Friday, June 26, 2009

Turmoil in Honduras

Right now there is tension in the air.  People are in a frenzy worried about what is going to happen in the showdown between President Zelaya and the National Congress.  There is a distinct likelyhood that Zelaya will be impeached for violating the constitution and a direct order from not only Congress but the Supreme Court of Justice.  

He is using a lot of propaganda and calling foreign countries for assistence.  This is an internal situation and the other foreign countries including Chavez and the US should STAY OUT OF IT.

The situation is an impeachment much like occurred in the US against Clinton, except this impeachment isn´t over a lie or an affair...this is much more serious it is abuse of power, betrayal of his oath to the constitution, ect.  The process is going through Congress and the Supreme Court of Justice, just like occurs in the United States.  There is nothing illegitimate about the process.  Zelaya is very unpopular.  If you want to see just how unpopular he is there were 100,000 who marched against him in San Pedro Sula just a few days ago...he only could muster some 2,000 to his side and he had to pay them to show up.  

His mistress who acts as his assistant Patricia Rodas went to Venezuela to say that they were going to squash anyone who opposes them and that they were going to continue in power no matter what anyone said or wanted.  WHAT? Is she fooling herself? I hope to laugh at her behind bars.  What kind of democratic person threatens to squash anyone who opposes them?

The idea of Democracy is that the Congress represents the people and the President represents the people.  The president is NOT above the LAW...the law and the Constitution are the supreme law of the land and he nor anyone is above that.  The president cannot give orders in violation of that law his orders have to work within the law...

Think about what you are doing to this wonderful country Zelaya!  Honduras has enjoyed many years of peace.  Even when Nicaragua and El Salvador were imploding Honduras maintained peace.  The people here do not want war, but we will not be intimidated either...especially by the likes of some madman like Chavez.

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