Friday, July 03, 2009

MEL the Thief STEALS $80,000 in FIVE DAYS

From the people of Honduras...mostly poor...he has used this money to finance his escapade over the five days past in purchases of luxury items and so forth...even more outrageous to me was the fact that he had rented over 50 vehicles and 61 cell phone lines...why in the hell did he need 60 phones and 50 vehicles? He can´t drive but one...

He spent 600 million lempiras in his illegal 4th ballot box program...for those who do not know the exchange rate it is 18.89 for one American dollar. Essentially he spent 32 million dollars in tax payor money to propagandize a campaign that had been ruled illegal and he knew it.   This was 32 million dollars that could have went to fix the damage from the 7.3 earthquake that occurred on May 28, this is 32 million dollars that could have went to pay the poor trash collectors who had not been paid in FOUR months.  This is 32 million dollars that could have went to purchase medicine and supplies to combat the H1N1 virus.  This is 32 million dollars that could have went to pay the teachers who had also not been paid.  OUTRAGEOUS. Then this pig wants to come back into this country and to come back in with the FMLN at his side...FMLN is nothing but terrorist THUGS.  How much more ignorant can you get? This idiot is not for the poor he is for exploiting the poor in the worst way possible...the lowest paid workers in the government are municpal workers who make about 60,000 lempiras a year.  That is less than the minimum wage he supposedly instituted.  SO he fails to pay 5,000 lempiras a month to his poorest workers yet he claims to be the advocate of the poor...some advocate he was.

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Anonymous said...

No wonder this president failed to present a Budget. He was bankrupting the funds to bring Honduras to Socialism. Sounds like another Liberal Socialist leader we know in the USA.