position on Honduras.

First, I would like to introduce myself. I am Cynthia Moreno and I live in San Pedro Sula, Cortes, Honduras. I am a US citizen living abroad with my Honduran family. My husband is Honduran and my child is Honduran.

I understand your view is that Manuel Zelaya was democratically elected. Indeed, most would view it that way even in light of the fact he has admitted he won by fraud in a nationally televised interview by buying 10% of the votes. However, he was not deposed by the Honduran military. He was ordered arrested by the Honduran Supreme Court and that order was handed down June 26, 2009. The only thing that could even partially be viewed as wrongdoing on part of the military who was acting under orders of the court was removing him to Costa Rica. However, many believe he requested this because of his earlier statements on live television that if he were to be arrested that he would be removed to Costa Rica as tradition held. I believe it was a carefully orchestrated media stunt to gain favor for him.

It seems you are determined to call this a military regime, a military coup, and many other things that are not even close to the truth which tells me that you have not closely looked at the situation in Honduras or spoken to the people here and how we feel about this situation. In the end the most important thing is how the majority of Hondurans feel not what the US Congress or anyone else wants. The US made a disaster out of Haiti and I would hope that they do not want to go down that road again.

Protests in Honduras:

There is no violent repression of protests. In the US during the Los Angeles Riots there were over 50 people killed. The police in the US used techniques identical to the techniques that Honduras is using to break up violence that is occurring in our streets.

After the June 28 situation we held a peace rally in which we were attacked by Pro Zelaya protesters and we were not even close to where they were. We were located on an entirely different street in San Pedro Sula. Someone informed them of the protest and they made their way to us to attack us. They threw rocks, injuring many peaceful protesters; they hit people including children with sticks. There were even gunshots from them that sounded like Ak 47 assault rifles. They made serious verbal threats to murder our families and other things that would shock you. This is wrong and this type of activity should never be viewed as a right or activity that is legal and should be broken up. The military did get involved and used water canons, tear gas, and detained the most violent. If we reflect on the Los Angeles riots 53 people were killed, thousands were injured, nearly $1 billion in property was damaged, 3,600 fires were set, by the fourth day 4,000 military was in the street stopping the riots.

(I have included copies of all of the legal documents pertinent to this letter)

You mention extrajudicial killings, but you have automatically determined that the government is at fault without any investigation, trial or further information other than wild claims of hundreds of killings. The OAS has already determined this is not the case. They are focused on four POSSIBLE situations and this is not the 80´s clearly and there is no death squad in action here. I live very close to downtown and in an area that is dominated by Liberals so I would know if there were any death squads because they would have arrived in my area. You seem to focus on four possible deaths related, but fail to focus on the lack of evidence as well that only two are directly related. One was a man who was shot when he tried to run over soldiers at a check point. In the US you would be shot if you try to use your car as a lethal weapon and it would be considered justifiable. The other is Obed Murillo. He was among others were breaking down a fence to an international airport. I would think this would be considered not only a threat in the US but likely the same thing would happen in light of what happened after 9-11 and how people react to someone just jumping a gate at any airport in the United States post 9-11. There is some question about whether he was shot by the military though and it should be investigated entirely. There are questions about the possession of a gun by people in the crowd and him being shot from within the crowd. This should be investigated entirely. The proof of this gun is in a BBC video from that day. The man stabbed at the border of El Paraiso is likely part of the ongoing violence that has consumed Honduras in the past years. Honduras has over 12 murders every day which is in a population of 7.5 million. Later a similar killing happened to a teacher who left a funeral of the teacher who was shot by a security guard defending his store from looters.

The man was not killed by military and it was not related to the crisis in Honduras. His family made statements asking people to not use him as a political pawn because he had been killed over a debt and they had made the corresponding complaints and gave information to the police. The situation on the border was impossible to investigate the murder of the man because when the police from the investigative unit arrived to investigate his murder in company of human rights workers the crowd attacked them and their vehicle turning it over and setting it on fire. So it was not investigated as a result.

Peaceful demonstrations: The demonstrations have not been peaceful as I have already demonstrated to you above. During the protests cars have been burned, innocent civilians have been attacked, counter protesters have been attacked, buildings have been burned, looted, rocks thrown at them, and vandalism has been wide spread. To be considered a peaceful demonstration a protest does not block the free travel of other citizens, it usually is set for a certain time and to end at a certain time, it does not include attacks against buildings, cars, other citizens, and it does not include vandalism. None of the protests have been peaceful. You have completely ignored the hundreds of thousands who protest against Zelaya in your letter and our desires to change our corrupt government.

The measure of halting military aid has affected the United States more than it has Honduras. The military aid is drug interdiction aid. It assists us in locating and stopping drug traffickers from trafficking dangerous drugs into the United States. Now it flows freely, because of a lack of funds to stop it. This in my opinion hurts the United States much more than it does the country of Honduras. The government should think about their actions and while they maybe should not provide the aid directly to a government you clearly do not support you should continue paying your DEA agents and military to continue drug tasks in Honduras.

Hondurans civil rights were not respected by Zelaya nor have they been completely respected in the fashion the US thinks they should be. During Zelaya´s administration corruption was rampant which is why he in the end was removed. He disobeyed the law, ignored Supreme Court orders (think about a president ignoring Roe V Wade because he doesn’t like it). There is millions of dollars missing from the treasury because of illegal projects that were not in the budget. There had been no yearly budget provided to Congress for approval by the president and we were already six months into the year. Can you imagine the United States functioning with a president who does not provide a budget proposal for six months after it was due? Any declarations of restoration of democratic institution as you call it should also include the democratic ideas of a fair trial against those accused and should include equal justice for all. There should be no special treatment for the president if he has embezzled funds.

One of the revocations of an A-1 visa was against the chief justice of the Supreme Court. He had the right to order the arrest of Manuel Zelaya and this was an internal action and should not be considered a punitive or corrupt action since it is legally permitted in Honduras. I find it shocking that the United States wants to involve itself in the sovereign decisions of Honduras but you stand idly by in the situation that is unfolding in the rest of Latin America. In Venezuela many human rights have been violated, the constitution has been trampled, protesters have indeed been repressed and there are political prisoners. Yet, the United States is afraid of Chavez so they will not take a stand on what he is doing and consider it internal. Honduras is a small country so you feel you can bully us into accepting your plan. Honduras will not be bullied. Your latest revoking of tourist visas only hurts the citizens of Honduras and is wrong. The citizens of Honduras have no control over the decisions of the government and you punishing them smacks of discrimination based on national origin.

A few weeks ago Obama said that he was not getting involved because the same actors had asked him to leave Latin America alone many times, yet he lied to us. I have a vote in the United States and my husband has a vote to as a naturalized citizen and many Hondurans have a vote. There are 1 million Hondurans in the United States and there are 40 million Hispanics. We will not forget how you defamed us, treated us badly and we will move against Obama and all of the signers of the letter you sent to him on the next election. We feel your real motive is to protect a despot because oil was found off our shores last year and you want access he has promised you if he is returned. In politics there are no friends just interests and I will lead the charge making sure that each one of you are bumped out of office over this issue when reelections come up.

I will remind them how you lied to the American people about the situation in Honduras to further drilling in foreign countries in spite of the fact that the constitution prohibited it and how you promoted returning one of the most corrupt leaders in Latin America to his seat as president.

Thank you for your time,

Cynthia Moreno

Friday, August 28, 2009

Thank you China and Taiwan!

China and Taiwan have adopted the position of neutrality in the political situation of Honduras and concider it an internal issue. 

They have announced that they will continue all humanitarian projects in the country of Honduras. They also will apparently assist with the financial support of the budget for the year and of the development of elections in Honduras for November. 

Taiwan has a free trade agreement in effect with Honduras since 2008 and are important investors in BCIE.  So this is a very important ally and supporter in the crisis.

Clinton´s History with Screwing up Foreign Policy

When Clinton was elected to the presidency he promised to restore Aristides to power in Haiti.  The US played politics there because they were receiving favorable status on phone tarriffs(sound familiar anyone?)

While Arisitides was a democratically elected president he was removed and a military government was installed...the difference in Honduras is we do not have a military government installed here.

Bill Clinton the husband of Hillary Clinton then president of the US forced Aristides back upon the Haitian people and it turned out to be the largest diplomatic failure in recent history.  Let´s take a look at what awaits us if we were to let Zelaya return to power.

Aristides was not just thrown out of power once, but twice.

In 1991 Aristides proposed a huge raise in the minimum wage in Haiti. It was so large that even USAID opposed the idea.  USAID said it would cause a distortion in the cost of labor versus other costs. Almost all industries also came to this conclusion.

Aristides was removed from power and remained in exile for three years. He was returned to power with the mediation by the United Nations in October of 1994.  Aristide received Haiti in a severe economic situation, large amounts of illiteracy, high unemployment and a health crisis.  In 1996, he was substituted by Rene Preval in 2000 Aristide was elected again to the presidency(these people never learn). In December 2001 an armed group stormed his residency, but the military fought off the incursion.  Five people died in this action.

By January 2004 protests and violence was growing in Haiti and finished in an armed civil conflict. By the end of February 2004 Aristide had abandoned Haiti. In November the provisional government that was installed after the exile of Aristide announced an arrest warrant against Aristide who was exiled at the time in South Africa. In 2006 an ally won the elections and Aristide announced that he would return to Haiti when conditions permitted his return. However, after his ally took his post as president he reminded Aristide that he could return to Haiti but that he had charges pending against him.

Haiti is one of the most corrupt countries in the world and instead of taking it upon themselves to correct the corruption the US forced a corrupt governor back upon them to have him cause the breakout of a civil war and still be exiled.

When the US gets involved things fall apart because the US looks at things with US eyes not from the eyes of the people in the countries they get involved a famous person once said...there are no friends in politics, just interests. The US should learn to just stay out of the internal conflicts of other countries it would serve their interests much better.

Arias Cannot Be Trusted to Continue Negotiations

Arias has announced that he also wants to reform his constitution and give more power to the office of president resulting in an imbalance of powers.  That isn´t democracy folks it is authoritarianism. He wants to change his own form of government.  He doesn´t want to empower the people; he wants to empower himself. The balance of powers are there for a very good reason and it doesn´t matter that he sees them as an obstacle in the way of implementing what he wants.

A neutral country should be the one negotiating the situation in Honduras and not someone who has preconceived ideas for their own country.  If he indeed wants to do this he should also lose his Nobel because that is not an act of a president who wants peace in his country. 

I think we should look at countries who have no ties to Chavez and who do not have any ideas in changing their own constitution to empower presidents...aka Authoritarianism, not Democracy.

A president should never be able to veto the Supreme Court no matter how much he dislikes their position. They are the final decision maker for a good reason...they balance things and keep presidents from stepping on the rights of citizens.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

It Is About Oil...(hanging my head now in shame)

I have for two months now tried to figure out why in the world the US was acting in this fashion.  Chavez I could understand because he is just a loud mouth, but my home country? WTH?

Well for years the Democrats have screamed about Bush and Iraq and little did I know they are cut from the same cloth...months back they announced they are against drilling in Alaska but want to encourage and expand exploration abroad...this came right after Russian experts discovered oil in Honduras.  Not just a little oil either, but a huge source of oil.

There is a tiny problem though, the Honduran constitution is standing in the way of the pulling that oil out of the foreigners anyway.  Hondurans can use it for Honduras and the government can explore and refine it..but foreigners can´t have it, touch it, or anything to the is enough btw to tell everyone in the world to take a hike.

How much is enough? 150,000 km2 off of the coasts of Tela and Moskitia.  There is another smaller reserve but not like the one in the Caribbean.  It belongs to Honduras and no one can touch is estimated to be at least 3 billion tons of the stuff and it contains sulfer and is lighter in weight than other it is more valuable. Oh boy...not good for this little country when it comes to bullies like Chavez and the US...face it guys the US is a bully when it doesn´t get its way.

I wonder if Nader knows about this? I wonder if Sierra is paying attention? probably not, but they should be...because I am willing to bet that since their hero Zelaya got thrown out and they know that Micheletti nor Pepe and certainly not Santos are going to negotiate the petro they want Zelaya back even if he is a dictator...because he will give them the oil...

Tell everyone you know about not let them get away with it. They are busy trying to make themselves look innocent and Hillary is as bad or worse than Bush was...she is dirty and she certainly isn´t going to admit it so you have to throw it in her face before she will back off.

What They Knew and When They Knew It

Normally I would write off the US was behind it or knew about it as a conspiracy.  However, this time it seems to be somewhat true.

There were several meetings at the US embassy before June 28 with different members of government and Manuel Zelaya about his illegal referendum.  What was told to members of Congress including Micheletti who was basically the president of Congress at the time was that it didn´t matter how legal it was they would call anything they did to remove Zelaya a coup.  So basically even if we had not removed him from the country they would have called it a coup anyhow.  It was a damned if you do and damned if you don´t situation.

Why the US would take this position I have no clue.  The only thing I can assume is that last year testing discovered one of the largest oil reserves in America in Honduran territory and our constitution the way it is written prohibits this oil from being exploited by foreign sources.  This is one of the articles he wanted to reform in addition to throwing out our entire constitution.

They claim they tried to stop the situation and I agree they probably did.  However, they didn´t try hard enough.  What they should have done is been very hard nosed with Zelaya instead of Congress and it would have stopped the entire situation.  What they had to tell him is that not only would they support the impeachment but they would try and convict him in the US if he continued with his illegal referendum.  That would have ended the nonsense right then and there.  He would not have broken into the airforce base and stolen documents that were siezed and he would have accepted the poll was illegal and said that while he wanted to do it that he wasn´t going to because the court had ruled it illegal.

However, the new US government is inexperienced at hard ball and who to play it with.  They were threatening the wrong side. The government of Honduras had already told them that they wanted him to not do the referendum because it had been ruled illegal and that if he did they would remove him regardless of the US position.  So their strategy should have been in dealing with Zelaya and not with Micheletti in stopping the situation. 

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

CAFTA as a Political Tool, Probably Not

I may be wrong about this and welcome other alternative or agreeing opinions on this, because I am going on what I know about CAFTA. 

CAFTA was agreed to by Congress and the Senate and signed by the president so if I am not mistaken any rejection of a member of the signed law would have to be again voted by Congress and the Senate and approved since it is concidered a LAW and not a treaty in the US. CAFTA is public law 109-053 and was signed into law by George Bush.

If there is a dispute that arises between two members of CAFTA about the deal they have to go to dispute resolution, this is actually in the agreement.  The two members have the right to select independent groups to represent them in the resolutions. If a dispute rises under CAFTA or WTO they can choose either forum to resolve the dispute in.

So even though the Dominican Republic propsed they be suspended that isn´t the way it works.  In the US anyway they would have to vote on it before Congress and that is not likely to happen.  Second, they would have to resolve any dispute through dispute resolution.  There is no way to punish a partner for not doing what you want them to if they have met the agreement and no where does it say anything about maintaining a form of government acceptable to others in the agreement.

The US could suspend the CAFTA agreement but they would have to suspend it as a whole is my understanding which would include revoking the entire agreement.

Update: A few minutes ago I read the press briefing from yesterday with the Dept of State about CAFTA and Honduras.  Basically I am probably right.  They admitted that they are not looking at suspending Honduras from CAFTA because it is basically impossible and doesn´t work like that.  They would have to essentially suspend all six countries in order to suspend Honduras and even that is complicated.

QUESTION: Okay. I found it interesting. There was a letter sent to – sent to the Senate that said that it was unlikely that big trade sanctions would be made on Honduras. I wanted to ask, and this is sort of a technical question, is that due to the structure of CAFTA, which is a six nation treaty? Like for instance, if you cut one off, you’d have to cut all six off? Does it have to do with that or does it have to do with perhaps the interconnectedness of industries through Central America, and if you disrupted one you might disrupt them all?

SENIOR STATE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL ONE: It has to do with the provisions in CAFTA.

QUESTION: It does have to do with CAFTA, okay – how it’s structured?


QUESTION: Okay, thank you.


QUESTION: Exactly. Okay, thanks

What really gets me about the end of this interview is the cluelessness about this official.  He didn´t seem to even know that Micheletti had offered to step down and let a third party take over instead of Zelaya finishing his term.  They cannot even seem to figure out what a coup is or isn´t...which tells me we have the most incompentent nincapoops ever running the State department.  They talk about legislative and judicial coups? What? There is no such thing as a judicial coup or legislative coup there is only a military coup and if it isn´t a military coup folks it isn´t a coup...I think it is play by them so that later if one of their liberal buddies is removed via impeachment in the US, like Obama, they can also scream that it was a coup.

OAS Commission was Not Allowed to Comment to Press

The commission was not allowed to comment anything to the press other than their support of San Jose.
One of the specific people not allowed to make comments was Canada.  I believe there may be a growing discontent and a disconnect of alliances over the situation in Honduras including Canada, Panama, maybe Mexico, and perhaps the United States.  Columbia has certainly disconnected as has Peru.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Guatemala An Unexpected Ally in the Storm

After the events of June 28, 2009 had you told me that the one positive light and support in Honduras would be Guatemala I would have probably laughed in your face.

Here we are though with the visit of Guatemala being outshadowed by the visit of Baltazar nobody and the OAS and Insulza. Guatemala has offered not only observers but logistical support for our elections in November.  They also had a group of business leaders from Guatemala visit us in support of the new government and the upcoming elections.  Guatemala surprised me even more when they called off trade negotiations with the European Union until Honduras can be included in the talks and negotiations. I was pleased when I heard the talks were delayed because Guatemala would not discuss until Honduras was a part of the discussions. I couldn´t help but feel like that was a tiny victory. Then today their visit to Honduras outshined all of the darkness that was surrounding us. Thank you Guatemala. I guess it takes a country who has suffered from real civil war.  A country that has been ripped apart by corruption, maltreatment internationally, and poverty to really understand what we are going through. Guatemala isn´t perfect and their president is not my idea of honest and noncorrupted, but I give him a thumbs up on this move and thank him from the bottom of my heart.

I watched the discussion and meeting with the OAS and Micheletti on the cadena nacional tonight and was impressed that you could note Micheletti´s anger about the way Insulza had treated Honduras in the face of the events after June 28 and before and his lack of understanding.  I really appreciated him pointing out that he was part of the honor guard for Villeda Morales where there were deaths in the first and second coup against him. I appreciated that he pointed out to them that he had went to prison for standing up for democracy so many years ago. It brings to light many things that perhaps they did not know; of that I am sure. I watched their expressions and the attention they paid to the different subjects that he discussed and this was one where they paid particular attention.  I also appreciated that he apologized in a fashion to Insulza. I watched intently the expression of Insulza and it softened somewhat after that point.  Before the apology they both looked like two bristled alley cats about ready to go for round four on the tin roof. (Hondurans and ex pats know all about alley cats going at it on the tin roofs...Americans who don´t live here won´t get it)

What shocked me was on El Heraldo minute by minute I noticed that the chancellors for the OAS were told to refrain from pronouncing on anything except the accord of San Jose and their support.  I don´t think that is right.  I think that each chancellor should be able to pronounce their opinions and feelings on the matter.

What still leaves me shaking my head in disgust, shame, and downright incomprehension is the US position in this mess. I can only wonder how McCain would have reacted.  I guess we will never know, but I sure wish he would show up and give us an opinion on this matter so we know how bad we truly messed up by not picking him.

I shot off emails to Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss both of the senators from Georgia where I hold legal residency in the states even though I live in Honduras. They have been very supportive of Honduras and our democracy in this situation and I hope they will pronounce on this latest issue of the visas and the state department. 

I watched channel 10 and Wong said something about the Washington Post and a writer by the name of Guillermo and an article that he wrote on July 31 of this year about how Obama was using Honduras as a lab experiment for the coup against Chavez. If anyone has a link to this article I would greatly appreciate it because my husband begged me to find it and read it so that we could see if it made any sense whatsoever, because we sure do not understand how the US could sell out their best friend Honduras to a communist like Chavez.

Response to Dept of State in US

The Department of State sent a communication that they are going to suspend all non emergency and non immigrant visas to the US from Honduras while they review their visa policies.
I guess since they want to take punitive action  against Honduras for refusing to break the laws of our constitution perhaps we can forget our fight against the trafficking of drugs to their country.  Suspend all police actions including drug trafficking that directly benefit the United States of America.  That might get their attention.  We don´t get financial support to fight their damned war on drugs so why are we wasting our time and finances on fighting a war that dosen´t affect us other than transport through our country?
Want to bet they change their tune really very quickly? I bet they do..and they can´t force us to fight the traffic of drugs when they don´t support that fight financially.

Cholusat Sur Channel 36

This is the socialist channel and I don´t really much pay attention to it but I usually do flip past it and noticed yesterday they were off air all day and today as well. Every once in awhile I will turn down the volume and watch the videos and so forth and then flip to the channels I normally watch.  However, I haven´t seen anything in the news and on one communist site they said something about an attack against Cholusat Sur and Radio Globo. I have to find it rather convenient if true...and suspicious as to the timing...I think if there was an attack it should be investigated as to whether they attacked themselves for attention from OAS to claim they are being attacked..ect...because supposedly it came right after the information saying that most media attacks had been on part of the opposition and so forth.hmmm...Investigate this and find those responsible whomever they are and if it is the resistence give them long jail terms.

OAS Meeting with Micheletti

The Organization of American States met with Micheletti today. Of course supposedly they didn´t recognize the government so I don´t really know what to make of this present meeting. I am holding my breath for the moment in hopes and prayers that it is a positive move forward. I think with 97 days till elections they have come also to assure how elections will be conducted since clearly they went to meet with the TSE(the elections tribunal) I was encouraged by that.  I was also encouraged by the fact that Micheletti and Insulza seem to be mending fences in some of the comments. I do not know what this will mean for the future or if the realization by the OAS that there is not a blood bath in Honduras and that there are not thousands of political prisoners and that the largest violations are on behalf of the protesters who have burned buildings, denied children educational rights, ect.

Party Over for Taxi Drivers

A small group of taxi drivers that are supporters of Zelaya had planned on blocking key points in the city obstaculating the free travel of traffic.  There weren´t enough of them to cause more than a slight problem that was easily fixed.

Anyhow, the police launched an inspection against each of these taxis and over 60 units were detained for irregularities that included, serious mechanical problems, expired licenses, failure to pay registration, pirated numbers, and more.

They had wreckers waiting to remove anyone who blocked traffic. They didn´t dare.  Anyhow, the Transit police said this is just the beginning.  The other taxi group which is registered and supports the interim government has been asking for years that Transit police crack down on ´ghost´taxis that run using duplicate numbers of legal taxis and do not use the proper equipment or operate with poor running units. Their wish has been granted.
Some might complain that this is repression, but if they are limiting it to units that are violating laws, it isn´t repression.  You don´t have a right to a driver´s license, it is a priveledge.  You certainly don´t have a right to a taxi license it is a priveledge that is granted by the government.  You block traffic you betcha they can sieze your unit and your license...the state makes those cry foul and violation all you don´t have the right to run a foul unit that spreads polution, is not registered, not using a legitimate number.and drive without the proper license. Quite frankly I am glad...too many taxis in this city.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Supporters of Removal of Zelaya

Supporters of the interim government showed up in thousands today to show the OAS we have a voice and we don´t want Zelaya back. Hmm...I wonder what they were thinking when they saw all of these folks? Surely they can´t convince themselves they are the elite...especially when you look at these guys
Justice cannot be seen but it can be heard.
97 days until election day is here..November 29, 2009.

Why is Baltazar in Honduras?

I have to ask why the Spanaird Baltazar in Honduras? There are no Pinochet´s here.  No Spanish citizens have been murdered for political motive.  One Spanaird was killed in a kidnapping for ransom a few weeks ago. Angel Garcia Rubio was sent back to Spain on August 17.  His wife is Kenia Moreno. This murder though was a result of the many kidnappings for ransom that have occurred over the years in Honduras and not because of the political crisis. A security guard has been arrested and accused of his murder.

So again why is he here? We don´t need him to lecture us on human rights.  He clearly isn´t interested in the individual rights of both sides and has received someone who was already discredited by the OAS with his hundreds of political murders, genocide and disappearances.  None of which was hard as the OAS tried they could only even vaguely perhaps tie 4 to the situation.  They can´t even blame the authorities without a doubt. The best they could do is ´possible´.  They also only could find that two people were missing one was last seen in a protest but they don´t know where she is or who may have taken her. Another person was kidnapped from their home, but none have said by whom or if there is a ransom for this person.

We can look back at the murders of polititians over the past few years in Honduras as well as reporters...and there have been several. I think that the OAS and Baltazar as well as others in international communities need to take a closer look at previous history before they quickly point the finger at the government or military.

November 2008 I was shocked and saddened when our congressman and the vice president of Congress was murdered in Cabañas in a murder for hire. He was traveling to a medical brigade that was in town to assist and was robbed of his life at a very young age. Mario Hernandez murdered along with Marco Antonio Collier during the primary campaigns. He was in the campaign related to Roberto Micheletti. Which brings into question if he was murdered for his politics by Zelaya. He was just 42 years old and had a promising political career ahead of him.

Again in the same month another candidate to the mayor in Morazan, Yoro was also assasinated. Julio César Padilla.

Danilo Castro also candidate to vice mayor in Lima was assasinated during the month of November and Hector Arita who was traveling with him was hurt badly in the shooting.

The speaker for the DNIC was also assasinated Jesús Edgardo Gallegos was just 27 when he was murdered in September 2008. He was murdered on New Orleans Avenue in San Pedro Sula.

Bernardo Paz, reporter, remains were found in July 2009.  He had been kidnapped in March and was murdered evidently shortly after his kidnapping.

Andres Torres, reporter,  was kidnapped also in March and was released alive in June after his family paid the ransom.

These are clearly not the only murders that could have a political aspect during the period that Zelaya was in office, but they are some of the most recent in my memory. The disinformation and the lack of investigation is more than one can almost deal with. It makes you want to scream what the hell is wrong with you when you watch the television and realize that the people who are judging you are so out of touch with what goes on in Honduras that they do not even have any business or authority in determining what is or isn´t going on in Honduras.

The OAS has Arrived in Honduras

The Organization of American States has arrived.  I do not believe they will be able to help us resolve this crisis.  However, I was pleased that Panama was included in the group of OAS members that are coming to listen to Honduras and different sectors of society. 
The OAS was met with several taxi drivers that had lined up to say ´thank you for coming to listen to us´
They are coming to meet with several factions of society including church leaders from both Catholic and Evangelical churches. They are going to listen to many different people and the government.  I only wish this had been their posture two months ago and I feel like there would have been a resolution long ago. 
The only thing disappointing is they also have included members from ALBA and this is not an impartial group.
However, CODEH had complained of more than 100 deaths and thousands of political prisoners and when the human rights delegation came they found that was just not true so perhaps a different attitude will be carried by OAS today.

Blood Baths and Real Problems

In the past two months much attention has been on Honduras and the ´crisis´we are living.  Yes, it is a political crisis.  However, the police and military have acted remarkably restrained for what is normal in Honduras. It is difficult to explain to people who live in countries where violence is not a common part of life what I mean by this.  The use of excessive force as one analyst said is subjective to the eye of the beholder and different for people who were present and those who saw it after the fact.
There is a blood bath daily in Honduras, just not at the hands of military or police. The blood bath is from the violence that siezes this country each and every day. When the delegation observed that there were not sufficient judicial resources I was surprised she didn´t also note that there are not sufficient investigative police in Honduras either to resolve cases with efficiency without mention of the tremendous corruption that has for many decades held this country hostage.  We are trying desperately to come out of this and instead of a hand we are getting a slap in the face.
During  the past 24 hours the following murders happened that were not related to the police.

Puerto Cortés: Father and son were murdered in an ambush by unknown individuals that murdered them shooting them over 30 times. Evidence of the use of AK 47 and 9 mm were in the crime scene. The father is a rancher in the area and the son was a law student at UNAH-vs. Porfirio Jesús Gutiérrez Mendoza, 59, and Erick Omar Gutiérrez, 38

In the past month 6 people have been murdered over soccer. Bryan Nuñez Quiroz, 17 became number 6 this weekend.

Security Guard, Juan Ramon Rivas, 30 is shot 20 times he had been fired by his employer earlier and accused of theft. He was on his way home after being fired when he was shot and killed.

Jorge Alberto Avila Gomez, 43 was shot and killed as he came out of a pool hall at 6:30 pm. He argued for a short time with his killers and they shot and killed him

Carlos Samuel Nuñez 40, commercial transportation owner and liberal activist was murdered the murder was determined to not be related to politics for the moment. This strikes particulary close to me since we are allso commercial transportation owners and there has been 4 murders this year in this profession as well as one kidnapping for ransom of two children of a friend of ours of Transportes Hispanos.

Candido Garcia Mendoza 34, was shot and killed by unknown individuals.

Rigoberto Lopez Rodriguez 21, security guard was murdered by unknown individuals and became one of many murders of security guards in recent months at a national level.

Sergio Daniel Alvarado Pacheco 21 was shot in the head when he travelled to the supermarket to buy his weekly groceries.

José René Peraza Melgar 41, taxi driver was shot and killed while working.

An unknown individual of about 30-35 years of age was stabbed to death.

So this is what they probably should be concentrating on.  Especially since Zelaya promised to release his thugs to murder civilians for no reason whatsoever.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summary of Initial Findings of CIDH from Organization of American States

August 21 Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan, Honduras

CIDH Delegation
Patricia Mejia Guerrero, Victor Abramovich, Felipe Gonzalez, Paolo Carozza, Santiago Canton, and Catalina Bolero.

CIDH had requested a visit on June 30,2009
They received an answer on July 13, 2009
Since that date they were coordinating the visit with the President of the Honduran Supreme Court.

Priliminary Information is based on information received before and during the visit.

The delegation will prepare a formal report that will be published.

During the visit the CIDH met with representatives of the interim government and diverse sectors of society.

They received more than 100 people who presented complaints, testimony and information about events in Honduras.

In Tegus the delegation met with the three different branches of government (I find this amusing since they claim there is a constitutional rupture in government yet we have three working branches of government and they just admitted it), defenders of civil rights, political leaders, social leaders, organizations not organized by government, and parents.

The 19th of August the delegation went to Tocoa in the department of Colón and San Pedro Sula in the department of Cortés. The meetings were held with civil society and local authorities.

In Tocoa 40 teachers, reporters, political leaders, and social leaders were attended along with police and military.

More than 50 people were attended in San Pedro Sula from different factions of society as well as police, reporters and military.

August 20 meetings were held in El Paraiso and Comayagua.

Political power is to protect public and rights guarantees regardless of situation that occurred on June 28.

The CIDH had solicited information on 5 missing individuals they found that 3 of these had resolved when it was found that the people had left and went into hiding. The wherabouts of two are still unknown.  The last time one was seen was at a protest on July 12,2009 and the other was kidnapped from their home on July 26, 2009. (kidnappings are very common in Honduras so this disappearance may not be related to the events I haven´t seen who it is and what has been studied as to this so I will look at this lightly especially since thousands disappear every year in the US without a trace and it is not government related)

The biggest complaints of CIDH are as follows
A strong military presence after June 28.  (The thing is that this is not unusual in Honduras to see a strong military presence so while it might disturb others to see police and military revision stations on the road it is normal life here in Honduras and didn´t start on June 28.)

The suspension of guarantees during curfew and the complaint that this doesn´t conform to their requirements because the government in charge isn´t legitimate in their eyes however, I find that quite interesting since in this report they charge that the interim government is required to do everything they can to protect the public even if they aren´t viewed as legitimate but then when they do act in interest of the public..which it was since crime dropped like a lead balloon during these curfews, it is also illegitimate...hmmm

Not enough judicial resources to guarantee essential rights(this was the case BEFORE June 28 but they didn´t seem to have a complaint then)

The delegation admits that the strong military presence is constitutionally and internationally legal and is the norm in Honduras however, they are concerned with the presence but are under the understanding that the military is working under the direction of the National Police and Cobra units.
The delgation argues that while military use is permitted in extreme cases of unrest they should control themselves to the maximum degree because they are not trained to control internal disturbances(in Honduras they are) The delegation argues that military is trained to defeat the enemy and not protection and control of civilians.  (however, I think it was actually wise to involve Honduran military who is known for not being corrupt while our police is very corrupt and I think that the deaths and maltreatment would have been much worse by now if the military were not involved.)

CIDH acknowledges that art 27 of the convention allows the temporary suspension of guarantees in a state of war, public danger, or other emergencies that threaten any part of the security of the State.

Their biggest complaint is they don´t believe that Micheletti is allowed to implement this because international communities don´t see him as legitimate...but again they already said he is required to do everything he must to protect society...which it seems a curfew would fall under this title.

They argue that they will analize the compatibility of the decree with international norms in particular article 27 to see if both are compatible.

The delgation finds that when a person is released from detention their case has been resolved.  and that it is in fact the case that there are no political prisoners.

The delegation does find that the conditions of prisons are not up to standard.  (these are the same prisons Zelaya used and there was no problem then)

The delegation acknowledges that both local and international law allows for detention without charge up to 24 hours and that all detainees except those charged were held less than 24 hours and some as few as 45 minutes.

The delegation is concerned with threats that several judges have received on part of the resistence as well as bad treatment and intimidation of these judges by the resistence protestesters.

The CIDH found however, that the Attorney General had not initialized many investigations about detentions and people injured that had been treated in hospitals. The Attorney General didn´t make an official list because the people involved did not want to communicate their complaints to the Attorney General because they don´t recognize the institution.
The commision thinks that it is inherent that the functions still occur even without regard to the victims lack of participation in complaint(this is impossible in Honduras since the offended has to make an official complaint for an investigation to be opened.  If they don´t open a formal complaint no one else can)

The institutional deterioration has affected Honduran social life without a doubt.
One example of this is the RIGHT TO EDUCATION for children .  The delegation has received these complaints and will inform of conclusions of the investigation.

The delegation does complain as well about arbitrary electrical outages but electrical outages are a weekly thing for many sectors of society. My lights have went out about four times since June 28 and I know of many sectors who have lost lights and water many times..but this was normal before June 28 as well.

The delegation understands that the state has a right to put limitations on protests to assure that they remain pacific and the right to contain protesters who become violent.

Use of guns with real bullets should only be used in extreme measures when life is threatened.

The delegation admits that there were violent protests some of them violent to a serious gravity including gravity of violence against people and private property on behalf of protesters.  Examples of this are the burning of a restaurant, a bus and the attack on a Congressman and several reporters. (he isn´t just any Congressman he is the vice president of Congress. Our last vice president was murdered during primaries last year)

The delegation has verified that the four questionable deaths are being investigated by authorities to dictate responsibility and in addition the killing of Obed Murillo will also be investigated by the delegation to determine the circumstances of his death and to find those responsible(this is complicated because there is a video of the shooting and it wasn´t military who shot him so likely this is something that was requested by authorities in Honduras since they are having difficulty finding those responsible)

The other deaths that were brought in question and possibly related to protests are verified as being investigated those deaths are Pedro Magdiel Muñoz who was killed July 25, 2009 on the Nicaraguan border and was stabbed to death.

July 30 Roger Vallejos Soriano shot in head during a protest and died on August 1.  (the present case has pointed to a security guard possibly shooting him while defending the store he guards from harm so clearly they saw no need to open investigations in all but one the first death)

Pedro Pablo Hernandez August 2 shot at a military check point when the driver tried to run a checkpoint and also tried to run over military at the check point.  This is confirmed as being investigated.

CIDH has determined that the media is polorized and that there is little middle of the road coverage that either it is pro or anti government. They also find that there have been serious attacks and threats against the media by the resistence protesters that has made the exercise of the profession very difficult.
They go into specifics pointing out bombings and moltov cocktails as well as attacks on the newspaper carrier for La Tribuna. 

The report is really long and I have spoken about some of those specific attacks here on my blog so you can read about them by scanning back between June 30 attack on Radio America all the way up to the August 15 attack on El Heraldo.

US Suspends Educatodos (educate everyone) Funds

The US embassy confirmed yesterday that they have suspended Educatodo funds. This decision affects people who are very marginal and poor in Honduras. This is a literacy program and according to the UN charter on Children´s rights the wealthier countries are OBLIGATED to assist in assuring the ability to educate the population in third world countries.  This obligation does not say anything about it can be suspended if you don´t agree with the person in control of the government.  Come on folks this is a literacy program it isn´t money given to the government it is controled through USAID and the funds are handled by them.
This program is solely about literacy, education, and assuring basic educational needs of not only have the teachers of Honduras abandoned Honduran children and their rights..the US has also.  However, the US is one of only two countries that has not signed onto the UN charter for educational rights of children.  Both the wealthiest country and the poorest country in the world have failed to sign this agreement.  The wealthiest is the US ..sad to say...and the poorest is Sudan...which doesn´t surprise me.
The US Dept of State office had made a promise to the Honduran poor that any actions they took would not be against the most marginal in society yet this action has certainly only affected the poorest and most vunerable in Honduran society.  I call upon the reflection of the Department of State and ask them to make a decision as to who they are trying to punish? the poor or the government? They agreed that the sanctions on Cuba affected the poor to the point that it made it torture against the poor yet now they want to apply these measures against the poor in Honduras.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Initial Report From the CIDH

While I disagree with much of their report I have to admit that I was surprised that they conceded that educational rights against children had been violated and that there were attacks against media by Resistence members.  They admitted that the four questioned deaths...were under investigation still to determine who is at fault.
They admitted that there were at least 12 violent protests on part of the protesters of the resistence.

I will go into detail of the report later.  However, while I am in much disagreement with the initial findings I am very pleased they finally conceded and spoke to all sectors of society and accepted the complaints against teachers and protesters on behalf of the public, media, and parents.

More to come.

You can find their admission of the violation of children´s rights by teachers and teacher´s unions on page 5 of the report about half way down. It says

The institutional deterioration without a doubt has affected Honduran social life.

One example is the right to an edcuation for children.  The comission will evaluate all complaints received and inform of our conclusions.  This almost feels like a sweet victory of sorts since teachers thought it was their right to deny children an education because they don´t have to obey the government.  Well maybe they don´t but they do have to abide by INTERNATIONAL law. Oops...they forgot about that little number didn´t they? Let´s only hope that the Venezuelan in charge doesn´t get a call from the boss reeming her about that one.  However, I suspect there won´t be much she can do about it since there is other people involved including a US rep.

My Letter to UNICEF

I am writing you as a concerned resident of Honduras and a citizen of the USA. My son is a Honduran citizen and goes to Honduran public school in San Pedro Sula.

I became aware last night that Honduras is a signer to the UN Convention on Children´s Rights. I had originally sent an email about my concerns to Christopher but he is out of the office until Sept 1 and asked me to contact you if the matter was urgent and I feel it is.

Teachers in Honduras on a massive scale are violating the UN Convention on Children´s Rights of over 2 million children.

They are denying them something as basic as an education. They have threatened other teachers by sending people to put them in their place. They have used the threat of violence and have threatened parents and children if they attend school or insist that the teacher´s do. Teachers abandoned their spots as teachers using the teacher´s unions on June 28. What concerns me more is this isn´t the first time. They have been on strike at the sacrifice of children´s education over 29 times in the past two years and to me that is a massive and continued abuse of children and their human rights.

They have tried to force our children to be subjected to political exams, to march and participate in their ´resistence´

They have subjected them to mental torture by telling them not to obey their parents if they are ´white´shirts or do not agree with the resistence. They tell them they do not have to obey the law or abide by norms of moral character. All things that seriously affect children. It is an abuse to subject children to the crisis that is going on in Honduras and they should be protected as much as possible. It is even more of an outrage that not only are they denying them an education but the days they do go to school they subject them to brainwashing.

Please intercede and investigate in this issue and take our complaints as parents to the United Nations. I recongize that the UN doesn´t recognize the government of Micheletti but surely they recognize the parents of the children in Honduras.

Surely they recongize your organization that has been selflessly dedicated to protecting children from abuse and war.

I would be willing to place a formal complaint and sign if needed. I will tell you that would probably put me in grave danger but I will sacrifice everything in effort to protect my child and other children. I grew up facing abuse, mental torture, and other forms of maltreatment and refuse to stand idly by as it happens in masse to not only my child but 2 million others as well.

Thank you for your time,

Cynthia Llanes de Moreno
San Pedro Sula, Cortes, Honduras

Teachers Are Violating International Law

Honduras is a signer to the UN charter on Children´s Rights. This charter calls for the guarantee of not only a free education but that education be protected at all costs.
Article 28 of this charter specifically says that education is a child´s human right. 
The charter in its entirety can be found on UNICEF´s page. 
It goes further to say that children´s political opinions should be protected and that they cannot be used as pawns in a conflict which is all happening here.
Children are our most vunerable and are the future of a country. Denying them basic human rights is WRONG. People who do this should be dealt with harsher than any police officer that uses his baton a little to hard on a violent protester.  While excessive force is wrong it is even more wrong to prey on a child who cannot defend themself.

I have sent an email to UNICEF making a complaint about the violation of the charter by the teacher´s of Honduras who are part of the government because they are government employees and required to obey international and local laws.

I am so outraged by the actions of teachers and the way they have taken out their anger on our children that I am inclined to just grab one of them and ask them ´what the hell is wrong with you?´
I am not a violent person, but I will fight like a lioness over my children and my patience has finished long ago. This time I will take it all the way and they won´t dare threaten me since I am an American citizen as well as Honduran and they know that the US government takes care of their own.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Animal Abuse in Effort to Prevent Children from Going to School

This is outrageous to anyone who loves animals and also for any parent who cannot fathom the director of a school going to such a length to deny children the right to come to school.  What other needs more protection of their rights than children? They are our most delicate of all and need their rights protected fiercely as do those of animals need to be protected.
I have watched countless amounts of animal abuse in Honduras and it really saddens me that people here care so little about their pets many times starving them because food for animals is fairly expensive, letting them roam the streets, tying them up sometimes in the hot sun and without water.  Truly sad.
This happened in Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazan, Honduras at the elementary school Republica de Costa Rica. I sincerely hope animal rights groups are paying attention to this.  I also hope that groups that defend children´s rights are taking serious notes of the denial of education to 2 million children in Honduras.

100 Days Till Election Day

Countdown time is here we are 100 days from election day.  TSE and RNP is in Miami registering people so that they can vote in the elections this year. This is a time that no one should miss everyone that is qualified to vote SHOULD vote.  Do not let people tell you that you should boycott the election this is dishonest and takes your voice away.

People also should vote their belief as well and not a party line or because Grandma always voted that way.  It is time to do something about our situation and demand CHANGE.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hugo Llorens Knew About the Destitution of Zelaya

Hugo Llorens had private meetings with different powers of the state including Zelaya and Micheletti before he was removed from power. He had promised to try to convince Zelaya to not continue on the path that he was on. Something that he was clearly unable to do since Zelaya was determined to do and is still determined to do now.
Llorens warned that the action of removing Zelaya in any form would be rejected as a coup by the US.
The question is so the US rejects any removal as a coup? Sorry but even in the US it isn´t a coup if a president is removed for breaking the law and trying to overturn the present form of government is certainly something a president should be removed for.
The US wanted to force Honduras to accept a dictator and why is still unclear. However, I have to ask the US why and not only that if they are going to stick to the same principal if a president breaks the law over and over again. Are they going to just sit idly by while he breaks the law and wait until dooms day or are they going to remove this delinquent president?
Or perhaps it is because he is a leftist and they were just fine with a leftist is apparently rightest dictators that Hillary opposes since her husband recently visited a dictator and treated him as if he were a pal. Dictators should not be treated as old friends but as hard core enemies of the US. Dictatorships and the US are not compatible. Democracy is clearly not compatible with communism or socialist ideas either.
I think that Barack Obama better wake up because being a leftist in the United States is not the same as being a leftist outside the US. Leftists in the US do not eliminate media that speaks out against them they just counter them. In countries like Cuba or Venezuela media is imprisoned for opposition views.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 51 Countdown

It has been 51 days since Zelaya was removed from power and it has been 51 days since Micheletti was named the new interim president.
August 31 the campaign season starts and the countdown is already occurring. We have 13 days left before he campaign season starts and exactly 102 days till Election day on November 29. In 13 weeks we will be electing a new president.
Now I have to ask myself and others this...with this little time left until campaign season starts, until elections arrive, etc how in the world are the world leaders still calling for the restoration of Manuel Zelaya Rosales to power? After knowing all they know about him and they are still willing to take the chance this close to the end? I am not willing to do that and hopefully most other Hondurans feel the same way. I believe that by far the majority does.
I really have to wonder after the elections have came and went will they still be calling for the restoration of Manuel Zelaya? I have little doubt that Hugo Gorilla Chavez will be calling for his restoration until Dooms day. I have little doubt about the rest of the ALBA thugs as well. They seem to be a bigger gang of thugs that Iran and Kim Jong. However, what about the rest of the world? Will they still be calling for negotiated solutions and restoration of Manuel Zelaya? His term ends January 27 and elections are November 29. I cannot fathom anyone who is rational calling for his restoration after either of those dates and certainly not after the latter date. It would be like saying that the election of Barack Obama was illegitimate and that George Bush must be restored. Hillary has trouble seeing past her own leftist agenda so she surely cannot see the forest for the one ever accused her of being rational...I can see her cussing in the halls of the White House about how hard headed Hondurans are..and why we just don´t get that having a dicatator is good for us..especially a Hugo puppet dictator.
Time will only tell.
In other news, Insulza is still planning on coming to Honduras in spite of the threat to his personal safety. I only hope and pray that nothing happens to this guy. If it does they cannot blame us because he was warned and wanted to come anyway. We should make him declare publicly ahead of time that he realizes that his life is in danger from outside sources and that he is taking the risk and that Hondruas is not responsible for his safety.

Freedom of Expression

Free Expression (as translated from La Tribuna today´s edition.)

We reproduce this public information recap ting the cases that have occurred since the 28th of June past that constitutes attempts and aggressions against reporters and free expression. The most recent of the attacks with Molotov cocktails was suffered the past weekend in the newspaper El Heraldo, the burning of a newspaper delivery vehicle for La Tribuna that belonged to a young man that distributed La Tribuna in Olancho. Threats also occurred to the equipment of this media by a group of supporters of the deposed president Zelaya in the municipality of Pespire. In Choloma, the photographer of Diario Tiempo, Julio Umaña was beaten and his equipment was stolen by agents of the ´order´.
The installations of some communications mediums have not been saved from the view of the protestors who have written their discontent on walls since the start of the crisis.
The first reporters to be attacked were communicators of La Tribuna, Anny Castro, Omar Banegas, and Juan Ramón Sosa who suffered the aggression at the hands of followers of Zelaya. The case of Sosa was similar to the aggressions of the photographers of Tiempo. Sosa was confused by the police as one of the protesters and also it was useless to identify him. After he was hit, Sosa was put in a patrol unit and taken to a police post where he was later freed.
The reporter Henry Carbajal also was almost lynched by the protesters on the border with Nicaragua, at the crossing of Las Manos. The aggressors hit him, pushed him and took his equipment; they also insulted him and waved machetes at him threatening to hurt him. The graphic reporter of El Heraldo, Johnny Magellans also suffered aggressions that day by the furious protesters in front of the installations of the Presidential house. Héctor Clara, graphic reporter for Tiempo also was beaten by the police on the 5th of August while he was covering the manifestations against the actual government in the area of UNAH.
The 2nd of July past the reporter Jeremías Bustillo of La Tribuna was attacked by followers of the deposed president in front of the UN building. All of this started when one of the leaders of the National Resistance Front asked him to identify himself. After that the protesters attacked him but the opportune intervention of foreign reporters stopped the situation from becoming more serious.
The reporter of Televicentro, Marcos Castro, also was attacked on the 13th of July, but this time by teachers and directors of schools, when he was trying to cover a reunion of the installations of Central Institute of Vicente Cáceres. The 22nd of June foreign reporters had located themselves in the installations of the assistance centre they were attacked with bags of water and were accused of being paid by Hugo Chavez.
The reporter of the state channel 8 of Venezuela, said that various police agents entered the hotel where they were staying and they were verbally attacked, even though the police declared that they had a stolen car in their possession. The correspondent of the Venezuelan television Telesur was detained by military the 29th of July. The 4th of July past an artefact exploded in front of the building where Channel 11 in Tegucigalpa is located provoking material damage. According to witnesses a person that had a book bag on their arm from a motorcycle threw the bomb. This week the radio station Radio America of Tegucigalpa was attacked with a grenade that did not explode.

Monday, August 17, 2009

CIHR in Honduras the Irony!

Ok here is who is leading the CIHR...VENEZUELA...them lecturing anyone on human rights violations is like Iran leading a commission on religious freedom...gad!
They are keeping their meeting locations secret from everyone in the public except the Frente Contra el Golpe...which means they aren´t interested in hearing anyone else file complaints against human rights violations except this terrorist group who tends to manufacture lies non stop...yet they are refusing to meet with people like
1...parents of students being denied an education by directors of labor.
2..students and parents and teachers who have been threatened with bodily harm by these same groups.
3. Refusing to meet with media such as El Heraldo and Channel 6 news to receive their complaint.
4. Refusing complaints from the public about being threatened, having stones thrown at them, being injured, people from this resistence..

However, they do claim they are going to meet with police and military as well..but I cannot trust anyone who is led by Venezuela when it has anything to do with human rights violations..their president after all wants to gas his protesters with the kind of gas that permenenetly puts you down..he has also shut down freedom of speech and freedom of press so they should be EXCLUDED from any analysis on human rights violations for these simple facts..Iwant to know why they aren´t in Venezuela investigating those human rights violations?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Zelaya Terrorists Attack Two Media Outlets in Attempt to stop Free press

In an attempt to stop the freedoms we enjoy of freedom of the press because evidently they don´t like them reporting the violence and crimes these groups of terrorists commit..I say that we should attack back with more pictures and evidence and video live if possible of their criminal actions.

All who commit crimes against others, harm private property, public property, or try to violate rights of others should be tried in the most harshest of fashion as terrorists.

The attacks happened against El Heraldo and a driver that delivered a paper for La Tribuna in Olancho. They threatened to kill him and were armed. They burned his truck which doesn´t belong to the belongs to this young man who probably still owed money for it and was just doing a job. Now he has no job and is not wealthy nor are these thugs harming the paper but the harm they committed was to basically leave a poor person jobless and without transportation when he has to feed his children..shame on them. They burned his vehicle and the papers..and the Zelaya terrorists leaders were in denial mode all day...except Zelaya was calling for terrorist attacks against the elections..I don´t guess he realizes that everyone in the world thinks that stopping elections is counterproductive.

The attack on El Heraldo also happened in the early morning hours and terrorists threw moltov cocktails into the installations but were not able to burn it down.