Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Honduran commission meeting with OAS today

A commission made up of congress members, former Supreme Court Justices, constitutional scholars, and other members of the community are headed to Washington to meet with Organization of American States as well as several members of Congress in the US to present the facts of why Zelaya was removed and to provide evidence to Congress as to his acts and even the drug trafficking is my understanding.  There is much more remaining as to what exactly goes on in these meetings but I suspect that Jim Demint and the representative who is a Cuban American will be among those met with.  So far Hillary Clinton has said she will not meet with them though I am not sure why since they are not part of the present government of Honduras but are former government reps and constitutional scholars.  In the appearance of wanting to be fair I think that she should meet with them since that would not be a recognition of the government but a meeting with citizens of Honduras to find out what is actually going on.  It is very hard to determine your position with just one person´s version of the events...it is like asking a murderer if he killed someone and refusing to investigate the situation by talking to witnesses.

On a more positive note Costa Rican President Arias who is a nobel peace prize winner has offered to meet with Micheletti to speak about the situation and a resolution to the crisis.  I think that the actions of ex president Zelaya on Sunday made everyone just shake their heads in embarrassment since everyone from President Obama to the OAS told him not to try to go back on Sunday that it would just not work.  He refused to listen and on live television encouraged the population to riot and break into an official installation which is wrong in everyone´s eyes.

In the end 1 person was killed, a 19 year old young man who was shot by one of the other protesters...the bullet was not military or police issue and there is a BBC video of the shooting. The military and police had rubber bullets so they clearly did´t kill him.  The eleven protestors who were injured were either injured in the proceeding stampede after the shooting or from rocks and sticks that were used during the riot so basically they beat each other up.  One young lady was ran over by a motorcycle as she fled the scene.

I think that Sunday was the beginning of the end for Zelaya as almost immediately after that action which was illegal..since the Venezuelan jet was denied entrance into Honduran airspace and came in anyway...a tragedy could have occurred but the airforce simply escorted them out of the country to Nicaragua where he then flew to El Salvador.  They could have shot him down according to International aviation laws and not have been liable for the shooting down of the jet. A foreign owned plane violating another countries airspace without permission is serious business.  After this occurence President Arias and another president contacted Honduran officials to arrange negotiations which means that they realize this situation is more complicated than they first thought and lent some legitimacy to the actions on the 28th of June.  Heck he wouldn´t even listen to those who were sympathizing with him.

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