Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Micheletti and Colindres traveling to UN Today

President Micheletti and Exterior Relations Minister Enrique Ortez Colindres traveled today to Washington DC to speak to the United Nations to present legal arguments that they used to remove Manuel Zelaya from the presidency.
The president and the new minister acompanied Congressmen of various parties and national business leaders. The seperation of Zelaya happened for his intent to produce a national assembly without authorization of Congress among other crimes against the state.
On the subject of the embargo of the rest of the Central American countries Micheletti is working for this medium to be cancelled based on the closeness that there is to other Central American countries.

Due to the preocupation of Hondurans for the eventual lack of fuel because of the closing of the borders he announced that there is a plan to avoid this occurring. In relationship to Venezuela cutting off energy supplied by ALBA he announced that they already have others interested in selling combustibles to Honduras.

The president sent a message to public employees and expressed that the workers should be calm about their work rights as they will be respected and guaranteed and they won´t be fired.

New ministers sworn in yesterday were leader of the Presidential Honor Guard Rene Osorio, in substitution of Edgardo Mejia.
In the afternoon sworn in were Jose Garcia as director of Fosovi, Franscisco Ordoñez as director of DEI, Jacobo Gomez as executive of Enee, Luis Ortez, minster of Juvenile justice, Marco Ponce vice minster of Agriculture, Juan Osorio vice minster of ranching and Javier Hernandez Presidential Chief of Staff.

The new curfew was decreed by the transitional government that was realized for three more days and the new hours are 9pm to 5 am.

Romeo Vasquez declared yesterday that the ex president Zelaya was told that he was committing a crime by holding the inquest to start a national assembly as was decided by the courts.
All of the legal arguements to stop the inquest were put before the ex leader, but he always responded, I am the General Commander and you have to obey me, assured Vasquez.

The US consulate has changed its hours and will be closed to the public on Wednesday July 1, Thursday July 2, and Friday July 3 due to the political situation in Honduras and because of Independence Day on July 4 in the US. However, the Service to US citizens section will be available to receive applications for emergency passports and other emergencies.

Detained was 260,000 lempiras and weapons from Rixi Moncada that was in a hotel in Choluteca. More than a quarter of a million in lempiras and varias weapons were found in the habitation where the coordinator of the consult was staying.

The finding of the 260,000 lempiras in cash occured when the police went to detain the illegal material related to the inquest where it would have been realized on 28th of June at the Hotel Las Brisas where evidence of pamphlets and boxes were also found for the 4th ballot box. They were surprised to find the amount of money in the room.

The chief of police of the department of Choluteca, Danilo Valladares, said that the media was advised by employees of the room in this hotel where the persons things were and the consult was to be occurring.

The money was found in packets of 50,000 lempiras in denominations of 500, which we presume was to pay some people who were going to work for the inquest.

Apart from this money weapons were found, one a 9mm glock with the respective charger of which is being investigated to see who the weapons belong to.

In this hotel were various meetings with the ex leader of Enee who was in charge of the consult with some people that were leading the process in Choluteca.
Valladares informed us that investigations were being realized to find Ms Moncada, they were informed that she is headed for the Nicaraguan border.
It is believed that this money is property of the State of Honduras, which shows the amount of funds that was being put into the propoganda of the inquest.

In Choluteca, the judges have detained the money and on part of the coordinator of the judges, Adrian Rosales, said that the siezingof the funds occurred by the police and does not know why he was not notified.


Anonymous said...

Why was this misinformation posted?

Summermoondancer said...

It wasn´t misinformation it was absolutely the truth. There is reports in all of the papers here to that reference. Why would you say it is misinformation?
In fact, Spain is also admitting that Zelaya committed crimes.

Anonymous said...

The misinformation was that they did not travel to the UN as the article said.

Summermoondancer said...

No they did travel but they refused to receive them which shows they are not intersted in knowing the crimes committed by Zelaya.

Anonymous said...

Simple y dulce. Estoy pensando en empezar otro blog o cinco muy pronto, y definitivamente voy a considerar este tema. Mantenga 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

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