Friday, July 31, 2009

Note To SOA Watch

I think SOA watch might want to reconcider coming and participating in any protests. First of all it is illegal for a non resident foreigner to participate in any political protests period. You will go to jail for 2-4 years and the US embassy will not get you out of it period.
Next, these protests are violent and you can also face charges for participating in the violence just for being there. So do not try it. These protesters are GANG MEMBERS that were paid by FARC unless you also want to get in trouble in the US for supporting FARC activity...I also again strongly suggest you rethink your position. Not only this just yesterday the protest you quoted and complained about Carlos H Reyes getting his wrist broken..ask him about the children he wanted to beat up that were in a bus...yes that is right he was trying to beat children from Vida Abundante church and they nearly turned over the bus with the children in it and painted it and tried to light it on fire before this happened. These same protesters attacked a Red Cross ambulance and beat up the three Red Cross volunteers, they also attacked people on the streets and tried to attack a Channel 6 news team truck. So please not only do you need to tell the truth because you are inciting civil war in this country, but you are also falsely calling these protests peaceful which as you look at the pictures below you see are not peaceful in any fashion.
Not to mention they looted several stores, broke windows out of another car and turned it over, looted that same ambulance I referred you to..and the Red Cross members as well as Channel six news made formal complaints to refer to.
You are not Hondurans and you are not residents of this country it is not worth it to come support the child of the man who participated in one of those terrible acts you so strongly condemn. Yes, Chinchilla and Manuel Zelaya were best friends and Chinchilla is a SOA graduate and Chinchilla and Mel´s daddy were involved in the Horcones Massacre and it is well rumored that Mel participated as well. You are supporting the wrong side.

Such Peaceful Protesters Attacking Children

These children between ages of 12 and 14 were on their way to a private Christian school they attend called Vida Abundante when they were attacked by protesters. Yes, how wonderful and peaceful and how their rights are being violated...oh for the love of GOD! How is it their rights are being violated? Amnesty International...are you going to cry from the rooftops about them attacking CHILDREN? I doubt it you will more likely complain that they were allowed to do all this and that they are being oppressed!

Police Clear Violent Protest From Street

This report has been translated from LA

In compliance with an order given by the minister of Security the police removed protesters yesterday that were blocking the free flow of traffic and persons. Followers of Manuel Zelaya Rosales were blocking the North Highway(remind yourself this is like blocking an entire interstate in the US and I somehow do not think that would be allowed especially not for thirty days), at the location of El Durazno(The Peach).

One person was shot, 25 injured, and 88 arrested in the confrontation that occurred when police came to remove the protesters. Tear gas was used to disperse protesters.

The person who was shot was a teacher named Roger Vallejo and he has a gunshot wound to the head said the police spokesman Daniel Molina and he clarified that the gunshot came from within the crowd of protesters.
He was taken to School Hospital (Hospital Escuela). (since the report it has been reported that Roger Vallejo died from his injuries)

The minister of security had announced a communication with the police that had specific instructions to care for the individual rights of all people and to proceed immediately to remove anyone who blocks the free transit of vehicles and people.

The removal started in the area of El Durazno and the protesters moved in transit to downtown Tegucigalpa causing vandalism in the process.

A few meters from the Dippsa gas station in the neighborhood of El Carrizal followers of Mel had masks and bandanas covering their face armed with rocks and sticks and destroyed the windows of one vehicle and turned it over.

The rioters continued to cause damage as they were followed by police that had orders to open the roads to the hundreds of cars that were blocked from passage.

As they arrived to Smith neighborhood and Policarpo Paz Garcia neighborhood the rioters threw rocks at people and insulted people that they found on the sidewalks and beat on public transportation vehicles and private vehicles in their path.

When they passed the neighborhood of Torocagua of Camayaguela they were encountered by a group of police and military that were providing security to various businesses. They threw objects injuring various police officers and had to be dispursed by tear gas. (I am sorry but if you throw rocks and stuff at people the rocks can be a deadly weapon especially concrete block...if you do this you deserve to be shot on sight it isn´t a violation of your rights as you don´t have a right to riot or be a vandal or assault and batter other people and businesses.)

Some of the group broke into stores and looted them in the area of Belen Market(remind yourself these business owners are poor people not wealthy they dedicate to selling fruits and vegetables and other staples).
Others were blocking the peotonal crossings below the bridges in the commercial center. Two transit police moved to the area realizing that traffic was backed up and they were attacked by rioters.

They took police off their motorcycles and beat them and tried to stone them leaving them injured badly. In the area the police had another confrontation with delinquents in this chaos the teacher was shot.

To avoid more damage more than 80 people were detained among them was a protest leader named Carlos H Reyes(he is also a presidential candidate for the ultraleft marxists) and Juan Barahona a professional protester who has made his life out of causing chaos.
(Carlos H Reyes had his arm broken in the riot but he has no one but himself and his fellow protesters to blame..he was trying to blame the police and that they are protesting peacefully...sorry Carlos but all of it was on video I watched it as it unfolded on the television you are full of it no one is denying protesters just must apply yourself to the norms of protesting..rioting is not protesting it is being a delinquent and if you beat and damage things do not complain about your rights in the process because you have violated other people´s rights yourself.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Edgardo Castro, Journalist arrested and tries to incite protesters

Edgardo Castro was filmed as he was arrested trying to incite protesters to burn a vehicle belonging to Channel 6 news by telling them that Channel 6 is going to report their acts and supress them.

No one has violated his rights as he has famously argued. If he is a journalist then what is he doing inciting violence against other journalists and participating in the protests?

Edgardo Castro has gotten himself arrested several times for participating in a violent manner. I think that Edgardo Castro might want to concider inciting violence against other reporters while he is being recorded as he now has provided proof that he is the one trying to supress people and endanger others freedoms if they do not agree with him. It is Castro who is trying to supress the free press not others.

Melistas Attack Red Cross Ambulance

Melistas are quick to say that their rights are being trampled, but no one has trampled their rights. They can protest the problem is they cannot attack other people, rob things, destroy buildings and block traffic.
Today things came to a head. They were told yesterday that they would not be allowed to block traffic any longer and that if they tried to block traffic that they would be removed and the protest would not be allowed to continue.
Today they decided to show up again in defiance of the order to stick to protesting in a fashion that does not impede other people´s rights and the traffic. They took control of the road that is in the area of El Durazno.
A Red Cross ambulance was located in the area close to help those who might be injured and to observe the situation underhand. They attacked the ambulance and looted it and beat the three emergency medical techs.
So the police proceeded to remove the protesters and arrest those involved. Two of the protesters are Juan Barahona and Carlos H Reyes. This is not violating their rights it is them violating other people´s rights and acting not only criminal but like lunatics.
Juan Barahona is a professional protestor that likes to cause problems and has a reputation for being violent. Carlos H Reyes is a Marxist and a ultra left independent presidential candidate who thinks that autocratic governments are the answer.
I think it pretty silly to attack police and others with rocks and sticks and accuse them of being pro coup, even if they are that is their individual right to be in favor without being attacked for that opinion. If you attack police and throw rocks and loot ambulances and beat red cross workers do not be surprised when the police shoot you and do not dare say your rights were violated. In NO country do you have the right to act in the fashion these fools did today and what is absolutely shameful is that these are TEACHERS and Presidential shameful...I hope they end up in prison for a long time and their pictures serve to remove teachers from the profession for conduct that is not compatible with being a teacher.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Media Circus Side Show

I am angry beyond all words...absolutely embarrassing is how I would describe this past weekend.
Ex President Zelaya never intended to step into Honduran territory...he knew they would arrest him. He also realized that he didn´t have enough support there to actually pull off entering without being arrested at the border and that the civil war he imagined was not going to happen no matter how much he demanded Hondurans to kill each other over him.
The only thing positive out of this entire mess is the entire world has woke up to his game...people are starting to ask questions and lift eyebrows a bit about his intentions and why he is doing this.
A young man was murdered at the border..which of course happens..but he was tortured and he was stabbed to death. I would not say that the police or military did this right away because investigations still need to occur and it is possible that we need to look into his past to see if this was a crime of opportunity in which they took advantage that people would assume things...or if it was a crime where he was murdered to try to cause an uprising or if it was indeed the police..however, it isn´t really normal to see people stabbed by the police and the torture of broken wrists, ect...just doesn´t sit right it seems staged to me and should be investigated to the fullest degree with authorities and assistance from international authorities to find the responsible parties. The actions of the family afterwards toward two police who were plain clothed and investigating his murder tells me the family has hostility toward the police already...and that makes me question his background...those who react the way they did...burning a police car, ect...are not going to be upstanding citizens....and it is a fact of life here that if you are not an upstanding citizen you will probably end up murdered and have no one but yourself to blame in the process. He had been detained earlier for possession of marijuana but was released later...since simple use is not a felony he was only held for a few hours and let go...if he is this fine citizen that never does wrong and couldn´t possibly have enemies why was he in posession of an illegal substance?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Countdown To Disaster

Well Zelaya is intent on screwing this up. He didn´t wait or even ponder the last offer because it conditioned his return with immediate revocation of the deal if he even mumbled the word constitutional assembly and because it conditioned it with allowing a reconciliatory government which meant that his goons wouldn´t be part of it...and didn´t include amnesty for his goons...also it only conditioned his amnesty for political errors and not criminal only delayed criminal acts for the reamainder of time in office and subjected him to a comission of international people to oversight the situation for the remainder of his time in office...he refused obviously because he had already declared in Brazil that upon arrival he would declare a constitutional assembly and abolish the constitution and that was hours after Arias had offered the first deal...thus Arias´second offer which was conditioned much more strongly to assure he wouldn´t abuse his power. Had he not meant to destroy the constitution then he would not have declared the talks a failure and refused to accept the second deal ...he would have done anything for peace and to return to finish out his term..but that wasn´t his plan.
So we will see what happens within hours...I cannot believe he has called his wife and children into the line of fire...either he will be arrested, will run back to Nicaragua, or he will be killed...with any of the situations I don´t see the outcome as good and there will be blood I am pretty sure..and that makes me more sad than anything that a person who claims to love the poor would put them in such danger for his own ego trip.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Deal by Arias rejected

The deal was rejected not because they do not want to negotiate but the Supreme Court issued an order that there will be no amnesty offered against Zelaya or any other members of his cabinet that are wanted for theft, abuse of power,ect.

I have taken my son out of the public school he was in after a confrontation yesterday with my son´s director. They wanted to force my son to march and was teaching him that communism is good and that he had to disobey his parents if they tell him different and that he had to fight in an insurrection to insist on the return of Zelaya even if it meant blood shed. I was outraged...instead of teaching school this is what they do with a thirteen year old child? Thank goodness he called me...and they jumped on him calling him ignorant and a sell out for telling me what was going on. I nearly punched the teacher right there and the director..I will be making a complaint with Human Rights against them.

Picture of Tegus march July 22,2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chavez planning on causing civil war via assasination of Zelaya

Watch out folks...Chavez wants control of Central America...he is in fact salivating over it. He needs us for his drug trafficking and to gain control of the region means he is closer to his goal of implementing his plan of a communist united Latin America and attacking the US his vision and dream is to control America and get rid of democracy.
He is planning to use rebels to sneak Zelaya into a very rugged and dangerous area of Honduras known as the Mosquitia...he wants to provoke a confrontation and his own people are ordered to kill Zelaya so that it will appear soldiers or someone else did it and cause a civil uprising in Honduras amongst Zelaya supporters. FMLN is the infiltration group that Chavez is using. We need to get these folks out of here as they are determined to cause a marxist revolution and give the reigns to Chavez and basically no one can stop him except the US or Hondurans by absolutely refusing to go to civil war...he forgot we were peaceful...he isn´t a very good student of Honduran culture.
However, he might get his way because we won´t sit by and not defend ourselves either...but I just don´t see us killing each other it isn´t the Honduran culture or soul to do such a thing and we are so far from being marxist communists that we would fall off the right side of the map if the comparison was the center and marxism.
We can rise above this and defeat him by refusing to fight one another...whatever the cost...and take up arms against him in a war of words and circumventing his plans...I call on the rebels to not kill Zelaya but turn him over to authorities...don´t sell your country out to Chavez it isn´t worth the little money he paid you. Gang were dealt with once before under Maduro and we will deal with you again if you try to take this country down the river of civil war.
It isn´t hard to make it open season on MS 13 and 18 gang members...people out there are itching to cleanse our society of your riff raff and mark my words we will if it comes to defending the sovereignty of cool your heels and think about what you are doing.
Chavez, keep your fn hands off Honduras it isn´t your country...mind your own damn business and worry about the poor workers in the maquilas in your country earning just $200 a month...less than what Hondurans make. It seems anyway that you have your hands full with that little uprising in Venezuela of the protestors who have taken notes from Honduras...hopefully more get the courage...and hopefully the UN gets wise and plucks you before you bloom.

Are You Ready to Die Hondurans?

To my English speaking followers I am sorry that this is in Spanish as my intention is to reach as many Spanish speaking Hondurans as I can with the message especially those who think that what Zelaya said from Guatamala is a good thing. I will provide an English version for you to read tomorrow. It is asking them if they are really ready to kill each other and what is the cost. It reminds them that the same FMLN that was involved in the brutal civil war in El Salvador is trying to instigate a civil war here along with Chavez and Zelaya. It really isn´t worth it.

¿Están en verdad dispuestos a matarse entre hondureños?

Que triste hasta donde hemos llegado. No puedo creer que en verdad un líder que juramenta a proteger su país lo trate de llevar a una guerra civil. Nos llama a la insurrección. Después gente como buen soldados solo gritan insurrección sin pensar en las consecuencias de una insurrección por un líder que solo le faltan 137 días de la presidencia.
Uds. Mis queridos hondureños en verdad quieren velar sus abuelos, madres, hijos, hermanos, padres, primos, esposos, y al cambio de ¿que?
Están de acuerdo a morirse y matar sus hijos a cambio de que regresa un ladrón a la presidencia. Hablemos claro porque es muy sabido que es raro y contado el político honesto en Honduras. Solo el pueblo puede cambiar su destino o llevarlo al ruin.
Durante más de una década El Salvador sufrió de una guerra civil inimaginable. El mismo grupo FMLN estaba invulcrado en eso. Las escuelas estaban cerradas, gente muerto en todos lados o perdidos y no resolvió absolutamente nada. El Salvador llego a exactamente donde estaban antes de comenzó la guerra y les toco a llorar sus muertos y siempre negociar la paz. Sería mejor mis queridos hermanos que pensamos eso bien porque cuando la gente se mueran no se pueden revivir y no se puede quitar el dolor ni los daños que causa una guerra a nuestros hijos. Nunca se sanan las heridas. No se deje llevar por locuras o llamadas a insurrección en contra de sus vecinos, hermanos, y familia. Somos todos Hondureños y eso nunca debe de suceder.
Aquí hay fotos de la guerra civil en El Salvador para que lo piensen bien antes de actuar o permitir que otros actúen. Piensan si eso es lo que quieran por sus hijos. Piénsalo bien porque después no hay marcha atrás. No vale la pena no escucha a llamados de gente que no saben el dolor que los espera. Cien mil muertos en El Salvador…no vale la pena te prometo. Solo justicia, paz, dialogo son las cosas que funcionan. La guerra solo trae dolor y no resuelva nada.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I will recap the past weeks events and events that led up to the removal of Zelaya. I will include pictures of the entire few weeks that have evolved into everyone who couldn´t even figuring out where we were understanding what Honduras is and where we are...well we put ourselves on the what?

Chavez´meddling is stirring up trouble with the US

Evidently his prodding and insults are about old on the US. The tension is so thick that it could be cut with butter...he might want to shut his mouth while he is ahead because he is virtually assuring that if he were to try to invade Honduras that the US would invade him and pull a Saddam on his butt.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Honduras Fires It´s Runaway President

I loved this piece so much that I needed to reprint it describes what happened to a tee.

  Honduras Fires Its Runaway President

Noticias9 Julio, 2009

Para Comentar  

June 30, 2009

By Ray Walser

Early on June 28, members of the Honduran military temporarily arrested President Manuel Zelaya. Within minutes he was on a plane bound for Costa Rica. In San Jose, Zelaya denounced the military’s intervention as a “coup d’etat” and a “brutal kidnapping.” The military’s actions, while swift and arbitrary, came after President Zelaya defied virtually every Honduran political and legal institution and propelled his citizens to the verge of polarizing violence. Zelaya’s swift removal from Honduras probably saved many lives.

In less than six hours, Honduras’s congress removed Zelaya as president for repeated violations of Honduras’s laws and constitution, as well as for his failure to observe resolutions of Honduran courts. In short, the congress fired the sitting President for multiple acts of institutional insubordination. The congress then named its speaker, Robert Micheletti, to serve as chief executive until after national elections in November. The military has begun a return back to the barracks.

The events of June 28 mark the culmination in a series of confrontations between Zelaya and virtually all of Honduras’s political and judicial institutions, including the congress, the supreme court, the two major political parties (including his own), and the military. At issue was Zelaya’s effort to convene a non-binding public referendum that, he believed, would open the doors for major constitutional revision. Given that the Honduran constitution does not grant its president the power to convene such referenda, there is no question that, while the response of the Honduran military may have been rash, President Zelaya was fired for a legitimate reason.

Zelaya’s March to the Left

President Zelaya won election by the slenderest of margins in 2005. A series of corruption charges involving state contracts and manipulation of public services–particularly in telecommunications (Hondutel)–hounded the Zelaya government, which began its term with earnest promises of fiscal probity and transparency. In the 2008 Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index,[1] Honduras shares a place with Ethiopia, Indonesia, and Libya.

With regard to foreign policy, Zelaya in August 2008 signed on as a member of the Bolivarian Alternative of the Americas (ALBA), a political and economic bloc controlled by senior members Venezuela and Cuba. Zelaya sought and received assistance from Venezuela via the oil-financing facility Petrocaribe and moved for closer ties with Castro’s communist-revolutionary regime.

A Quandary for the U.S.

Clearly the Obama Administration is highly uncomfortable with the course of events in Honduras. It is primarily concerned with avoiding a repeat of the April 2002 coup in Caracas, in which Hugo Chávez was temporarily toppled and the U.S. appeared to favor coup-makers. Therefore, late on June 28, the White House and State Department were demanding Zelaya’s return, continuing to recognize him as the only legal president and adamant that his departure was an “illegal and illegitimate act that cannot stand.”[2] On the other hand, U.S. officials are calling for the crisis to be “resolved peacefully through dialogue free from any outside interference.”

The Obama Administration wants to reverse the events of June 28. It believes restoring political order and protecting the fundamentals of the Inter-American Democratic Charter via handing the problem off the Organization of American States (OAS) will work easily and promote the smooth, orderly return of President Zelaya. The facts on the ground, however, do not lend themselves to such a tidy and optimistic scenario. There is a grave danger that by acting against the new constitutional arrangement order established by the Honduran congress, supreme court, and military, bloodshed and political chaos are likely to follow.

Chávez’s Intervention Portends Bloodshed

There is little doubt that President Zelaya was emboldened to challenge the institutions of Honduras by the support of Hugo Chávez and other ALBA members. On June 25, ALBA members issued a public statement claiming that a coup was already underway, and they backed the June referendum, despite lack of institutional support. In short, they endorsed Zelaya’s defiant and reckless strategy.[3]

On June 28, Chávez stepped up his interventions by directing calls to campesino leaders in Honduras to encourage resistance, putting his military on alert, calling on the Honduran soldiers to disobey their superiors, and vowing to topple the new government. “If they swear in Micheletti [or any other], we will overthrow them!” he proclaimed.[4] Chávez also threatened to give a lesson to the military “gorillas” who do not respect Honduras’s constitution.[5]

The relentless intervention of Chávez will serve only to harden the Honduran opposition, demonstrate that Zelaya is heavily compromised and dependent on foreign backing, and support tactics that can easily lead to potentially dangerous provocations. Demonstrations and resistance encouraged by Chávez and others threaten to make a shamble of institutional order in Honduras.

Recognize the new Honduran government. Messy as it is, the Obama Administration should recognize the new interim government, as constitutional order has been preserved.
Restore public order. The Obama Administration should work with the OAS and other international missions to promote national reconciliation and an end to polarization.
Resist Chávez and ALBA intervention. The Chavistas consistently pushed Zelaya toward confrontational politics; now they threaten intervention. The Obama Administration must move to neutralize this negative and highly dangerous thrust.

Chávez Democracy

The events unfolding in Honduras remain confused. Yet it appears the primary institutions of the nation–congress, the supreme court, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal, and the military as the guardian of public order–have spoken. While these institutions may have acted precipitously, the bottom line is that President Zelaya was fired for cause. The U.S. can ill afford to open the door to a counter-intervention by Hugo Chávez, one that would deliver Honduras into the Chávez brand of “democracy.”

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Clinton and Zelaya Meeting

Basically nothing came out of it...she stopped at admitting he wasn´t ready to give an inch and convinced him to let President Arias of Costa Rica to mediate.  He said flatly he can mediate but that Zelaya is refusing to negotiate...the rest of the world is about to see what we have lived with for three years and they will turn their back on this uneducated goon.

In a radio broadcasted telephone call with a family member on Radio Globo he said flatly that all of us who wear white on the outside are rotten on the inside..WHAT? We are asking for justice, peace, and unity and he calls us rotten? Ok whatever just turned off 80% of the community that much is best to keep your mouth closed because each time you open it you dig yourself farther and farther into a hole.

Honduran commission meeting with OAS today

A commission made up of congress members, former Supreme Court Justices, constitutional scholars, and other members of the community are headed to Washington to meet with Organization of American States as well as several members of Congress in the US to present the facts of why Zelaya was removed and to provide evidence to Congress as to his acts and even the drug trafficking is my understanding.  There is much more remaining as to what exactly goes on in these meetings but I suspect that Jim Demint and the representative who is a Cuban American will be among those met with.  So far Hillary Clinton has said she will not meet with them though I am not sure why since they are not part of the present government of Honduras but are former government reps and constitutional scholars.  In the appearance of wanting to be fair I think that she should meet with them since that would not be a recognition of the government but a meeting with citizens of Honduras to find out what is actually going on.  It is very hard to determine your position with just one person´s version of the is like asking a murderer if he killed someone and refusing to investigate the situation by talking to witnesses.

On a more positive note Costa Rican President Arias who is a nobel peace prize winner has offered to meet with Micheletti to speak about the situation and a resolution to the crisis.  I think that the actions of ex president Zelaya on Sunday made everyone just shake their heads in embarrassment since everyone from President Obama to the OAS told him not to try to go back on Sunday that it would just not work.  He refused to listen and on live television encouraged the population to riot and break into an official installation which is wrong in everyone´s eyes.

In the end 1 person was killed, a 19 year old young man who was shot by one of the other protesters...the bullet was not military or police issue and there is a BBC video of the shooting. The military and police had rubber bullets so they clearly did´t kill him.  The eleven protestors who were injured were either injured in the proceeding stampede after the shooting or from rocks and sticks that were used during the riot so basically they beat each other up.  One young lady was ran over by a motorcycle as she fled the scene.

I think that Sunday was the beginning of the end for Zelaya as almost immediately after that action which was illegal..since the Venezuelan jet was denied entrance into Honduran airspace and came in anyway...a tragedy could have occurred but the airforce simply escorted them out of the country to Nicaragua where he then flew to El Salvador.  They could have shot him down according to International aviation laws and not have been liable for the shooting down of the jet. A foreign owned plane violating another countries airspace without permission is serious business.  After this occurence President Arias and another president contacted Honduran officials to arrange negotiations which means that they realize this situation is more complicated than they first thought and lent some legitimacy to the actions on the 28th of June.  Heck he wouldn´t even listen to those who were sympathizing with him.

Monday, July 06, 2009

My Open Letter to Congress and US Senate

I sent this letter to Georgia Senators and Congress and also to the Foreign relations committe in both areas as well.

This describes the laws and Zelaya´s violation of that law.

July 5, 2009

Dear Foreign Relations Senate :

I am very concerned about the position of President Barak Obama and the position of the US ambassador to Honduras on the present situation in Honduras.  

I am an American citizen living in Honduras at present. I am married to a man who was born in Honduras. I am writing you about the attitude he has taken toward Honduras without consideration of what is going on at present here and his sudden classification without investigation that what has occurred here is a coup.

Let me explain to you a little bit about what is going on here at present that seems to be virtually non existent or misreported in US media sources. I wrote to President Obama and to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on this issue. I got a courtesy letter from the Department of State but got absolutely no response from President Obama. I feel it urgent to contact you about it since I am also a resident of the state of Georgia.

First of all I feel that Honduras is a sovereign state with laws and a constitution. Even though it is a small and very poor country it is proud of its democratic institutions and the Constitution that has been in force since 1982. The constitution of Honduras is written in very simple language and is not very hard to understand for even a common person. The rights are spelled out in pretty much black and white. It includes both responsibilities and rights. I will provide you with some reference to which articles that I will refer to here that are part of what is occurring here and why this should be of importance to the United States government. At present there are 15,000 Americans living in Honduras.

Honduras has been an ally of the US for more than one hundred years. Honduras is a democratically elected government and a constitutional republic just like the United States is. In fact, much of the government here is modeled after the US system of government. Corruption for a very long time has been an issue here. Since the government of Ricardo Maduro the government has been trying to get a hand on the corruption and violence in the country. To do this requires absolute obedience of people to the laws including all civil servants.  

1. Ex President Manuel Zelaya was elected by a very narrow majority in 2005. When he took office he swore to obey the constitution and to submit to the laws of the land.
2. Ex President Manuel Zelaya did not obey the laws and in fact was blatant that he was going to ignore them including the constitution and the Supreme Court and Congress orders to obey the law.
3. He was offered an opportunity to come before Congress to discuss the issue the night before his removal and he refused. He said clearly that he was not going to obey the rulings because he was the law.
4. In Honduras, the president is not the law he is a representative of the people.
5. He wanted to rewrite the constitution and follow in a similar pattern to that of Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela.  
6. He had consulted with the same person that assisted in the writing of the new Venezuelan constitution to write ours. There he established his desire to re write the whole constitution not just parts of it.
7. As President he does not have the authority to call a constitutional assembly or even a consult on a constitutional assembly. The only government body permitted to do this is the Congress and it is only by 2/3 majority as is true in the US. It is a dangerous precedent to allow a president to step on the rulings of other bodies of power set up to keep the Executive branch in check and balanced with the other branches.
8. The Supreme Court of Honduras ruled against his executive order and told him the consult and the 4th ballot was illegal. They ordered him to cease all advertisements related to this project. He refused.  
9. The Supreme Court, other legal advisors, the religious institutions, even the Congress called upon him to obey the rulings of the court that he was breaking the law and violating the constitution. He refused to obey those orders.  
10. On June 26, 2009 the Supreme Court and Elections Tribunal ordered that all of the ballots and boxes be seized and held for further investigation of the illegality of the actions of the president.
11. There were several complaints to the Attorney General and to the court that the president was violating the constitution. He was committing treason by violating article 239 of the Constitution; he immediately lost his position as president upon his actions of the violation per the constitution. It doesn’t provide for an impeachment proceeding since the article clearly states that they immediately lose their position by simply committing the act.
12. Congress convened and placed a complaint before the Supreme Court for abuse of power, treason, and several other violations on the Constitution and his power.
13. The Supreme Court ordered for Manuel Zelaya Rosales to be arrested. At this point he was no longer president as per article 239 of the Constitution.
14. Manuel Zelaya Rosales was arrested at about 5 in the morning and was removed from the country to prevent violent uprisings from supporters of the president. The decision was not ordered by the Supreme Court but by military brass that assessed that the protesters could try to break into military installations to remove him or into prisons to free him. This is proven by the situation that occurred today where protesters tried to break into the airport in defiance of the law. They felt that the security of the nation outweighed the rights of Manuel Zelaya Rosales and he was removed to Costa Rica.
15. While perhaps the process was a little awkward and the US sees it as unusual the US also has very little experience with impeachments or the legal removing of a president. When President Nixon ordered the break in at Watergate he was investigated just like Zelaya. However, what if Nixon had been ordered removed and refused to leave? How would this be dealt with? Wouldn’t he be arrested since he is no longer president and refusing to be removed.
16. What is clear is there was a process so therefore this cannot truly be called a coup because another branch of government invalidated his presidency and ordered the military to remove him.
17. The Constitutional order has not be violated as elections will be held normally November 29, 2009 and a new president will take office in January 2010. Interim president who was the former Speaker of the House will not be on the ballot. There is no military holding office and the military in Honduras is used just like a national police force to deal with certain issues.  
18. This could not be a military coup because the military didn’t take over the government. Furthermore, Democratic order has not been interrupted because there are still the three normal branches of government operating.  
19. At present entrance to the country by Manuel Zelaya has been forbidden even though there is an arrest warrant out for him because of the desperately dangerous political situation the country. Civil war could very easily break out if he is returned at present. It is much more recommended that an independent group get involved in this issue to mediate the situation.
20. Had President Zelaya not been removed Constitutional order indeed would have been interrupted as a Constitutional assembly would have triggered the dissolve of the Congress and the Supreme Court leaving no one to overrule him and balance the power.
21. There is some serious questions as to whether Zelaya was involved in drug trafficking assisting his ally President Hugo Chavez. In this year, no less than 16 Venezuelan planes have landed in Honduran territory with drugs. Many of those planes were burned upon removal of the drugs. Since the removal of the president not a single Venezuelan plane has landed in this fashion. 
22. Hugo Chavez has raised all sand about the removal of Zelaya and insists that he will not even recognize any government except that of Zelaya not even a democratically elected one.
23. The interim government has offered to hold elections early to prove their dedication to the upholding of law. No one seems to acknowledge that this in itself disqualifies this as a power grab.
24. The OEA and the department of State were unconcerned with whether Zelaya violated the constitution they were only worried about the rules of the Inter American charter.  
25. This brings into question the stability of the US and their sovereignty as well. If the US does not support the Constitution being upheld in another country where will it find itself internationally when the need comes about to remove a president for being tyrannical and trying to change the Constitution by force in the US?  
26. How can any government the US or any other international body completely ignore the sovereign laws of a country?
27. Instead of President Obama praising the country of Honduras for standing up for the rule of law and the constitution they are reprimanding them and not taking into account that there is a healthy distrust of presidents becoming despots in the region for very valid reasons. Furthermore, the Department of State admitted that he violated the Constitution of Honduras but said they didn’t care about that. I was floored when I read that communication.
28. Please ask President Obama if he is going to condemn a country for defending the rule of law and demand presidents not abuse power or if he is going to side with despots and dictators like Chavez and Castro.

I ask that you ask other Senators to come to the country of Honduras and mediate and investigate the situation completely to determine what is really occurring here. Look at the evidence and talk to Congress and the Supreme Court as well as take a look at the Honduran Constitution. Please call attention to the fact that President Obama is meddling in Honduran internal affairs involving the impeachment and removal of a president and daring call it a coup when it is not defined as a coup or even coup lite. It is an impeachment and removal plain and simple. It just was done in a single meeting and with an arrest warrant. In Honduras the military has the duty to protect the constitution and its integrity to the death. Therefore it was their duty to remove President Zelaya and allow the constitutional order of naming the Speaker of the House as president since there is not a vice president at present. Please do all you can to help save this democratically elected government that is an island in the middle of socialist regimes.

References to articles of the constitution

42 Anyone who violates the  1 term  4 year president limit loses their citizenship

239 President can serve one term of four years. Anyone who tries to reform this article immediately revokes their public seat and is subject to administrative and criminal action.

321 Public servants have no greater interest than the law. Everything they do outside of the law is void and implies responsibility upon them.

322 All public functionaries that hold authority are legally responsible for their official conduct. They are subject to the law and never above the law.

No functionary, military or civil can obey an illegal order to do so is a crime.

324 If a public servant (including president) disobeys the law in exercising their power they immediately become a civilian and solely responsible for their actions of the State.

State institutions in their capacity can act against the servant without punishment in cases of fault or nullity of position.

326 It is a public obligation to pursue violators of the Constitution and they can exercise this pursuit without any formality and by simple complaint to the court.

Costa Rican President offers to Mediate

He said no one can understand the situation better than a CentralAmerican and he is right.  He has agreed to work with both sides to come up with a solution.  It sounds like an olive branch being extended and we should absolutely be willing to talk to him.  Micheletti already said he is open for speaking to others about the situation and what happened in Honduras.

However, no one should meddle or make up their mind based simply on hearing one side of the story.  When they hear Zelaya of course it sounds unfair....but he doesn´t tell you about the crimes he committed and he barely graduated high school and was kicked out of college so he is no expert in laws or constitution.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Chavez finally admits that there was a plan for dictatorship in Honduras

Incredible...finally they confess.  

He says if the changes are not peaceful then they will be by a violent path.  This is a fight amongst the classes, the rich against the poor, he said on an official television station in Venezuela.

As he finally admits his meddling could include interventionism in Honduras with a violent means....the rest of the world slowly comes to Hondurans side.

Chavez said that not only does he want the exit of Micheletti from power, he also refuse to accept that elections be held in November and refuses to recognize a democratically elected government on the 29th of November in Honduras.

While he was acting like a horse´s butt by admitting he wants a dictatorship in Honduras at any cost...Panama said that mediation is the best course of action in Honduras.  

Jim DeMint and a few others in US Congress have sent a letter to Obama urging him to define his position in Honduras and support the impeachment of Zelaya.

Taiwan has also offered their support and recognition of the new president as has Israel.

This thug that complains about US intevention is creating enough chaos that I hope Obama is paying close attention and redefines his position concidering that Chavez admitted he wants to install his form of government in Honduras at all costs even if he has to murder to get his way.


We just voluntarily removed ourselves from the OAS...YES!!!! It was about time someone kicked the communist fruit cakes a reality check.

Friday, July 03, 2009

MEL the Thief STEALS $80,000 in FIVE DAYS

From the people of Honduras...mostly poor...he has used this money to finance his escapade over the five days past in purchases of luxury items and so forth...even more outrageous to me was the fact that he had rented over 50 vehicles and 61 cell phone lines...why in the hell did he need 60 phones and 50 vehicles? He can´t drive but one...

He spent 600 million lempiras in his illegal 4th ballot box program...for those who do not know the exchange rate it is 18.89 for one American dollar. Essentially he spent 32 million dollars in tax payor money to propagandize a campaign that had been ruled illegal and he knew it.   This was 32 million dollars that could have went to fix the damage from the 7.3 earthquake that occurred on May 28, this is 32 million dollars that could have went to pay the poor trash collectors who had not been paid in FOUR months.  This is 32 million dollars that could have went to purchase medicine and supplies to combat the H1N1 virus.  This is 32 million dollars that could have went to pay the teachers who had also not been paid.  OUTRAGEOUS. Then this pig wants to come back into this country and to come back in with the FMLN at his side...FMLN is nothing but terrorist THUGS.  How much more ignorant can you get? This idiot is not for the poor he is for exploiting the poor in the worst way possible...the lowest paid workers in the government are municpal workers who make about 60,000 lempiras a year.  That is less than the minimum wage he supposedly instituted.  SO he fails to pay 5,000 lempiras a month to his poorest workers yet he claims to be the advocate of the poor...some advocate he was.

FLMN Behind Violence and Vandalism in Honduras

The FLMN is hiding behind the name of Bloque Popular to try to enforce marxism on Honduras.  They are pretending to be something they aren´t and are a terrorist organization who has said nothing is wrong with killing people to achieve power by force.

Several foreign members of FLMN have been arrested in Honduras for theft, vandalism, inciting violence and so on.  

Here is a link to who the FLMN is and their influence on Latin America.  This group is a narcoterrorist group that kidnaps and attacks normal citizens.

Removal of Zelaya is Not Negociable says Supreme Court

The first reunion of the General Secretary of the Organization of American States OEA, in Honduras has not been able to unblock the political crisis that is siezing the country.  Jose Miguel Insulza has traveled to Tegucigalpa to ask for the reinstatement of Zelaya who was removed last Sunday by the military.  

Insulza interviewed with the president of the Supreme Court immediately upon arrival.  Jorge Rivera Supreme Court President(Chief Justice) advised him that the removal of the power of the ex president is not reversable.

Isulza landed in the Honduran capital with heavy mediums of security, the manifestations were stronger and more numerous than before.  He has planned to interview with Congress and representatives of certain sectors and people from society, but not with President Micheletti. However, Micheletti still wants to try to gain a meeting. Micheletti is completely isolated internationally, but is backed by judicial powers and legislative powers and by the Armed Forces and most of the population.

The General Secretary of the OEA who last night gave an ultimatum of 72 hours to the new government to return power to Zelaya is looking to convince powers to change what they did and find a way to return normalcy to the country.

After the arrival of Insulza the new exterior minster, Enrique Ortez declared to local media that the presence of the General Secretary implies a  recognition of the government of Micheletti and that the world should be paying attention that he is in Honduras and protected by the Honduran government.  Ortez also assured that if Insulza was going to insist on the restitution of president Zelaya that it is better for him to not come because that is not negotiable.

If the General Secretary of the OEA does not settle anything in his trip that the principle effect can be the suspension of participation of Honduras in the OEA who has only one time before decided to do such a thing and that was in 1962 against Cuba who still has not returned.  This Saturday exactly when the time of the ultimatum expires the organ is meeting in Washington for the second part of the General Assembly to debate the situation that has been created by the removal of Zelaya.

Meanwhile, the  impeached president left this Friday  from El Salvador with an unknown destination.  He has said he will return to Honduras when the date of the OEA´s ultimatum is expired even though the date is not written in stone.  His private secretary Eduardo Enrique Reina affirmed by phone that from a secure location that the impeached president will return to Honduras  regardless of the result of the visit of Insulza.

March in SPS today in front of 105 Brigade was HUGE

I went to the march that started at 10 seemed that a lot of people were paying attention..even Al Jazeera was there listening.  Thousands upon thousands and we all said the same thing...this wasn´t a coup and we support the removal of Zelaya for his crimes.

You can complain about how we went about it. Yes, perhaps that wasn´t the best way, but I am not so sure.  The prime minister of Spain has made some comments that suggest that it may have been the only option that was available considering the situation that was occurring at the moment in Honduras.  He admitted that Zelaya committed crimes against Honduras.  This is a huge step in the right direction.

Taiwan and Israel have both pronounced themselves in favor of the removal of Zelaya from the presidency and said they support Honduras completely.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Drug Planes from Venezuela connected to Zelaya and Chavez

Since September 2008 the DEA was asked to investigate planes that were landing in Honduran territory that seemed to be coming from Venezuela as they all had Venezuelan registrations or logos.  Most of the planes were burned after shipments of drugs were removed.

The attorney general had asked for assistence on this matter since that time.  More than 20 drug trafficking planes have landed in Honduran territory that is known.  One of those planes landed very close to land that my husband and I own in Olancho and it was burned before the police or anyone knew about it.  

Is Zelaya tied to it? Well it seems strange that it wasn´t happening on this level before he became president and that he is a close ally with Chavez and now suddenly all of these planes are it a coincidence? I don´t think so.  He had massive amounts of cash found in his office which is also illegal according to Honduran law.  He had over 60 million lempiras in his personal office and he had dollars in a large amount and in large denominations that showed traces of drugs.

Curfew, Reporters, Protestors update

While it is true that for 72 hours the government has instituted a temporary curfew that includes limiting association rights there is good reason for it because we are in a state of emergency.  

What is not correct is that reporters have been threatened by government.  Reporters have been attacked by pro Zelaya protestors however.  Curfews are used in the US against teenagers all of the time so there is really no difference here except this is temporary until things come under control.  

13 protestors were arrested for breaking out the windows of Pro America and vandalizing other buildings downtown in San Pedro Sula.  Interestingly enough two of them were under age teenagers.  What is even more clear is that most of them were gang members.

Peaceful protestors have come out all over the country and appeared in the US as well.  Tomorrow there will be a protest in New Orleans in support of the new government and against US intervention.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Micheletti and Colindres traveling to UN Today

President Micheletti and Exterior Relations Minister Enrique Ortez Colindres traveled today to Washington DC to speak to the United Nations to present legal arguments that they used to remove Manuel Zelaya from the presidency.
The president and the new minister acompanied Congressmen of various parties and national business leaders. The seperation of Zelaya happened for his intent to produce a national assembly without authorization of Congress among other crimes against the state.
On the subject of the embargo of the rest of the Central American countries Micheletti is working for this medium to be cancelled based on the closeness that there is to other Central American countries.

Due to the preocupation of Hondurans for the eventual lack of fuel because of the closing of the borders he announced that there is a plan to avoid this occurring. In relationship to Venezuela cutting off energy supplied by ALBA he announced that they already have others interested in selling combustibles to Honduras.

The president sent a message to public employees and expressed that the workers should be calm about their work rights as they will be respected and guaranteed and they won´t be fired.

New ministers sworn in yesterday were leader of the Presidential Honor Guard Rene Osorio, in substitution of Edgardo Mejia.
In the afternoon sworn in were Jose Garcia as director of Fosovi, Franscisco Ordoñez as director of DEI, Jacobo Gomez as executive of Enee, Luis Ortez, minster of Juvenile justice, Marco Ponce vice minster of Agriculture, Juan Osorio vice minster of ranching and Javier Hernandez Presidential Chief of Staff.

The new curfew was decreed by the transitional government that was realized for three more days and the new hours are 9pm to 5 am.

Romeo Vasquez declared yesterday that the ex president Zelaya was told that he was committing a crime by holding the inquest to start a national assembly as was decided by the courts.
All of the legal arguements to stop the inquest were put before the ex leader, but he always responded, I am the General Commander and you have to obey me, assured Vasquez.

The US consulate has changed its hours and will be closed to the public on Wednesday July 1, Thursday July 2, and Friday July 3 due to the political situation in Honduras and because of Independence Day on July 4 in the US. However, the Service to US citizens section will be available to receive applications for emergency passports and other emergencies.

Detained was 260,000 lempiras and weapons from Rixi Moncada that was in a hotel in Choluteca. More than a quarter of a million in lempiras and varias weapons were found in the habitation where the coordinator of the consult was staying.

The finding of the 260,000 lempiras in cash occured when the police went to detain the illegal material related to the inquest where it would have been realized on 28th of June at the Hotel Las Brisas where evidence of pamphlets and boxes were also found for the 4th ballot box. They were surprised to find the amount of money in the room.

The chief of police of the department of Choluteca, Danilo Valladares, said that the media was advised by employees of the room in this hotel where the persons things were and the consult was to be occurring.

The money was found in packets of 50,000 lempiras in denominations of 500, which we presume was to pay some people who were going to work for the inquest.

Apart from this money weapons were found, one a 9mm glock with the respective charger of which is being investigated to see who the weapons belong to.

In this hotel were various meetings with the ex leader of Enee who was in charge of the consult with some people that were leading the process in Choluteca.
Valladares informed us that investigations were being realized to find Ms Moncada, they were informed that she is headed for the Nicaraguan border.
It is believed that this money is property of the State of Honduras, which shows the amount of funds that was being put into the propoganda of the inquest.

In Choluteca, the judges have detained the money and on part of the coordinator of the judges, Adrian Rosales, said that the siezingof the funds occurred by the police and does not know why he was not notified.

Zelaya Facing 20 Years in Prison if he Returns

The president Roberto Micheletti said that upon Zelaya arriving to Honduran territory he will be captured by competent authorities.  The Attorney General Luis Rubi said that the warrant was formalized last Friday.

The Attorney General Luis Alberto Rubí announced yesterday that the ex president Manuel Zelaya Rosales will be immediately detained when he touches Honduran territory where he has been accused of various crimes.  Among those crimes are treason and misuse of powers. The Attorney general brought this before the courts of justice for a fiscal warrant against the ex president.

The warrant was formalized last Friday before the Penal Judge of Francisco Morazan for being responsible for various crimes of abuse of authority, treason, misuse of power, all of this was informed to the press in a conference.

On the 25th of March the Attorney General together with fiscals, Luis Rubi and Roy Urtecho, said taht there is a danger to the corruption of society that the nation was falling into because of the non compliance of the established Constitution of the Republic.

He asked by judicial channels, pertinent state functionaries, to abstain from the participation in the suspended activity by the tribunal.  Unfortunately none of the orders were obeyed and official decisions were unfortunately made that continued in line with illegality and the destruction of constitutional order.

Before the present situation the Attorney General had advised and argumented judicially the position and it was published in decree number 020-2009 in the daily official report of the Gazette, with teh date of the 25th of June 2009 in compliance with the mission and on the prior Friday of the 26th of June a warrant was issued against Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales for crimes against the form of government, abuse of authority, treason, and misuse of power in accordance with the established penal law that is in effect and the Constitution, this was realized the same moment the pertinent procedural actions and their corresponding warrant were given.

 (the rest to be translated tomorrow but here are the requirements)

CONSIDERANDO: Que la conducta del presidente de la República ha provocado en el pueblo hondureño un clima de confrontación, división y zozobra, al grado de poner en peligro inminente de rompimiento del Estado de derecho y la gobernabilidad. 
CONSIDERANDO: Que de conformidad con los artículos 245 numeral 1), 321 y 322 de la Constitución de la República, es deber del ciudadano presidente de la República ser fiel a la República, cumplir y hacer cumplir la Constitución y las leyes, los tratados y convenciones y demás disposiciones legales.
CONSIDERANDO: Que es potestad del Congreso Nacional velar, aprobar o improbar la conducta de los poderes constituidos y demás instituciones del Estado.
CONSIDERANDO: Que los servidores del Estado no tienen más facultades que las que expresamente les confiere la ley, que todo acto que ejecuten fuera de la ley es nulo e implica responsabilidad; que los funcionarios son depositarios de la autoridad, responsables de su conducta oficial, sujetos a la ley y jamás superiores a ella.
CONSIDERANDO: Que es manifiesta la conducta irregular del presidente de la República ciudadano JOSÉ MANUEL ZELAYA ROSALES al violentar de manera reiterada la fidelidad a la República y al estamento jurídico de nuestro país, poniendo en inminente peligro el Estado de derecho y el sistema de gobierno democrático que el pueblo hondureño por voluntad soberana ha escogido y que por ende el Congreso Nacional está llamado a observar y hacer cumplir.
- 2 -
CONSIDERANDO: Que el accionar del señor José Manuel Zelaya Rosales es suficiente motivo para que este Congreso Nacional proceda a reprochar su conducta, independientemente de la renuncia interpuesta al cargo para el que fue electo. 
CONSIDERANDO: Que de conformidad al artículo 242 de la Constitución de la República, en ausencia absoluta del presidente y vicepresidente de la República, el Poder Ejecutivo será ejercido por el Presidente del Congreso Nacional.
Artículo 1. El Congreso Nacional en aplicación de los artículos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 40 numeral 4), 205 numeral 20) y 218 numeral 3), 242, 321,322 y 323 de la Constitución de la República acuerda: 
A. Improbar la conducta del presidente de la República ciudadano JOSÉ MANUEL ZELAYA ROSALES por las reiteradas violaciones a la Constitución de la República y las leyes y la inobservancia de las resoluciones y sentencias de los órganos jurisdiccionales.
B. Separar al ciudadano JOSÉ MANUEL ZELAYA ROSALES del cargo de Presidente Constitucional de la República de Honduras.
- 3 -
Articulo 2. Nombrar constitucionalmente al ciudadano ROBERTO MICHELETI BAIN actual presidente del Congreso Nacional, en el cargo de presidente Constitucional de la República por el tiempo que falte para terminar el período constitucional y que culmina el 27 de Enero del año 2010.
Artículo 3. El presente decreto entrará en vigencia a partir de su aprobación por los dos tercios de votos de los miembros que conforman el Congreso Nacional y en consecuencia es de ejecución inmediata.
Dado en la ciudad de Tegucigalpa, municipio del Distrito Central, en el salón de sesiones del Congreso a los veintiocho días de junio del año dos mil nueve.


“Nosotros los suscritos miembros de la comisión especial nombrados por el señor presidente del Congreso Nacional para realizar las investigaciones necesarias sobre los últimos acontecimientos que mantienen sumida a la sociedad en una crisis de intranquilidad social, jurídica y política, provocada por acciones arbitrarias del Poder Ejecutivo de manera reiterada, confrontando a los demás Poderes de Estado y las instituciones que conforman consecuentemente al Estado de derecho.
Es del conocimiento público que estas acciones por parte del señor ciudadano don José Manuel Zelaya Rosales, han generando un clima de incertidumbre, confrontación y división en la sociedad hondureña, preocupación que ha recogido este Congreso y por ende la suscrita comisión especial.
Esta comisión estima que el poder ejecutivo ha desafiado el cumplimiento de deberes constitucionales y legales que de una u otra forma inciden en el normal desarrollo de las actividades de la administración pública. Para tal efecto hemos tenido a la vista la documentación respectiva: 
a) La no sanción de más de 96 decretos y leyes remitidos al señor Presidente en cumplimiento del proceso de formación de la ley.
b) La no remisión del Presupuesto General de la República, que según mandato constitucional debió estar presentado al Congreso Nacional a más tardar el 15 de septiembre del año pasado. 
c) Las sentencias dictadas por el Juzgado Contencioso Administrativo y ratificadas por la Corte de Apelaciones de lo Contencioso Administrativo de Tegucigalpa, referente a la ilegalidad del proceso de la cuarta urna y los actos relacionados con la encuesta.
d) Notificaciones al Poder Ejecutivo de la Fiscalía General de la República sobre la ilegalidad de la referida encuesta. 
e) Sentencia del recurso de amparo con suspensión del acto reclamado sobre la remoción del jefe del Estado Mayor Conjunto de las Fuerzas Armadas. 
f) Acta especial de comiso y de depósito en custodia de material electoral, nombrando depositario del mismo al coronel de aviación Marco Vitelio Castillo Brown.
g) Decreto emitido en Consejo de Ministros No. PCM-2009 publicado en el diario oficial La Gaceta en fecha 25 de junio del presente año, en el que se ordena la realización de la encuesta de opinión publica para la Convocatoria a una ASAMBLEA NACIONAL CONSTITUYENTE y que comenzó a ejecutarse el día de hoy.
A lo anterior podemos también mencionar por ser hechos notorios de público conocimiento, difundidos por los medios de comunicación social, los siguientes: la poca atención a problemas sustanciales que sufre el pueblo hondureño como la gripe H1N1 que ya ha ocasionado pérdidas humanas; los damnificados y la reconstrucción de las zonas afectadas por el terremoto; la crisis financiera que ha ocasionado la pérdida de más de cien mil puestos de trabajo; la inseguridad que día a día se incrementa y enluta a miles de familias y ahuyenta la inversión nacional y extranjera que requiere Honduras como país que lucha por su desarrollo; la sustracción del material electoral decomisado, así como el enfrentamiento constante con los operadores de justicia. 
Todo lo cual demuestra que la conducta del ciudadano Presidente hace peligrar su fidelidad a la República, y al cumplimiento de la Constitución y las leyes que enmarcan el accionar de todo funcionario, poniendo en precario el Estado de derecho, la gobernabilidad y el sistema democrático.
Que es cuanto podemos informar al respecto, debidamente documentados. 
Dado en la ciudad de Tegucigalpa, M.D.C. a los veinticinco días del mes de junio del años dos mil nueve.