Friday, July 03, 2009

Removal of Zelaya is Not Negociable says Supreme Court

The first reunion of the General Secretary of the Organization of American States OEA, in Honduras has not been able to unblock the political crisis that is siezing the country.  Jose Miguel Insulza has traveled to Tegucigalpa to ask for the reinstatement of Zelaya who was removed last Sunday by the military.  

Insulza interviewed with the president of the Supreme Court immediately upon arrival.  Jorge Rivera Supreme Court President(Chief Justice) advised him that the removal of the power of the ex president is not reversable.

Isulza landed in the Honduran capital with heavy mediums of security, the manifestations were stronger and more numerous than before.  He has planned to interview with Congress and representatives of certain sectors and people from society, but not with President Micheletti. However, Micheletti still wants to try to gain a meeting. Micheletti is completely isolated internationally, but is backed by judicial powers and legislative powers and by the Armed Forces and most of the population.

The General Secretary of the OEA who last night gave an ultimatum of 72 hours to the new government to return power to Zelaya is looking to convince powers to change what they did and find a way to return normalcy to the country.

After the arrival of Insulza the new exterior minster, Enrique Ortez declared to local media that the presence of the General Secretary implies a  recognition of the government of Micheletti and that the world should be paying attention that he is in Honduras and protected by the Honduran government.  Ortez also assured that if Insulza was going to insist on the restitution of president Zelaya that it is better for him to not come because that is not negotiable.

If the General Secretary of the OEA does not settle anything in his trip that the principle effect can be the suspension of participation of Honduras in the OEA who has only one time before decided to do such a thing and that was in 1962 against Cuba who still has not returned.  This Saturday exactly when the time of the ultimatum expires the organ is meeting in Washington for the second part of the General Assembly to debate the situation that has been created by the removal of Zelaya.

Meanwhile, the  impeached president left this Friday  from El Salvador with an unknown destination.  He has said he will return to Honduras when the date of the OEA´s ultimatum is expired even though the date is not written in stone.  His private secretary Eduardo Enrique Reina affirmed by phone that from a secure location that the impeached president will return to Honduras  regardless of the result of the visit of Insulza.

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