Tuesday, June 30, 2009

World Are You Paying Attention

Giant March in Tegucigalpa

While Zelaya looks for the backing of the world in a discourse of the Assembly of the UN in Honduras and the posters asked for peace, democracy, and no interference of Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Cuba in the country shown in the televisions in International and National sources.

Multitudinaria marcha en Tegucigalpa

Mientras Zelaya busca el respaldo del mundo en un discurso de la Asamblea de la ONU, en Honduras las pancartas pidiendo paz, democracia y la no injerencia de Venezuela, Nicaragua y Cuba en el paĆ­s se muestran en las televisoras nacionales e internacionales.

Thousands of Hondurans are found in the downtown of the capital demanding international respect for the government of Roberto Micheletti and that they accept the expulsion of Manuel Zelaya because of his disrespect for the constitution.

They also ask the International station CNN to explain that Honduras has not had a coup but a separation of Zelaya for irregularities that were committed by wanting to stay in power with illegal reforms to the Constitution of the Republic.

In other parts of the country groups confronted moved by professional aggitators that had came from Venezuela and Nicaragua and has closed the steets and made attempts against reporters.

Apart from this report from Laprensa.hn I want to report that today in the Peace and Reconciliation march bands of foreign guerillas and gang members like MS 13 showed up and threatened businesses that they were going to kill employees like the business El Gallo Mas Gallo a furniture company.  Also, they shot and protestors in favor of the expulsion of Mel with guns and threw rocks, sticks and tried to bring chaos to people who were gathered in a peaceful demonstration and were praying at the time.

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