Thursday, July 02, 2009

Drug Planes from Venezuela connected to Zelaya and Chavez

Since September 2008 the DEA was asked to investigate planes that were landing in Honduran territory that seemed to be coming from Venezuela as they all had Venezuelan registrations or logos.  Most of the planes were burned after shipments of drugs were removed.

The attorney general had asked for assistence on this matter since that time.  More than 20 drug trafficking planes have landed in Honduran territory that is known.  One of those planes landed very close to land that my husband and I own in Olancho and it was burned before the police or anyone knew about it.  

Is Zelaya tied to it? Well it seems strange that it wasn´t happening on this level before he became president and that he is a close ally with Chavez and now suddenly all of these planes are it a coincidence? I don´t think so.  He had massive amounts of cash found in his office which is also illegal according to Honduran law.  He had over 60 million lempiras in his personal office and he had dollars in a large amount and in large denominations that showed traces of drugs.

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