Saturday, June 27, 2009

Venezuela and Nicaragua violating Borders

According to locals of El Paraiso in a report to El Heraldo they said military from Nicaragua and Venezuela were trying to cross the border at an area known as Las Manos that borders with Nicaragua.  The reports are that Honduran soldiers showed up and they went back into the hills of Nicaragua.  

The locals say that they are continuing their attempt to enter at blind spots in the country, but locals scared them off by taking up arms against them.

The locals got into contact with Congress and Congress officals told them they are aware of the situation.

According to reports that Chavez has involved himself because he has made requirements of Zelaya in exchange for his financial assistence to the country that include changing the constitution, elimination of the Supreme Court, freedom of press, religion, and handing over rights to the oil in the country.

If you can read in Spanish you are welcome to read those reports here

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