Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Uno America recognizes Micheletti as Honduran President

Uno America condemned the uneccesary intervention of Chavez in Honduras and rejected his threat to send Venezuelan troops to the country.

The Union of Democratic Organizations of America, UnoAmerica, said today in a communication that it recognizes the new government of Honduras, presided over by Roberto Micheletti.

According to UnoAmerica, In Honduras there has not been a coup, it is a constitutional succession, perfectly legitimate, after the intent of the ex President Manuel Zelaya to violate the Carta Magna and continue in power, following in form of rule of Hugo Chavez.

UnoAmerica congradulated the Honduran public, the Supreme Court of Justice, the Congress, and the other institutions for defending the constitutional order without firing a single shot.  It insisted that democratic governments of the world should immediately recognize the President Micheletti, so that they can guarantee the stability and peace of this  Central American nation.

It is wrong for Chavez to call Hondurans gorillas and other names while in the same time he threatens with military invasion, affirmed the communication.  There is not a worse gorilla in all of  Latin America than Chavez.  A  man who started his political career by coups provoking many deaths and injuries.

He is closely related to the Narcoticsterrorism of Columbia, FARC, and the government of Ahmadinejad.  He finances the dictatorship of Cuba.  He stepped permenantly on the constitution and continues to hold hostage his public powers.  He committed electoral fraud.  He strikes out against peaceful demonstrators and he has cut of media communcation.  He hates the Catholic church.  That is your gorilla for you.

In excange they added the Armed forces of Honduras has limited itself to obeying a judicial mandate, one that requires tehm to reestablish constitutional order, they demonstrated their obedience to civil power.

UnoAmerica finalized their communication asking Hondurans to resist external pressure and to maintain firm in their defense of the Democratic institution and their protection of the Constitution.  To measure teh days that go past, the civilized world will understand.  After all of this the Honduran public powers have pronounced unanimously against the pretentions of Zelaya. This is an internal matter.


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