Monday, July 06, 2009

Costa Rican President offers to Mediate

He said no one can understand the situation better than a CentralAmerican and he is right.  He has agreed to work with both sides to come up with a solution.  It sounds like an olive branch being extended and we should absolutely be willing to talk to him.  Micheletti already said he is open for speaking to others about the situation and what happened in Honduras.

However, no one should meddle or make up their mind based simply on hearing one side of the story.  When they hear Zelaya of course it sounds unfair....but he doesn´t tell you about the crimes he committed and he barely graduated high school and was kicked out of college so he is no expert in laws or constitution.


Anonymous said...

There are always two sides to an argument. Before coming to a conclusion someone must listen to both sides. The world has only listened to Zelaya and most refuse to hear the Govt of Honduras speak. This is totally unfair. Remeber Chavez & ALBA seeks for one leader to control all 3 branches of Govt and totally control everything. This is not a democracy and this is why Honduras resisted Zelaya who was heavilly influenced by Chavez even as we speak. The will of the majority of Honduras have rejected Zelaya and free elections in Nov will determine the will of the people of Honduras. We as US citizens need to support Honduras and pray for brothers in the trials they are going through.

Summermoondancer said...

Absolutely. I am so ashamed of the actions of my US government during this situation and unsurmountably proud of Honduras and the fact that the military and police have dealt with this so professionaly.