Thursday, July 30, 2009

Edgardo Castro, Journalist arrested and tries to incite protesters

Edgardo Castro was filmed as he was arrested trying to incite protesters to burn a vehicle belonging to Channel 6 news by telling them that Channel 6 is going to report their acts and supress them.

No one has violated his rights as he has famously argued. If he is a journalist then what is he doing inciting violence against other journalists and participating in the protests?

Edgardo Castro has gotten himself arrested several times for participating in a violent manner. I think that Edgardo Castro might want to concider inciting violence against other reporters while he is being recorded as he now has provided proof that he is the one trying to supress people and endanger others freedoms if they do not agree with him. It is Castro who is trying to supress the free press not others.


Mark said...

where's the video?

Summermoondancer said...

I was watching it on Noti6. You may be able to find a copy of it at
I will have to look and see if there is one on You Tube available and post it for you later. In 2002when Reginaldo Panting was kidnapped the people who did it had a car similar to ours except it was a different type. We were stopped several times by the police to be searched. We carry a gun in the car for protection so they pulled the gun out to check to make sure it was registered,it is, and he came up and started trying to accuse us of being the kidnappers and the police had to tell him to lay off that we weren´t kidnappers that we had entered a day after the kidnapping from the US so it would be an impossibility. He still tried to continue and the police took his camara from him and told him to get lost that he was making a false report and could go to jail for that, because he was falsely accusing an American tourist...he got lost he is getting what he deserves.