Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Clinton and Zelaya Meeting

Basically nothing came out of it...she stopped at admitting he wasn´t ready to give an inch and convinced him to let President Arias of Costa Rica to mediate.  He said flatly he can mediate but that Zelaya is refusing to negotiate...the rest of the world is about to see what we have lived with for three years and they will turn their back on this uneducated goon.

In a radio broadcasted telephone call with a family member on Radio Globo he said flatly that all of us who wear white on the outside are rotten on the inside..WHAT? We are asking for justice, peace, and unity and he calls us rotten? Ok whatever Zelaya...you just turned off 80% of the community that much further...it is best to keep your mouth closed because each time you open it you dig yourself farther and farther into a hole.

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