Friday, July 31, 2009

Note To SOA Watch

I think SOA watch might want to reconcider coming and participating in any protests. First of all it is illegal for a non resident foreigner to participate in any political protests period. You will go to jail for 2-4 years and the US embassy will not get you out of it period.
Next, these protests are violent and you can also face charges for participating in the violence just for being there. So do not try it. These protesters are GANG MEMBERS that were paid by FARC unless you also want to get in trouble in the US for supporting FARC activity...I also again strongly suggest you rethink your position. Not only this just yesterday the protest you quoted and complained about Carlos H Reyes getting his wrist broken..ask him about the children he wanted to beat up that were in a bus...yes that is right he was trying to beat children from Vida Abundante church and they nearly turned over the bus with the children in it and painted it and tried to light it on fire before this happened. These same protesters attacked a Red Cross ambulance and beat up the three Red Cross volunteers, they also attacked people on the streets and tried to attack a Channel 6 news team truck. So please not only do you need to tell the truth because you are inciting civil war in this country, but you are also falsely calling these protests peaceful which as you look at the pictures below you see are not peaceful in any fashion.
Not to mention they looted several stores, broke windows out of another car and turned it over, looted that same ambulance I referred you to..and the Red Cross members as well as Channel six news made formal complaints to refer to.
You are not Hondurans and you are not residents of this country it is not worth it to come support the child of the man who participated in one of those terrible acts you so strongly condemn. Yes, Chinchilla and Manuel Zelaya were best friends and Chinchilla is a SOA graduate and Chinchilla and Mel´s daddy were involved in the Horcones Massacre and it is well rumored that Mel participated as well. You are supporting the wrong side.

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