Thursday, July 30, 2009

Melistas Attack Red Cross Ambulance

Melistas are quick to say that their rights are being trampled, but no one has trampled their rights. They can protest the problem is they cannot attack other people, rob things, destroy buildings and block traffic.
Today things came to a head. They were told yesterday that they would not be allowed to block traffic any longer and that if they tried to block traffic that they would be removed and the protest would not be allowed to continue.
Today they decided to show up again in defiance of the order to stick to protesting in a fashion that does not impede other people´s rights and the traffic. They took control of the road that is in the area of El Durazno.
A Red Cross ambulance was located in the area close to help those who might be injured and to observe the situation underhand. They attacked the ambulance and looted it and beat the three emergency medical techs.
So the police proceeded to remove the protesters and arrest those involved. Two of the protesters are Juan Barahona and Carlos H Reyes. This is not violating their rights it is them violating other people´s rights and acting not only criminal but like lunatics.
Juan Barahona is a professional protestor that likes to cause problems and has a reputation for being violent. Carlos H Reyes is a Marxist and a ultra left independent presidential candidate who thinks that autocratic governments are the answer.
I think it pretty silly to attack police and others with rocks and sticks and accuse them of being pro coup, even if they are that is their individual right to be in favor without being attacked for that opinion. If you attack police and throw rocks and loot ambulances and beat red cross workers do not be surprised when the police shoot you and do not dare say your rights were violated. In NO country do you have the right to act in the fashion these fools did today and what is absolutely shameful is that these are TEACHERS and Presidential shameful...I hope they end up in prison for a long time and their pictures serve to remove teachers from the profession for conduct that is not compatible with being a teacher.

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