Thursday, July 02, 2009

Curfew, Reporters, Protestors update

While it is true that for 72 hours the government has instituted a temporary curfew that includes limiting association rights there is good reason for it because we are in a state of emergency.  

What is not correct is that reporters have been threatened by government.  Reporters have been attacked by pro Zelaya protestors however.  Curfews are used in the US against teenagers all of the time so there is really no difference here except this is temporary until things come under control.  

13 protestors were arrested for breaking out the windows of Pro America and vandalizing other buildings downtown in San Pedro Sula.  Interestingly enough two of them were under age teenagers.  What is even more clear is that most of them were gang members.

Peaceful protestors have come out all over the country and appeared in the US as well.  Tomorrow there will be a protest in New Orleans in support of the new government and against US intervention.

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