Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Promoters of the 4th Ballot Box face Judge

Today the Fiscal department will make publicly know their official position over the acts that occurred on Sunday in the country and will give more details over the legal process that is to ensue.

The presentation of various arrest warrants by law enforcement before the tribunal of justice announced yesterday to the Attorney General against the people who were promoting the project of the Executive to realize the inquest and get rid of the Constitution, as established in un decree by the executive published in the Gazette on 25th of June.

The authorities of the Attorney General remitted today their official position on the acts on the past Sunday and offered details about the legal process that will occur for this case.

The privacy with which the Attorney General is conducting the case related to the inquest makes it hard to know the names of the people in the order and other possibilities.

In the last days the judges have found evidence to sustain the process where it is established that the Public Ministry (Attorney General) initiated the investigations since the 23rd of March, when the executive  submitted decree PCM-05-2009, that would start the consult of the 4th ballot box.

In this opportunity the judges  reviewed their attribution to  hold respect and compliance to the constitution and its laws.

The previous generations the capacity and legitimation to execute necessary actuions, whether  legal, civil, or administrative.

In the Attorney General the repeated that their firm determination of executing all actions and  legal recourse derived from the Constitution.

In this process the demander first placed a demand of nulity against the inquest and now the penal actions continue.  Investigated is the crimes against the form of government, abuse of power, disobedience, and misuse of authorities(theft).

Since Sunday it was argued that the detention of Manuel Zelaya was in conformance with a judicial order to detain the leader by order of the Judge of Concious Administrative Order that ordered to suspend the inquest on the last Sunday of June.

To respect the  judges the MP detained Zelaya and all the ministers that had complied with Zelaya in an accusation that was placed with investigaters for  the omission of the judicial resolution.

The legal assesor of the MP, Rigoberto Espinal Irias, has in his personal possession the first criminal acts that were placed against Manuel Zelaya. 

The Direction of the fight against Narcotic trafficking, DLCN, Julian Aristides Gonzalez,said that the fight against narcotics activity has been reduced since the removal of the president.  In the last days no narcotics planes have been registered in national territory .


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